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  1. Onomah & Nuhiu 4 come on they had decent games.
  2. One thing I've noticed.... lots of shouting, encouragement, clapping, slapping of hands. No shrugging, flaying arms and mardy faces.
  3. I for one am super excited with that line up. Come on you rippers 2-1 win. UTO
  4. got the feels..... 2-1. Lees and a 40 yarder from Pullypussy… One thing for sure, its not going to be pretty.
  5. Boyd put in one of the most inept performances ive ever seen from a Wednesday player. Absolutely shocking.
  6. Hopefully his first half performance will put the nail in the coffin of ever boyd playing at left wing back again. he cant play there and he doesn't want to play there.
  7. is this league still going tried to join but it says invalid. new code? any leagues to join?
  8. Owlstalk OMDT = The Pit of Misery Support the boys Come on your rippers 3-1 today... Got the feels.
  9. This post gives me the willies. Who was the last decent left back we had? Phil King? Glynn Snodin?
  10. You bring the booze and fags, I'll bring Adem Poric
  11. Problem with Ian Taylor was he was a completely different sort of play to Carlton Palmer. Palmer did the donkey work and Taylor liked to get forward and score goals... and he did that to good effect at Villa. Nolan was a very poor replacement for Phil King.. never looked like he wanted to play for us. Klas Ingesson was a "poo we gotta sign someone" signing.
  12. 1989/1990 we signed John Sheridan, Phil King, Roland Nilsson, Dalian Atkinson and im pretty sure we signed Craig Shakespeare that year..... he was utter pants
  13. Being aggressive away from home only demotivates the team, being cautious gets a much better response.
  14. Come on you blue and white beauties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. Dom Howson‏ @domhowson 1m1 minute ago More Told #SWFC played a friendly against Bradford earlier today. Lost 3-0. Steven Fletcher played 75 minutes. The likes of Joe Wildsmith, Almen Abdi, George Boyd and David Jones were also given run-outs.
  16. boyd fletcher and jones played for u23 at Bradford the afternoon. not sure about the others
  17. its called a Bust Bodice. You can get them from all good sports shops
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