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  1. 3 minutes ago, katie melua said:


    Ian Taylor was bought in as a replacement for Carlton Palmer, and then left in December to Aston Villa. Luckily they gave us Whittingham as part of the deal but in truth, Taylor was a player we never replaced. 


    Plus we didn't sign the striker we needed. We only had 2 or 3 strikers on the books at the start of the season Hirst, Bright and Watson. Hirst sadly picked up another injury and I think Watson did as well. It left us resulting in playing Chris Bart Williams up front!!!!!! We went on a Carlos style run where we scored a fabulous 14 goals in 17 games and as mentioned above, only helped by selling a decent player to get a striker. Those 3 games against Everton, Coventry and Leicester, we scored more goals than we did from October onwards! 


    It was a dreadful window and a dreadful era. Unbelievable Francis never bought a striker we needed and only got saved that season thanks to Villa giving us Whittingham. 





    Problem with Ian Taylor was he was a completely different sort of play to Carlton Palmer.  Palmer did the donkey work and Taylor liked to get forward and score goals... and he did that to good effect at Villa. Nolan was a very poor replacement for Phil King.. never looked like he wanted to play for us.  Klas Ingesson was a "poo we gotta sign someone" signing.

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