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  1. This thread is like using a bakerite phone from the 1960s. Can't see why the club could not have provided a podcast.
  2. My comment about about pricing was ONLY referring to match day ticket prices. Some people haven't worked out yet that no matter how unattractive the football is, ticket pricing is having to pay for a large squad on high weekly wages. It's just that subject that should be raised with Chansiri tonight.
  3. On pricing, I hope there aren't to many mugs tonight who bang on about this again. If I was Chansiri I would refer the right honorable gentleman to the answer I gave before. Our priorities are manager, team performance, and club running. Fans are not turning the gate to over 30k because of years of failure not ticket prices. Those that don't go to games now are more likely to tell you its because of poor entertainment and failure after failure, not ticket prices.
  4. Nothing will change tonight. Chansiri has already been busy defending Jos in the media so other than that what else will be discussed that we don't already know? Take a few more defeats before he sees the Tuna.
  5. Perhaps its a reverse phycology ploy he hopes the players understand.
  6. I seem to remember The Star had a live blog at the last one. Great if it had worked properly, the last hour or so never came through. They need to send Dom in with a head cam.
  7. Chansiri is often quoted as saying fans tell lies about the club on social media and "damage it" so isn't this his chance for all to see EXACTLY what is said? If they don't then no doubt the media make an attempt to report it. Didn't the star show footage of a row at the last one?
  8. I've emailed the club and asked them to go Facebook / Youtube live. Expect I'll be ignored.
  9. If he had short legs he would look as good as Baz. He's always an option worth having IMHO.
  10. According to SWFC "the option of live streams into the Charlton Suite and Springett Suite should demand for tickets exceed supply". Well all tickets are sold evidently so they going to do it?
  11. This is England. If he want's "Thai respect" he had better go back there. Didn't anyone warn him about south yorkshire fans?
  12. Pity he never gets as angry on the touchline during a game.
  13. I don't think any of us think everything will be okay just by getting rid of the manager but we have to start somewhere. The focus will always be on results and most managers with this abysmal record don't survive. We don't even have the old Carvalhal excuse of "before today, we only lost 1 in 6". The difference then was we drew a lot of games whereas now we are getting soundly beat.
  14. It's what I said at the last one and this will be no different. If Jos is still manager come Thursday, he's as good as said he is sticking by him without opening his mouth.
  15. He will get a little more respect if the manager has gone by then. If Jos is still the manager I think it might end up the forum from hell. Chansiri seems like a decent guy but we are starting to see just how out of his depth he is when it comes to football matters. He has this ridiculous faith even when things are at their worse. I don't think he can accept critism of himself in that he might be the guy getting things wrong. When Carvalhal went and things started to turn against us we all wanted to see some new faces but a year later we still have the nucleus of a stale duff squad. I still don't understand his quote that he doesnt sell HIS players. Well you had better start doing something soon pal of this bloated squad could well get relegated. Jos has to go and I want to see an english manager in charge who we and the players all understand. I want to see some Jürgen Klopp passion on the touchline. I don't care how much respect and what success he had in Germany. He's now manager in the toughest second tier in the world and starting to show he can't handle it. How manay games of late has he just looked like Mr. Glum in the dugout? How is that an inspiration to a team? As for Chansiri it's all very well having these occasional fans forums (well two) but I'm more concerned that S6 seems to have turned into a closed shop as far as fans are concerned. We have to ask each other weekly whats going on with players becuase the news and progress of players is so thin on the ground. They are quite happy to tell you about all things non football though. I thank him for some exciting times but I know would be just as pleased to see him put the club up for sale as I would for Jos to go. It's alright for him, he's seen 2-bad years. We have fans here who have put up with this kind of season for decades, in my case six. Sheffield Wednesday football club continues to be a basketcase.
  16. That fan forum next Thu will turn into a riot if Jos is still manager.
  17. That fan forum next Thu will turn into a riot if Jos is still manager.
  18. New series of Vic & Bobs Big Night Out is currently on. Three episodes on iplayer.
  19. On balance I think it's a waste of time. The last one turned nasty and that was essentially all about ticket prices and nothing else. There will be moans about players, the manager, Chansiri himself, but all he will do is tell them that he remains commited to the club, the players are doing their best, and the manager is doing his best. I bet there's more security at this one.
  20. £3m is peanuts to Cardiff right now. They have just bid £25m for Emiliano Sala.
  21. Look lets just say the £3m offer is real. Is there anyone here that wouldn't take it? Not only that it would be Westwood's only ever chance to play in the PL. If Cardiff were interested at any fee I would be saying to the club "great chance for me at the end of my career mr chansiri, let me go". He's an idiot if he's prepared to sit on the bench each week and play the odd U23 game.
  22. Already said in another post, if true, Chansiri would be raving mad not to accept it. In fact I emailed Chansiri and told him so. Where else are we going to find £3m to shore up the defence and/or find us another playmaker in midfield?
  23. S6 is like a closed shop at the moment. You only have to look at their homepage. Main story is xmas at meadowhall, followed by flogging iFollow to death, then more attempts to sell kit, followed by birthday parties! Fottball news? Don't be daft.
  24. I think they bid that in the summer and it was turned down but the Star today seems to suggest another offer has come in. Given he's at the end of his career and we are broke it would be crazy not to accept (if true as you say). I can see Cardiff's thinking. A stopper who might just keep them up this season, in the end worth much more than £3m to them. He might be a good keeper but Ive never had a problem with him going given his age. Is Chansiri going to balls this up again (like Hirst going for nothing) with another player leaving on a free? Playing Westwood in goal isn't going to get us promoted. Sell him.
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