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  1. 1 minute ago, Costello 77 said:

    It was probably me and you from the sounds of it..glad you've got your confidence back..:tango:


    Only came back because of this EFL thing. I won't be staying. To many not interested in reasoned debate.

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  2. I accept we need a system like FFP

    9 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:

    So many people talking so muchshit!


    We gambled, we lost but the battle goes on.


    Grow some you big set o’fannies!  Long way to go yet.  Wallow in doom or bathe in optimism.


    Same old faces waiting for and wading in potential disaster.


    God knows what you’d do if we did owt - you’d be lost.....


    I told you so is more important than we’ve done well tha knows.






    Yeah its great being tough about it all but your reality is perhaps somewhat optimistic? I haven't posted here for well over a year so I'm not one of those "same old faces". It's not poo, its facts. We were no far from going under as a club before Chansiri came and there's more than a good chance it could happen again. We have won sod all in the 55+ years I first saw a Wed match, one trophy in fact. To be an Owls fan you have to expect years of suffering.

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  3. Quote in the Sun re the sale "That allowed the club to record a pre-tax profit of £2.5m for the year, instead of a £35.4m loss"


    I thought we made more than that so its worse than I thought. We lose money every week and with our current wage bill we will hit FFP by end of 2023 (guesstimate).

  4. 12 minutes ago, nilsson said:

    This a very good article from Maguire about Wednesday’s 2017/18 accounts and ground sale...




    Apologies if it’s already been posted (and it’s a long read) but some of the figures and graphs are eye opening.


    This one shocked me... we posted losses of £37 million in 2017/18 and there were still 7 clubs in the championship with higher losses than us




    That's the figure I remember & not rocket science to know why we sold the ground. God knows what will happen when the short term sale windfall runs out, we don't have any silver to sell. Back to players we have never heard of and sub 20k attendances? Wolves & Villa blow a sigh of relief, Utd and Norwich - no comment.

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  5. You remember that heated meeting a couple of years ago with the supporters when Chansiri said he was looking to sell and already had offers around £120-150m and we all laughed?  Well if any of that was true he could give the EFL it as evidence the ground was worth £60m. It's SWFC so its not going to end well.

  6. 1 minute ago, Royal_D said:

    Just ignore small fact that we’d have had to pay Middlesbrough rest of transfer fee immediately if we sold him for that ‘cheeky offer’   (Which was square root of FA) 


    but yeh, booooo chansiri 

     How much is the rest?

  7. 7 minutes ago, Emerson Thome said:


    I think the strange decisions like freezing out Westwood, Hutch, Boyd were just due to Luhukay being an awkward bugger who struggled to handle big characters. Nothing to do with FFP, I mean how much of a 'Clean Sheet Bonus' was Westwood on?! I mean it makes no sense to freeze out a player after the transfer window has closed. Especially one like Westwood in the last year of his contract with no resale value and no-one particularly wanted to sign on high wages.


    What is particularly painful for me is that when you look at these debts of £60m, how much of these are due to Rhodes and Abdi - two players who have contributed the square root of bugger all? Must be about £15m (transfer fee and wages) for Rhodes and around another £10m for Abdi. We'd be just about within the line without those two jokers.


    First point, Luhukay clueless.


    Second point, our debts are not £60m otherwise we wouldn't be talking about points deductions but wind up orders. There was debt pre-sale but not up to the £39m mark. The sale was just to keep the club running for a few seasons in the hope we make the PL in the meantime. Chansiri's favorite quote is "If we don't go up this year we will be in financial difficulties the following".


    Don't get me started on Rhodes, a disaster all round. He's still with us cos Chansiri wants £5-7m (fat chance) and no one will pay his wages if we gave him away. He should have accepted Norwich's so called "cheeky offer" cos at least we would be saving £35k a week. Usual club balls up will end when his contract ends next June.

  8. On 14/11/2019 at 18:17, Beholder said:

    Don't understand he thought the club would get away with logging the sale in the wrong accounts year.


    The whole thing is shambolic.


    Seeing villa and derby do it so jumped on the bandwagon, but as a bodged afterthought. 





    My thoughts a long time ago. The club left so many suspicious clues at the time with late accounts and not a word said to any questions answered. I'm expecting a sizable points reduction so they had better start winning so as not to get dragged into the bottom 6. Chansiri and the accountants nieve to say the least.

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  9. Top of the championship has a moved on a lot these last 5-years whereas Rhodes has stood still. He is never in the right place, no physcial strength to compete with Championship defenders, oddest looking striker of a ball I have seen. I think he would be better off playing for a top side in league one.

  10. Much needed win but it was pretty poor overall. Anyone that says it wasn't has obviously seen some very poor stuff. Hardly a time I thought we had a 1 man advantage. I thought Fletch put in a good shift. Moment for me was that knock down (didn't think he'd reach it) to Mathias which nearly brought a goal, then we scored. Pleased for Hector, might give him some more confidence. Good to see Hutch back but can he stay injury free?

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