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  1. Hirst now needs to start at Swansea on national tv to launch his stardom and start the path to the Premier league! over reaction??
  2. Today's Times

    New club badge? Maybe that is why it's in the paper? if so I like it.
  3. Not a fan, prefer other designs we've seen on here. Stripes good, Hummel chevrons bad. But just my opinion.
  4. Huddersfield have a capacity of 24,500, Manchester United sold out their end, Huddersfield having their best season possibly ever playing the biggest team in England. Low ticket prices. 17,861 I think the issue Dom may not be the fans, I think the issue may lay elsewhere. Twit.
  5. How many Swansea fans turned up, it was on the tv, season ticket holders have already paid a fortune for season tickets so may not want to pay again for FA cup, Prices for normal games are that ridiculous that POTG fans have probably just stopped coming and checking pricing, the low ticket prices are only ever for cup or a normal league game not villa at home for example so not appealing to turn up, we are rubbish at the minute, No advertising on a large scale of the game or pricing, Fans feeling disconnect from the club after bad 150th year. How many excuses do you want Dom because I can keep going. Lazy lazy Journalism and just designed for clicks rather than giving any insight. total trash.
  6. voted twice. Still 30% and Bristol is 29%, keep it going.
  7. If Hirst is good then sorry Fletch, hand it over.
  8. Can we all start getting excited to see Hirst number 9 back on a pitch at Hillsborough? Going to try keep calm and wait............STUFF IT THE MESSIAH IS HERE!!!!!
  9. Ok so seen as I clearly need to watch his response, has anyone got the transcript or video clip? I think the injuries do have to be the fault of CC, He signed the injury prone players, put them on contracts, changed the medical team and rushed players back constantly. Had a huge squad and still couldn't get the mix right in the 3rd season. Now I need to see what Jos actually said.
  10. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    'what do you fancy doing today?' 'Wednesday are playing at home to Villa' 'That should be a decent one could go there, how much is it to get in?' '£39 each to sit in the kop behind a post' 'erm think we'll just go watch Black Panther at the cinema, go out for a meal and buy some shares in apple instead' long winded way of saying I expect POTG sales to be ................0. Absolutely nuts pricing to try get people to come.
  11. Lucky bloody Wolves, they've only got 3 knackered old players. And they are top of the league! How would the pack cope with half the Wolves being tired and old? They would be slow, struggle to hunt and would probably have to get rid of some of the older ones to be more able to attack prey? interesting, wonder what we should do in the summer????
  12. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    People feel they can just be negative and when that player turns out not to be a Wednesday legend (99% aren't) they can say they said so. Most youngsters won't make it, but you have to give them a chance, most players we buy don't work, but we get excited when they sign and give them a bedding in period. All these youngsters need more and more experience and they will be an asset for our club on the whole. Jos is doing the right things with the academy and long may it continue. We have had promising keepers, defenders and midfielders from the academy now under Jos, if only there was a promising striker too......................
  13. Lego Hillsborough

    How many of the hospitality boxes have you sold? (it's brilliant well done)
  14. Rate jos so far?

    Well I am sure he will get the sack at some point as all managers do, but I think after only 6 weeks to say he's doomed when the 1st team is injured is a bit harsh IMO. we shall see.
  15. Well someone's grumpy. If Hooper, Fletcher and Fessi were fit Nuhiu wouldn't see the field. And yes I think he tries but doesn't actually contribute goals from open play enough and should have been moved on years ago. It's my opinion.