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  1. Are the managers the issue? Or is the issue elsewhere in the club?
  2. I would have given Jos longer, playing 3 at the back and wanting a younger team. They are similar in some ways. Some people think change is always the answer rather than patience. I would give each manager 3 years in charge as I don't think you see their true impact on the entire club until then. Only fire if actually in relegation zone after 30 games or so. Not this we are 16th so let's get rid after 10 month. But I think modern football isn't on the same wavelength as me.
  3. I like monk and he is doing fine with the situation he has been given. Now he needs time to change a poor squad and team.
  4. Keep monk and give him time to develop a new squad and team. It will take time but sacking managers every 12 months doesn't work either.
  5. Erm no thanks. Wednesday win 3-1. Another Murphy goal me thinks. Come on Wednesday!
  6. Is anyone sure that it is this week? It just keeps rumbling on like Corrie this bloody hearing.
  7. All hangs on the court case now. Hope we have a good lawyer.
  8. Totally agree with all this, saved me time having to create the post. I'll get my tin hat down too. Let monk have a crack at rebuilding the side at the end of the season for me. The squad, situation and players he inherited is bad and needs totally reshaping if we are ever to compete at the top end of the championship again. There is no magical manager out there in my eyes, give monk a go at it.
  9. With or without relegation our pricing needs changing from now. Drop all the expensive wages and bring in young hungry players and price it accordingly. £20 a match day and £300 season tickets. It wouldn't sell out the stadium, but stop fleecing the fans. Nearly all other clubs at our level don't have our pricing so why do we? It's a complete joke.
  10. No play our youngsters instead and develop then play them in the 1st team. Loan signings are ok, but with no youth development to compliment it we just get left behind. Who is this hirst fellow anyway? Did he play for us?
  11. I think the majority of fans are. Plus because the player puts something positive on twitter doesn't mean that's what they are like really. They could be a negative and disruptive idiot and just have a good social media head. But I take your point, better than them saying 'who cares am still getting paid and I'm only on loan' I guess.
  12. Borner in for Moses, hunt in for reach. I'd like to see him given 90 minutes. But if he plays Lee that's fine. Plus is windass nearly back yet? Optimistically think a draw, Swansea away is tough.
  13. Is it me or has this come completely out of the blue? I haven't seen lots of articles about their plight etc. Plenty on us, derby and Birmingham and EFL but nothing on Wigan. Terrible for Wigan fans, clubs going into administration when there is so much money in football is terrible. Need more fan ownership and wage caps in football to stop clubs disappearing.
  14. We need to run our club different from now on. It's a cliché but buy players from lower leagues who are young, develop and give them experience and sell on for profit. A lot easier said than done. But I think we must be the worst club I can think of for youth development and selling young players on for fees. Better, scouting, academy and coaching needed. Plough some of the released players wages in there please so we have a chance to develop some stars.
  15. Too early to go into blind panic about all this yet. May just be a payroll issue or a disagreement over contract terms. Long term we will have to cut our cloth more sensibly with wages that's for sure. The Fletcher, Westwood, Rhodes contracts I can't see us giving again for a long time. Otherwise stories like these may get even scarier.
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