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  1. 24 minutes ago, alanharper said:

    You can't pause the red button but the trick is to record it and once it's started recording watch the recording rather than the live stream. Go to Sky Sports Football channel 403 on the planner, go to whichever match is being shown live and press the record button, then it should come up with a list of the red button games and you can select which one you want to record.


    You lucky bugger, I've got to go and sit in the cold watching it live - with no pause or rewind!



    Mind quite literally blown.   ;-)

  2. 1 hour ago, Westfield Owl said:


    Tbf, that’s b*llocks mate.  There were plenty on here dishing out abuse to Bruce this time last week before SB had showed his hand.  There’s a lot of scorned Owls fans, that can’t handle it that our former manager saw Newcastle as a more appealing job.



    I mean, he did resign here.  Bruce was the guy that brought the uncertainty to an end.  You might not have like how he went about it, I certainly don’t, but he did ‘own’ the situation.

    Never use the word b*llocks on a first date,  especially when talking to a lady.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Earlsfieldowl said:


    Really? You could write on a postage stamp what Neville has achieved in management.  It would be a huge gamble.


    As for Pulis, it’s not pretty but he can get teams up and keep them up. 


    Granted he struggled at Boro and wouldn’t be my first choice, but he could get something out of this squad.






    which is why I said...………….. thankfully it wont be (either) 

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