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  1. Absolutely 100% this. Playing Harris or Bajo on the left should be an absolute LAST RESORT. Harris constantly cuts inside and Bajo is shocking on the left. LB / LWB has been an issue for years now and its NEVER been addressed.
  2. Pelupessy can play centre back, add Odubajo to the mix and I really don't know what you are worried about.
  3. Big Ron was the only one that made me wet my knickers. Been dry ever since.
  4. If we sign Hector, Murphy, Luongo and a left back. That's a brilliant window or us. If I had to choose between signing Murphy or signing a left back I would sign a left back.
  5. Hector (before Bristol City go sniffing) Left Back Central Midfielder who can tackle (or has decent tackle) AND if we can get rid of WInnall to Barnsley a cheeky bid for Charlie Austin on a free.
  6. He was a centre back, and was the captain of A.C. ChievoVerona of Serie A, with over 300 matches played for the flying donkeys.
  7. Never use the word b*llocks on a first date, especially when talking to a lady.
  8. I don't really think anyone begrudges him going to Newcastle. its the way he's gone about it that has made people so angry.. its that simple.
  9. A few years ago I would have self combusted if we had appointed O'Neil as manager. BUT he's spent so long in the company of Roy Keane he's had all the joy and magic sucked out of him. Its a sad story but we should steer well clear.
  10. Appointing Megson would like having Rafa Benitez as your manager and then replacing him with some random bloke called Steve Bruce. Its a no from me.
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