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  1. Made a big difference to the side when he came on loan. Lightening pace and definitely up there in terms of one of the best best loan signings.
  2. Does anyone remember Mel Sterland playing a few games up front under Wilkinson. Think he scored a couple too.
  3. Yep and we had two left backs on the bench. It's the way of things.
  4. A left back.............. we signed a left back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nope, we can do and must do better, We need younger hungry players, we've got to stop holding on to players who have done very little for us. I agree he's done better recently but better than mediocre isn't good enough for me. He's got lovely hair though.
  6. Did someone say keep Pelupessy or am I still in a cheese induced coma?
  7. Did someone just say keep Odubajo?????????????????????????
  8. This is EXACTLY the same as the dream I had last night.
  9. Add Reach to this list.. We need newer, younger, fresher players with succulent juicy legs.
  10. Reach or Penney at left back... massive risk. Id go for Galvin.
  11. Maybe he's formed a web of doom with Tony "The Cuddly Grandad Of Sky Sports" Pulis.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri rejects offer to buy club from former advisor Erik Alonso. Brendan Rodgers furious.
  13. We have to start with one of Harris or Green surely.!!!!!!!! Zero pace Utter bobbar.
  14. It's not what I want. It's what will happen. 3 year contract and club captain. Mark my words.
  15. The only player we are going to keep on that list is Pelupessy.
  16. Absolutely 100% this. Playing Harris or Bajo on the left should be an absolute LAST RESORT. Harris constantly cuts inside and Bajo is shocking on the left. LB / LWB has been an issue for years now and its NEVER been addressed.
  17. Pelupessy can play centre back, add Odubajo to the mix and I really don't know what you are worried about.
  18. Big Ron was the only one that made me wet my knickers. Been dry ever since.
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