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  1. Top of the championship has a moved on a lot these last 5-years whereas Rhodes has stood still. He is never in the right place, no physcial strength to compete with Championship defenders, oddest looking striker of a ball I have seen. I think he would be better off playing for a top side in league one.

  2. Much needed win but it was pretty poor overall. Anyone that says it wasn't has obviously seen some very poor stuff. Hardly a time I thought we had a 1 man advantage. I thought Fletch put in a good shift. Moment for me was that knock down (didn't think he'd reach it) to Mathias which nearly brought a goal, then we scored. Pleased for Hector, might give him some more confidence. Good to see Hutch back but can he stay injury free?

  3. 11 hours ago, Tony Pulis said:

    I know he would be a good appointment but, if the reports are true, £2m seems a lot of money, especially considering the FFP situation. It is 4 times the amount Eddie Howe was paid last season. It might be just me that thinks this, but comparatively to other managers in the Championship it is also very high.


    The £2m is specualtion. Your right about FFP, I can only think they will part with the likes of Bannan or Reach to give us some transfer maneuvering. I would have included FF & Hoops but they are fast turning to horse meat value with their injuries.

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