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  1. Never use the word b*llocks on a first date, especially when talking to a lady.
  2. I don't really think anyone begrudges him going to Newcastle. its the way he's gone about it that has made people so angry.. its that simple.
  3. A few years ago I would have self combusted if we had appointed O'Neil as manager. BUT he's spent so long in the company of Roy Keane he's had all the joy and magic sucked out of him. Its a sad story but we should steer well clear.
  4. Appointing Megson would like having Rafa Benitez as your manager and then replacing him with some random bloke called Steve Bruce. Its a no from me.
  5. It's a no from me. All butt ends and baby oil.
  6. which is why I said...………….. thankfully it wont be (either)
  7. Crowley was a devil worshiping nutter who wrote filthy poetry about lady gardens
  8. so at the moment we are being linked with people who were rejected by Newcastle. First the American guy and now ...
  9. Would be a massive gamble. If its between Neville and Pulis I would pick Neville every time. Thankfully it wont be.. Next.
  10. Bizarre that it hasn't been reported on Sky Sports News yet...…......……..
  11. HOWEVER.. It is absolutely ok to put a cheeky £10 on Newcastle getting relegated...… Not just relegation but total humiliation... Lowest points, lowest goals scored, most goals conceded. Just behind the blunts.
  12. Hudson was linked with the Newcstle job.. American coach not sure with who.
  13. You would hope that we've already put the feelies out for Hughton.
  14. Pulis and anyone who has been in direct contact with him. Pardew and anyone who has been in direct contact with him. McLaren and anyone who has been in direct contact with him.
  15. Absolutely NOT. If we sign this player I will be very cross. We need young succulent players not withering old husks.
  16. Siggi, my sister went on a date with him. got a couple of free tickets as a result BOOM.
  17. No ta. Fresh succulent, well oiled legs please.
  18. No thanks. Fresh, young, succulent legs please.
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