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  1. Utterly ridiculous thread with a team top of the table. The fact the OP has more agrees than negs is depressing. Cheer up people! Just because he’s ‘not a big name’ doesn’t mean he can’t work. He’s doing great and tonight was good. He’s on track for the job after 10 games. Up the owls!
  2. Transfer market will be run partly by him but also the club and chansiri. Not just Bullen. Also it’s about scouting and structure not just Bullen. He is already employed by the club and will leave at some point. Not all manager hires end badly and mean hatred, if he earns the job in the next 6 games then give it him. As for convincing, this is the championship, it’s not easy and tonight we deserved the win. We should have won by 2 at least. It took Cardiff till the 96th minute to beat them. Is warnock not good enough as well? 9 points from 4 games is promotion form. End of.
  3. Exactly. He has another win in the championship under his belt. Ask stoke or Huddersfield if they would take our start. Bullen doing great. Keep it up Lee!
  4. I’ve been critical before, I’ll hold my hands up and eat humble pie. Was great tonight. Keep proving me wrong fox. Wonder what the Fox says about his performance?
  5. WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE AND BULLEN IS DOING WELL!!! Forget Bruce let’s see where Bullen takes us! Up the owls!
  6. I was genuinely staggered to see a bully out thread with more agrees than negs on here. This is the championship! We aren’t going to thrash every team every week. Luton had 1st half, we had 2nd and we have more experience and talent so we managed to find a goal. And Bullen obviously did a good halftime team adjustments because we improved. If he gets 20 points from first 10 games it’s his job, he’s on 9. Keep going Lee. Good win tonight, shame Luongo goal didn’t go in for 2. Up the owls!
  7. Can tell Bullen has had the media training, comes across really professional and bright. If he can just get some luck and some results he could be very good for us. 3-0 tonight. Come on Wednesday!
  8. Music being piped in 10-15 minutes before kick off at ridiculously loud volume on the north stand, so that my perfect pre-game analysis has to be shouted rather than just discussed. I want to save my voice for singing and shouting at the ref. I'm going to sound really old (i'm 33), TURN IT DOWN, I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK! People looking for any area of the pitch to criticise, 'grass looks a bit thin there', 'looks bobbly down there'. it's like a carpet! have you forgot beach gate before Chansiri! If Tom Lees dares to have a loose pass, 'oh his distribution', If Tom Lees then plays a blinder, like he does most weeks, totally unmentioned. Has been one of best performers for 5 years and barely gets a mention or a song. People around me just seem to want to jump on his back first chance they get. Where is the Owl? They did it once where they had an Owl flying down with the dramatic video playing on the big screen. Seems to have stopped, instead get chart music until walk out. Bring back the flying owl! loved it. Half time entertainment, get drunk fans trying to run and score goals from 20,30 and half way line. Always a good laugh, have it on every game.
  9. So glad to see us sending these lads on loan to get experience. It worked with Clare and he came back a better player, regardless of what happened after that. Also Penney came back a lot better. Keep sending these lads on loan and hopefully we will get back some really good players.
  10. Well he can't just say sod it i hate my current job i'm out of here with no actual offer. If there was an offer of a job then he might sound different. To be fair i am happy with Bullen so lets see how that goes. But if in the future we need a new man............
  11. The star seems to be left behind with the modern world of football news and how to present stories. If they made articles easier to access and easier to read they would get far more traffic on to the site. Also i will just avoid clicking this to save myself 10 seconds of frustration before closing the page.
  12. Better to have loved and lost, that never to have loved at all. Can't not do something just because of what if.
  13. Just a couple of snippits seen as the athletic want you to subscribe. It's free for a month if you do try it. “I played for IFK Gothenborg, who always have a very good crowd and fans, so I thought was prepared for it, but Sheffield Wednesday’s fans have an even bigger heart for football than I have ever seen anywhere else. “It was a special time to play football there. The fans were there every week wherever we played – home or away, they were there and supported us. That was very special, and when you leave that, you feel a loss of something.” For the last two years, Nilsson has been manager of Sweden Under-21s, with his side winning nine of their 14 matches. in form young coach who knows our club??? get on the blower DC. Just incase Bullen doesn't work out.
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