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  1. Only came back because of this EFL thing. I won't be staying. To many not interested in reasoned debate.
  2. I'll tell you why I haven't posted for so long. There's guys in here with 1000's of posts and that makes them think they know more about the club & football than anyone else in here. I remember last year someone with a few posts who made an excellent point but was put down by someone with 1000s of posts. It's not quantity, its quality that counts.
  3. I accept we need a system like FFP Yeah its great being tough about it all but your reality is perhaps somewhat optimistic? I haven't posted here for well over a year so I'm not one of those "same old faces". It's not poo, its facts. We were no far from going under as a club before Chansiri came and there's more than a good chance it could happen again. We have won sod all in the 55+ years I first saw a Wed match, one trophy in fact. To be an Owls fan you have to expect years of suffering.
  4. Quote in the Sun re the sale "That allowed the club to record a pre-tax profit of £2.5m for the year, instead of a £35.4m loss" I thought we made more than that so its worse than I thought. We lose money every week and with our current wage bill we will hit FFP by end of 2023 (guesstimate).
  5. That's the figure I remember & not rocket science to know why we sold the ground. God knows what will happen when the short term sale windfall runs out, we don't have any silver to sell. Back to players we have never heard of and sub 20k attendances? Wolves & Villa blow a sigh of relief, Utd and Norwich - no comment.
  6. Thing is about the West Ham sale, it was a true bidding process with no one offering more. It was also way back in July 2016.
  7. You remember that heated meeting a couple of years ago with the supporters when Chansiri said he was looking to sell and already had offers around £120-150m and we all laughed? Well if any of that was true he could give the EFL it as evidence the ground was worth £60m. It's SWFC so its not going to end well.
  8. First point, Luhukay clueless. Second point, our debts are not £60m otherwise we wouldn't be talking about points deductions but wind up orders. There was debt pre-sale but not up to the £39m mark. The sale was just to keep the club running for a few seasons in the hope we make the PL in the meantime. Chansiri's favorite quote is "If we don't go up this year we will be in financial difficulties the following". Don't get me started on Rhodes, a disaster all round. He's still with us cos Chansiri wants £5-7m (fat chance) and no one will pay his wages if we gave him away. He should have accepted Norwich's so called "cheeky offer" cos at least we would be saving £35k a week. Usual club balls up will end when his contract ends next June.
  9. My thoughts a long time ago. The club left so many suspicious clues at the time with late accounts and not a word said to any questions answered. I'm expecting a sizable points reduction so they had better start winning so as not to get dragged into the bottom 6. Chansiri and the accountants nieve to say the least.
  10. He's out there because of our ridiculous injury situation. Sure, he would be on the bench most games if Hooper, FF, and Winnall were fit but they arn't.
  11. They have all been awful this season. People soon forget he was our top striker last season and his goals made us look respectable in the end.
  12. I much prefer Nuihu. He's more effective with the ball for me. Holds it up well. Don't forget we got him on a free
  13. Just what we need at S6, a top shopper!
  14. Top of the championship has a moved on a lot these last 5-years whereas Rhodes has stood still. He is never in the right place, no physcial strength to compete with Championship defenders, oddest looking striker of a ball I have seen. I think he would be better off playing for a top side in league one.
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