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  1. Actually it's quite frighening how much Fulham have speant this year. Makes our playoff spending look peanuts. £98m IN, £4m OUT - NET -£94m
  2. Bit academic until it happens but not for me. If it's going to happen I still would prefer the likes of someone like MM. Passionate Yorkshireman and all that.
  3. Sorry if its been mentioned. I wondered what all the racket was at the time of the last post being played before the game. Evidently Sky managed to pipe crowd noise into their feed. Read the Star article
  4. Thats what they said 2 weeks ago. Our injured players have the knack of reinjuring themselves while in recovery. You can't make it up. I thought Jos said we wouldn't see Hooper (dont know about Winnall) until next year?
  5. It's not football I want to enjoy it's SWFC football. I'm not stressing, just peed off with our basket case club. Sorry for length of post for those that can't concentrate that long, just needed to get the whole topic off my chest.
  6. Wrong context. Godforsaken as far how difficult it is to get out of. It's a real dog fight now with so many teams involved. I'm not complaining about its enterntainment value. I wouldn't call the PL sterile either otherwise why are we all fighting to get in it.
  7. As if the footy isn't bad enough, just discovered I had a shed break in this morning so I'm off topic for a while.
  8. I honestly don't think SWFC will reach the PL in my lifetime now. I think we will be scrapping around for years in the EFL. It's not just about the massive fight to get up but the even bigger fight to stay there and I honestly don't think we have the skills off the pitch as well as on it. Looking at the current bottom 3 in the PL, all just promoted. Cardiff, Huddersfield and Fulham who are rock bottom yet played some brilliant stuff last season and then there's Hull, back in the bottom 3 of the Championship. What would await us? Without a new method of injecting revenue the only thing that might make clubs like ours prosper that little bit more is the posible prospect of the PL having a second division that's been rumoured and we make the qualification. As good as the PL is to watch at times, it has effectively ruined football in the EFL with the disproportionate share of cash. We moan about £30-40k a week players, fans in the PL moan about £300-400k a week players. On the chairman, as nice as he appears to be I think he is out of his depth. Sure he might know about business but not football, he came as a trainee. He fell for the idea (Doyen Sports?) that recruiting a charismatic sharp dresser for manager was the way to go. Picked up the nod that Mourinho might have mentioned him so in came Carvalhal. Did anyone question the many clubs he had managed previously for someone so young at the time? Sure we had some exciting times, spent ourselfs to death, punched above our weight and finished 6th, then again 4th (we didn't look worthy of 4th for me) then everyones belief fell flat and we know the rest. As for Jos, he did well last season given the squad injuries and we finished higher than many thought we would. Have to feel for him a little bit this season. Still with a pile of injuries, he did what we cried out for Carvalhal to do, and promote youth with some success. Prior to our 4-defeats we made sixth and he got praise following that great Villa game. I am still gobsmacked how we went from that to the 4 dire performance ending with the Norwich embarresment. I don't know what to make of him but like a lot of fans question the swapping and changing about in the team. It's dead easy to say pick your best 11 and stick with them but there is a case for a bit more rotation given the high demands and competitiveness of this god forsaken division. Who would be a manager? On recruitment I think we have 10 players or so out of contract at the end of the season so let the clearout begin. With no funds its back to basics. I think the approach may well be to sell at least one so called asset whether it be Bannan, Reach, Forestieri, and I laughingly include Rhodes then look for talent in the lower leagues at sensible prices. I would rather that be a manager who knows our leagues thoroughly who has managed at Championship level with success. If Jos is still the manager then I dare say we will see more unknowns from small teams in Europe. There is the prospect that Bannan, Reach, Forestieri will want to leave anyway if they have any ambition left. I fully expected at least one of them to leave at the end of last season. I admire Bannan's loyalty to us when he signed his new contract but he must be questioning his decision. It's difficult to be optimistic when you look at out long record. We were last were champions of anything in the 58-59 season when I was running around the back yard kicking balls through my dads shed windows and in the 60 years or so since then we have won 1-trophy. To make us feel better the club, The Star, run endless stories about the so called glory years of the early 1990s. Move on for gods sake.
  9. Has to be Dawson. He can proudly stick up two fingers to his critics.
  10. Not a question of what we believe. He did say it... end of.
  11. He was.. Did you notice near the end the closeup of him rocking on his seat? Just ancious like the rest of us that we see it through.
  12. As for any Jones offer, the sky comm also said it as if it would a great loss. As if....
  13. I think its Chansiri you have to blame. In an interview he more or less said he didn't sell HIS players. Relationship with manager is all wrong. Jos should be allowed to say a player does not figure in his plans and the chairman should sanction it. The Jones comment surprised me to and we should get rid. They also said 10 players will be out of contract at the end of the season so I expect they'll be a sizeable clearout.
  14. A lot of fans expected us to get stuffed, so you have to be happy. Defence dealt with everything they thew at us. Unlike the last-4 games we didn't hear "shocking defending", "at sixs and sevens", "all over the place at the back", "no confidence in the side".
  15. Born and bred. I moved sorry. I'm retired sorry.
  16. Hinchcliffe was spot on. Seems to me theres to many fans in here who can't stomach any praise the opposition get. I've been impressed with Utd all season, like I was last year. Doesn't make me a traitor. At times some of their football was brilliant (there I go again, what a traitor). The pundits after the game did praise our doggedness. Look, we have just fought bloody hard and got a good point against a good side. Live with it and move on.
  17. He himself will tell you he's played worse. he was never going to get a lot of chances to shine but worked hard. Only critisism i have he can loose it a bit. Straight after those 2 balls he played striaght to Utd players, he gets a yellow. I thought then he will end up getting sent off. Needs to cool it.
  18. No way where we shocking. Hard battled for point and clean sheet.
  19. Yeah we have been under a lot of pressure but we are battling like hell. Last week we didnt turn up.
  20. Could have easily caved in to all that pressure. Little signs at end of the half Utd might have peaked. Well played Cameron, perhaps some fans will quiten down now.
  21. Having FF for the game would be a big boost even if he starts on the bench. Let's hope he won't be in mardy mood.
  22. I actually think its Jos's utter apparent calmness that's got us calling for his head. I'd like to see a rant now and again without the use of £20 notes.
  23. I could never understand Holloway's fascination with our club. Was he at the game at the invitation of the Chairman? As for McCathy, he did wonders at Ipswich in the 5-years he was there with a fraction of the budget. Their problem was the misely chairman. Look at Ipswich now. Holloway wouldn't be my first choice but he has won a championship playoff twice. The way our club is at the moment we may be lucky to get someone we have never heard of like the last two.
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