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  1. i don't know what to believe at SWFC any more. Only 3 weeks ago The Star headline was Owls NOT for sale despite Red Bull rumours.
  2. Let's hope Bullen has learnt something from last years temporary manager. I remember he made a lot of changes for the game at Forest then it all went boobs up and was very uncomfortable in post match interviews.
  3. No Im a miserable old bstard like most that suffer as an old owls supporter.
  4. I said this elsewhere and some dont like it. You have to question how his mind works as he also said the club was was worth a £100m maybe more. £200m has been reported in the press today! My take is Chansiri told him the flack he took for him and it started a back me or sack me conversation.
  5. Carvalhal 2nd favorite? Well it is panto season.
  6. Didn't he say he went for it with our big signings but wouldn't risk club finances again and possible FFP penalties? I still think they will shift some players in January to balance things up.
  7. The reported outlay for Bruce is a bit worrying if we only just hold our heads about water regarding FFP. If he is the next manager I just wonder if they have lined up a player to leave in January.
  8. Wonder if we can get Bruce to shred that weight again? I want to see his Klopp side.
  9. Bruce always wanted to sign Baz so he can give him a new contract instead (if this is all true of course)
  10. Got to say Bullen was as cool as a cucumber in the conference this morning about him not being there.
  11. If you think its all getting a bit daft, ever reliable HITC said hes putting the club up for £200m. I mean we laughed when he said £100m at the forum.
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