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  1. tarn owl

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    Just to wind people up i wish they were given total free reign and can have up to 999 and have three numbers if they wish. But they would need new 4th official boards and subs would take 5 minutes. So up to 99 then.
  2. tarn owl

    Bit of positivity

    Congrats. Good planning too, Birthday will always be after the world cup/euros and never in the football season. Will always be able to get the birthday party booked away from any games. Well played.
  3. Yes the new Wednesday kit is out lets buy it! Yes look it's right there available now. Can't wait to wear it on holiday. £99! Well it's stripes so lets go for it! oh all out of stock. Nevermind. It's on the front page of the site and it's not available! I can see why they need a retail manager. They could take orders ready for when shirts arrive but no just send people away. mental mental mental. News just in Nike have ran out of England shirts........ no that's a nonsense because that wouldn't happen.
  4. tarn owl

    Have we got 2 for each position?

    Yep exactly. Close all transfer threads, go on holiday for 3 weeks and we'll all reconvene on August 4th. And Breakkkk......
  5. tarn owl

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    I think Clare has good potential and so does Joey. both young and would compete for a place. Would be nice to keep both as we have no idea how Lee and Hutch will do with Injuries. Right now i think Clare would give us a better goal threat and would be able to challenge defences more. In answer to the question i think he would be on the team bus and competing to start next to Bannan.
  6. tarn owl

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    I think he would start games next to Bannan in Midfield if stayed and applied himself as i think he is a talent. But because of the competition for places and our past of dealing with players coming through i think he might move on. But i think he should stay and build that partnership.
  7. Wonder why all the big clubs in the world let Nike and Adidas make their shirts when we have shown how easy it is to do it ourselves. So is the £59 shirt going to be ready before the season? I would like to get some wear of it as a t-shirt and not have to put a coat over it in December when it will probably arrive.
  8. Just betting on the favourite is no fun and saying 'no chance' is easy. Lets see, Wolves were not favourites last year and walked it. If i was throwing a dart at picking a league winner I'll go Forest, guessing decent odds and seem to be following Wolves model.
  9. tarn owl


    8th-12th. With hope of playoffs all year. Anything above is this is putting too much pressure on Jos for me.
  10. Wish him well. Maybe he's trying to tick as many Lancashire teams off the list. Preston, Burnley, now Wigan. Must like living around there. Played there between 2008-2015 solid so must want to go back. Pretty sure he'll find a club if tries Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan. Will help a bottom end Championship team.
  11. tarn owl

    Owls on holiday

    Might have something to do with kits being £59, never on sale and only go on sale from January to May before everyone stops buying them. 'record sales' though
  12. tarn owl

    What they up to?

    Might be a day off so they are down south for a spot of shopping and a show? Or if they are in St Pancreas then maybe they have found a cheap midweek getaway on Groupon and are going to Paris for a couple of days together, join in the atmosphere etc. Or maybe they are going to go and kidnap Mbappe or Kante when they get off the plane in France and bring them to us? Or they are going to go convince a top class centre half to join and are meeting him in person to show how serious they are? Or maybe it's a health and safety management seminar on how to keep your players from getting injured? i could go on but basically i don't know....
  13. To be fair people get stuff wrong all the time. I thought Big Dave was useless until about March, I thought Southgate was useless. I can see why having a right back who is a kid or a back up previously would scare people. But i think Jos will instead of just buying someone with 'experience', will give people a try and coach them. I really like the signs that Jos is giving us at the minute. Lets hope it translates to the pitch.
  14. Palmer and Baker as the 2 options at Right back would be bold to start the season. But if Jos trusts them then why not. I think Palmer has a lot of talent to potentially unlock and Jos might just do that.
  15. tarn owl

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Wish i knew whether they are good enough or not but i don't. But for the first time in a long time i trust the manager will give them a try if they are looking ready. That Baker played brilliantly against Norwich on the last day of the season and might be the reason we could cash in on Hunt. Lets hope we have more and more good youth coming through.