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  1. Never mind managers. My brother has said for a while that the bad lanquage from fans at our home games is getting worse. His wife won't go anymore. Calvalhal was probably as bad but didnt he once say that he swore in Portuguese?
  2. The only thing that worries ms is Boyd's name on the teamsheet.
  3. Sorry if it's already been mentioned but evidently self appointed top PL manager Carlos Carvalhal is linked to the Fulham job. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/11/05/report-carlos-carvalhal-in-contention-for-fulham-job-if-slavisa/ This made me chuckle "... And appointing Carvalhal, who the Sun describes as a 'defence expert', could therefore appeal"
  4. I could buy this idea. Certainly need more authority in the midfield to help out our poor defence right now. Joao more often than not does not figure in the game and all to often wasted as a striker. Sit him on the bench.
  5. No matter how bad we are I can't understand anyone not watching the derby if they are able to. I'm like most fans these days, watch 'em with a degree of pessimism (55 years+ experience) which helps take away the pain when they fail. I tend not to say a word these days when they messup. Last time I got up with excitement was Fletcher's goal against Villa. Can they deliver again?
  6. NOW TV.. I'm expecting a fighting team a little like the last match at the Lane. If we play anything like last week or the S6 fixture with them, someone has to go.
  7. Insult lol. What do you mean, "please be clear"? - Here's the question: "Howard, do you think Sheffield Wednesdays next manager (ed. there will be one) would better come from the knowledge and experience of a british manager that has lots of experince within the EFL or should we continue to look overseas?" That's the sort of question The Star might look to put to him. Sure he's 75 & I'm 66 but neither of us are wheelchair bound with dementia.
  8. OK smart arse. We are talking about managers, nothing more nothing less.
  9. Sure, but I beleive he is still employed by the club. We arn't asking to him to supervise a training session, just ask him his thoughts about the way forward.
  10. It's Wilkinson who should be passing on his wisdom. Beginning to wonder how much influence he has. Of those available MM is still the man for me. Pearson & Megson might have seemed right a few years but neither interest me now TBH.
  11. Mick would be an ideal choice.. he will have no trouble understanding all the abuse
  12. Thats the Star report. Don't normally watch the highlights when they play this crap but I'll make a stiff drink and make an effort.
  13. Stars halftime report: Some good bits, some very bad bits - at both ends. Wednesday should be behind or at least conceded and have Dawson to thank for that, but they aren't and they are capable of playing much better than this. Onomah's having a 'mare and should probably come off, nothing is going for him at all out there. Some encouraging signs though and everything to suggest Wednesday can gain all three points here. I don't see "out of sight" here.
  14. They sounded utterly surprised and not biased about our defence? Are you saying it was sound first half?
  15. I was listening to this on Radio Norfolk and very early on the commentary team were saying how shocking our defence was and theres goals for Norwich if they exploit it, not to mention us giving the ball away frequently. It all sounded evenly scrappy first half.
  16. If Utd thump us there won't be much of a crowd next home game.
  17. I'm worried. If Chansiri goes, whos going to pay to remove his name plastered all around the ground?
  18. Just seen that video. A bit nasty to say the lease. I reckon his family will urge him to sell and go.
  19. Funny game aint it. Only 5 weeks ago we were praising him and the team following the Villa match.
  20. The club now is not worth the money he would want to even break even. Most chairman are to proud to sell for the losses he would incur. If the hate picks up again like it did before Carvalhal went then who knows.
  21. Tell you what I don't like about Chansiri and thats this stupid policy he has of not selling his players. We must be top of the championship for player retainment no matter how crap they are. If a manager says to him a player does not figure in his plans then we should sell him on. What's Jos saying "ok boss" ?
  22. Why all this nonsense about who won't work for who. The premiership and rest of the league are full of managers who hardly ever meet or see their chairman. In fact I don't think McCathy saw much of Marcus Evans at Ipswich. Come to think of it the fans neither.
  23. You sure he knows that much about football? When he came here he effectively said he didn't know a deal and has said on a few occasions "I'm learning all the time".
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