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  1. totally off topic but what a moustache, I am used to it now but when you look at it in isolation it needs applauding. Movember need to contact him. Well played sir. Wait for promotion day this time next year and everyone is wearing fake moustaches on Jos appreciation day. I can dream!
  2. I like this approach from Jos, he wants to get a look at people in Championship games not just in the cup. He will have decisions to make in the summer and if a Stoke (Jack Butland will not stay) come in for Westwood Jos needs to know he can trust Dawson in the Championship against teams like Wolves and Norwich. Very sensible and great for the youngsters looking to try and get a chance. In Jos the boss we trust.
  3. Wes Foderingham

    I would go Wildsmith to start, Youngster on the bench from U23s just incase, Dawson on loan with release clause if Wildsmith gets injured. I think someone will snap up Westwood in the summer. So no Foderingham.
  4. Wednesday in debt

    That's is my contribution to this, Just tell me if I need to panic.
  5. Operation "Close the GAP"

    Weirdly if you offered me 12th at the beginning of the season I would have been disappointed but not over the top disappointed. I just want to be competitive in the championship resulting in a playoff run every now and again. Like a Derby etc. The boom or bust model doesn't work for me. I am more concerned with enjoying going to Hillsborough every other week and being in the 2 top leagues enables that for me. I fear going down to the pub league more than I crave getting to the premier. I think Jos has done amazing to guide us away from trouble and reach the 50 points easily when I thought at one point we were only going to end up on 48 points maximum. Looking forward to a summer of change and see what comes out the other end in August. 15th or 12th doesn't matter too much now. Also whether Sheffield United finish 7th or 11th doesn't matter, they will be in the same position as us in the 2nd week in August next season. I mainly want revenge for them beating us, I still think back to that volley from Reach at the Lane in January that would have won it against them... so close. In Jos we trust, roll on August.
  6. Do we? Hull went up at our expense and are now below us, Sunderland are in a complete mess after being in the premiership. I think the club needs to be better organized and ready for the jump up to be able to sustain it. If we bought players in the premier of similar like for like standard and gave them contracts in our current structure they could be huge issues which send us to financial ruin. Lets not start setting expectations too high. Next year we must improve and get more youth into the team for me. We also need to reduce the squad size and look at ways to reduce injuries at the club. I would like promotion, but we have to seems a bit strong. Lets just see if we can get better vibes running through the club and moving forward. As for Jos I think his track record means we give him the summer and the first half of next season and see where we are then. We need to be top half for him to be safe in his job for me.
  7. Danny Batth

    I would be happy with Batth at Hillsborough, but he has been at Wolves a while and so I guess his family is settled around there. The choice of Championship clubs he could go to that is commutable from Wolverhampton. Aston Villa, Birmingham City, WBA, Stoke City, A bit further away Bristol City, Derby County, Nottingham Forest I'm saying his agent has potentially a lot of more local options near by who would probably be able to pay him good wages. If he fancies moving from Wolverhampton (why not) then maybe he will come. But my money would be on him moving to Birmingham if they stop up.
  8. Shirts

    the kit should be one of the most simple jobs ever. but sure enough Wednesday manage to make it difficult. Blue and white stripe kit with slight variation every year and an away kit that rotates between black, yellow, Orange and personally Green. It should take a couple of hours with a designer from Puma, then send him off to make it and the marketing team come up with a plan to sell it. Job done and Chansiri, Meire and Luhukay need not be involved. Just don't change the format and you'll be fine.
  9. hirst to united

    If Manchester United were always interested then maybe that is why they haven't minded sitting on the bench? If he went to Old Trafford he would be immediately loaned out to a lower league club, maybe league 1 or Championship perhaps. Low risk potentially high reward move for Manchester United. Shame we couldn't find a way to get him signed and in the team scoring because his sell on value would have been a lot more and we would have seen a Hirst scoring for Wednesday again. But maybe he was never good enough to play in the team. Who knows. BUT this is the mirror reporting that this will happen so might be nonsense and lets just wait and see. It doesn't seem he will be at Wednesday next year which still feels like a mighty shame and will leave me wondering what might have been.
  10. Disgrace Sky!

    Yes and also the Ben Marshall that everyone (ok some before you start) thinks we should buy. I think they may have a point, but we may just be in a long Queue of clubs now. Madine will be available for cheap when Cardiff go up?
  11. Disgrace Sky!

    The goals selected would have been Snodgrass, John Terry and Steve Bruces header from 1994 if he picked them.
  12. Goal of the month for March and NO NUHIU GOAL AGAINST PRESTON! Cancel Sky and write to your local MP! Shame Sky Shame! http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11317872/watch-vote-championship-league-one-and-league-two-goals-of-the-month-march
  13. Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Well done Atde, changing peoples opinions day after day, including mine. Not even a contest even with Joao on fire. Lets hope he signs a contract and doesn't wait until the summer to see who wants him on a free. (Me from 3 weeks ago would have not believed I just said that). I am fickle, I am a football fan, In Atde goal machine and Jos we trust.
  14. Well done Jordan. Fabulous. Can only imagine how much this will mean to the kid.
  15. Sorry Nuhiu I was wrong

    It shows how bad our transfers have been when our best team at the minute is a team from 2-3 years ago. Not one player we have bought has improved that team. Hope our transfers improve this summer.