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  1. A fine example there of why there will always be a debate in football no matter how much VAR there is. 2 people, looking at the same incident, 2 different opinions. Got to love it. For me wasn't a pen, but if it was at the other end i would have been shouting for one. Just the way it is. As for Moses, was unlucky and clumsy at the same time, feel sorry for him as not as blatant as Preston pens, but still means he wracks up giving away another pen.
  2. Yes i have a long time believed Rhodes was done, but i was pleasantly surprised Saturday, has to start on wednesday if his fitness is good enough for 90. I think better to start Rhodes and take off after 60 minutes if his fitness needs rebuilding. Looked ideal for Fletch to link off. With more minutes lets see what happens. New start from me.
  3. I thought Murphy did well against Charlton when he came on. But Reach was good too. Who would you put on instead? I would go Reach i think, he is our player, not a loan, hopefully with more game time will come good.
  4. Sorry fed up of the misery on here. Brentford game Saturday. How do we stop this lot? I think quick press and high balls into the box. Would be tempted to go same 11 as Charlton, Don't think they will like balls into the box for Fletch and Nuhiu. I would start Fessi too. Is anyone injured? suspended? Regardless of the boring legal stuff, looking forward to the game Saturday, Brentford always tends to be an open entertaining game. A win here and we can keep up with the top 6. I reckon another 3-1 win, Bannan will score! yes i know! 25 yard screamer is my call. Roll on 3pm Saturday! WAWAW
  5. Iorfa for me. If he picks the right club to move to after us he could play week in week out in the PL.
  6. 3 years ago we would have got more. Now he has just turned 29 so i think people would worry about his legs going when over 30, as he is not lightning quick already. I think you have set the barometer at the right level at 2.5 Mil. I think people would try get for cheaper but we would push for 3-4 mil and end up at 2.5. So yes sitting right on the fence.
  7. Seen as our d-fence is one of the best in the league this season i would just stick with 4 at the back, Fox, Iorfa, Borner, Palmer sounds good to me. Lees will just have to compete and cover Iorfas hole when Pep spends 60 Mil on him in Jan. Bigger question is how do you get goals from the other 6 players up top. Solution, play Charlton every week.
  8. If True, has to be done, we have Lees, Borner, Thorniley and Bates so will be easily covered for this season. Plus Hutch and Fox can cover in emergencies. We need to build a more sustainable business model, buying low and selling high has to be done when available.
  9. Sometimes players need a change of scenery to get going again. I think Fessi is this. I think in Jan he will be sold for undisclosed fee (barely anything) to a new team, because rather do this than release for free in June. I would do the same with Winnall and Rhodes too. I would keep Nuhiu but still release in the summer. Loan a kid from PL and end season with Loan striker, Fletch, Nuhiu and Borukov in an emergency. The clearout needs to happen asap.
  10. Dawson Moses Iorfa Borner Fox Hutch Bannan Murphy Harris Fessi Fletch Fessi playing behind Fletch. Number 10 role but playing nearly 4-4-2. We may concede more but i want to roll the dice and see if we put more up top can we score more? If we get hammered might be back to 4-3-3. But i think worth a roll of the dice of playing 4-2-3-1 really, but Fessi pushed right up just behind Fletch. I would be asking Bannan to get it and launch quick balls up for pace of Murphy and Harris for counter attacks. It might not work. But worth ago, using the leicester model a little. Harsh on Reach, lee and Luongo, But we need more than 1 system. I would try this to try score a few on the road on the counter. For this i would have Winnall on the bench rather than Nuhiu, as he would work better in a counter attacking team.
  11. I blame Reach for this defeat. He seems to be blamed for everything else.
  12. How about reducing ticket prices, permanently though.
  13. Squad isn't good enough, Monk needs at least 2 years to totally re-build midfield and attack, Only area of the pitch where we are good enough is at centre half. All other areas need looking at. The attack on Palmer seems harsh too. I will only Judge Monk after he has been allowed to get rid of the current crop of forwards and buy new ones. If in 2 years we still have Nuhiu playing in games because we can't get anyone else, then it's unfair to judge Monk. I thought we played well against Birmingham as a team, but we lack pace and creativity and until this is resolved we will continue to struggle to score more than 1 goal a game. Happy with Monk, will only worry if we drop towards a relegation battle, and i don't think Monk will let that happen.
  14. Well at least we can answer that one, if an asteroid or global warming doesn't get us then the suns solar flares or eventual demise will also see the earth cease to be. But whatever year it is, the Saturday before it happens, Wednesday will concede a 96th minute late equaliser to a former player. All these are facts at least. Sod the EFL.
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