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  1. Its a massive bye bye and thank you from me.  Too much of an injury risk to even consider a new contract.   Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight is player who is younger, faster, harder and cheaper and he will be ours.

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  2. I know it's not Wednesday related but I'm voting for Ken Anderson..  My mate is Bolton fan and when the game v Brentford was postponed I got a ranty emotional tear stained phone call  from him completely running my enjoyment of Eggheads.   BAST'ARD.      Also if you currently own the club...…… pay your fracking staff.

  3. Since I cannot vote for Glynn Snodin.  ,the greatest Wednesday left back EVER.  I will vote for Phil King.  Could never get away with Worthington who was, for me the footballing equivalent of Steve Davis.   I will admit however, that the left side partnership of Worthington and King was utter class.

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