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  1. So nothing has changed then other than we are anything but organised.
  2. As Chansiri sacked Gray, I doubt he would have the guts to resign him.
  3. It's the same line every week, he's mastered it. Just has to rememember who's up next.
  4. That's the trouble. He'll stay until sacked.
  5. Chansiri seems to look for Mr nice guy so Holloway stands a chance. Not only that he calls himself a Wednesday fan for some reason.
  6. Something I didn't know is Paul Hurst is from Sheffield. He failed at Ipswich, just the man we need. All I know is I'm getting fed up of foreign accents on the bench and in the boardroom. Get an englishmen in. Anothe classic from Jos tonight regarding the latest Fest(ering) injury. “We hope not again that he will be (out) for six, seven or eight weeks.”
  7. Those last pictures of Jos on the bench told it all. Best if he resigned rather wait to be sacked. He had the look of a man who doesnt know what to do about it. With the one goal margin we looked in with a shout second half but the defending was awfull. Talk about walk in that 4th goal.
  8. Bannan playing to deep for me. Needs to be up there passing short balls to strikers. Hardly seen Reach. I would take Joao off and bring FF on second half.
  9. I think Toms might have chucked him a backpack and told him to run the Snake Pass & back.
  10. Will many turn up anyway? I dare say Chansiri got himself a Flak jacket in the Black Friday sales.
  11. I can see why he was rested. Mathias & FF were back and we started with a strong front 3 on paper. If anything he should have probably put him on the bench to use later. At 1-0 up we had the game won, it's our terrible defending that cost us once again.
  12. Don't bank on it. Bolton will be looking to get on the same points as us, 20. Win 2-0 and they go above us.
  13. Same old, same old. The club will do a Chris Waddle article next programme to make us feel better.
  14. Their community website might help you. There's a web form email at https://swfccp.co.uk/contact-us/ or email them at community@swfc.co.uk
  15. Well you might say we have made progress since then. That was Div 3, attendance 11,345. Won 4-0. We climbed up to 16th from 20th and finished 20th. I was probabably in the West Stand & it was the season we had to beat Southend last match to ensure safety and not go into Div IV. So prior to that game the lowest posistion in our history.
  16. We have had so many crap players, it explains why I can't remember a lot of the names.
  17. I don't think Jos likes to risk players coming back from injury, especially long ones, in second string games if they are likely to figure for the first team next match. I don't think I would risk FF as everyone likes to try and take a chunk out out of him whatever the game and its was a derby.
  18. I can't think we will go down unless they put Jones in the centre of defence for the rest of the season.
  19. Dont have any. In any case I don't dwell on the past like The Star, SWFC, and some fans.
  20. Oh yeah, didn't he play for us a year ago? Knew all the time of coourse
  21. 1st JANURAY? - Did The Star knock them up? Who's that player? Not familiar to me.
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