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  1. Absolutely NOT. If we sign this player I will be very cross. We need young succulent players not withering old husks.
  2. Siggi, my sister went on a date with him. got a couple of free tickets as a result BOOM.
  3. No ta. Fresh succulent, well oiled legs please.
  4. No thanks. Fresh, young, succulent legs please.
  5. He's our Pogba (slightly less talented) ….. reluctant footballer.
  6. Its a massive bye bye and thank you from me. Too much of an injury risk to even consider a new contract. Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight is player who is younger, faster, harder and cheaper and he will be ours.
  7. Larry May, Ian Cranson………….{{{{{{{{{{SHUDDERS}}}}}}}}
  8. Also a special mention for Ian Knight who would have gone on to captain England if it wasn't for that thugtard Gary Bennett.
  9. Mick Lyons... remember him winning a chicken (probably a turkey) for a MOM performance. Also used to win 1000 headers per game. Des Walker Just sheer class.
  10. I know it's not Wednesday related but I'm voting for Ken Anderson.. My mate is Bolton fan and when the game v Brentford was postponed I got a ranty emotional tear stained phone call from him completely running my enjoyment of Eggheads. BAST'ARD. Also if you currently own the club...…… pay your fracking staff.
  11. Since I cannot vote for Glynn Snodin. ,the greatest Wednesday left back EVER. I will vote for Phil King. Could never get away with Worthington who was, for me the footballing equivalent of Steve Davis. I will admit however, that the left side partnership of Worthington and King was utter class.
  12. where is Glynn Snodin???? my first footballing love affair.
  13. Does anyone remember Sterland playing a few games as striker?
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