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  1. hedgehog

    Chris O'grady

    Think that's something the dingles haven't realised. Every time he scored for them/had a good game he pushed the asking price up. He's now a championship striker and his price tag should reflect that! We don't want him but that doesn't mean we're giving him away
  2. It's all well and good shouting for jones to go, but what's the alternative? Who's out there better than what we've already got, or realistically we can go and poach? I'm yet to hear a good one. Stick or twist time. Might need some big balls and hold our nerve
  3. hedgehog

    Milan on the Cheap

    Top post, but will ultimately be ignored by most on here. Sack the manager, that'll sort all our problems. Worked before hasn't it, oh hang on ...
  4. hedgehog


    Madine isn't the finished article, and needs a run of starts in the side to be able to prove himself and gain experience at this level. He could prove to be exactly what we need, he might not. Are we willing to give him a chance? If he was given a run in this side we're more likely to crucify the lad for not putting away the few chances we create. Rooney would bloody struggle in this side. But he does bloody annoy by falling on his arse when a defender goes near him. His tough guy reputation when out on the town strangely doesn't transfer to the football pitch
  5. And the alternative is? I agree that something needs to change but I'm yet to here any realistic suggestion that could offer any improvement. But things aren't going well, so lets sack the manager and see what random we can get in. That's worked well in the past, oh wait ...
  6. hedgehog

    Giving Jones more time

    Thing is if we sack jones who do we realistically replace him with who can do a better job? Better alternatives are thin on the ground or frankly just fecking awful. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than have someone like billy Davies in charge
  7. hedgehog

    Is it time for Milan to leave?

    I really hope this is a wind up. Some people need to think back to where we were 2 years ago and ask themselves who else is out there who could run the club
  8. hedgehog

    Will we go down?

    We're now staring straight down the barrel and I can't see how we're getting out of it. It's going to take a big change be that a manager or a cash injection or maybe both. But I can't see any arriving. Hoping truffle nudgers don't come up and we get a derby in the pub league next year
  9. hedgehog

    Kirkland Shocking Positioning

    Some people on here clearly take their opinions from radio Sheffield or what they read on the Internet, try going to a few matches and watching the lad. Kirkland has pulled off some fantastic saves and kept us in games. If it wasn't for that lad we would have picked up no points in the few games we have picked up points in! Seems like people are again looking for a scapegoat and Kirkland is now in the firing line. The problem lies further up the pitch, and if you can't see that then your not watching the same game as me
  10. hedgehog


    Too right we,re better than that! We should not profit from someone else's misdemeanours no matter how bad ( we were no angels). But there loads of positives to take from today. Carry on playing like we did today and mid table will be ours comfortably
  11. hedgehog


    You might see the working mans game return back to the working man. And I for don't think that would be a bad thing
  12. hedgehog


    Clubs have been punished for the actions of their fans before, and other clubs as well. How did English clubs end up with bans from European competitions? That was the actions of the fans. (Not Liverpool fans obviously as they've never done anything wrong) If Leeds can't control their fans than actions should be taken against them, but we all know this wont happen.
  13. hedgehog

    Lower Lepp

    A stewards job is pretty much that. It's about customer service and showing you the fire exit. They've not got the faintest when it comes to anything football related. The whole palace pitch invasion was the polices fault. They made a pretty line in front of the fans ( probably on double time at our expense) then stood there and watched. They like it kicking off, that's how they get overtime. How else do you explained that stupid barrier thing at the Lepp end that just makes things worse
  14. hedgehog


    Nothing will happen. 1 the FA don't have the balls to do anything and 2. The premier league is back tomorrow so no one will remember this lower league little mix up. Remember it's the big boys that make the money and that's all they are worried about.