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  1. Watching Norwich game in Whitby

    I think you will struggle as Newcastle are on the TV against Leicester at 5:30 too. Most pubs around there I presume will put the Newcastle match on.
  2. Nothing will change Saturday

    Another reason to start our bearded jedi. Nuhiu must start now and use the force........of his head. Obi Wan Nuhiu
  3. Nothing will change Saturday

    head says 1-1. Heart says Saturday is the day and then we go on a run against the big teams like Wolves and Middlesborough and this can still be the year. 3-0 win and the run starts on a thrilling Saturday win. In reality I'll have the match on Sky and by the end I'll wish I'd done something else. there must be a lot of Wednesday fans watching for them to keep putting us on Sky. Please attack and have me jumping off the sofa and scaring the kids with my loud cheering! Please!
  4. Please tell the Megson brigade this. I might accept Carlo Ancellotti who is currently unemployed.
  5. read between the lines, Don't expect new signings in Jan and no one is leaving.
  6. You just can't grab the opposition by the chest and crush them to death in the modern game though, he'll get sent off and definitely a 3 game ban. The games gone mad.
  7. manager pays respect to the opposition in a press conference he has to do before the game. non story. 99.9% of press conferences are pointless, I think half of the other 0.1% include Ian Holloway.
  8. Nice to see the new signing being paraded in front of the ground. I hope it doesn't get an injured tree root which will lead to it not being repaired until after xmas and ultimately leading to the wood chipper in January.
  9. Yeah just being silly, I've given up on trying to discuss this seriously as it's an epic fail.
  10. All this is Fake news, there are plenty of shirts available it's just social media and haters wanting to bring a negative atmosphere. Clearly the clubs pricing structure and organisation has been perfect and shirts for 2017-18 season clearly should only be available in 2018. The club never wanted to actually sell away kits and this is the media just being against the club. The shirts for next season will be available only at the end of next season and the season after that we will play topless with donnay shorts bought from sports direct on the way to the ground. clearly this is a wild success! (Trump PR team taking over communications at Hillsborough)
  11. Hillsborough is going to be bouncing! I mean with that discount for students and armed forces how can they refuse the big game against Burton! What it's Celtic vs Rangers followed by Everton vs Man U on sky and the darts? I wonder what they'll do???? 22,000 season ticket holders (including me) and a few stragglers it is then. Woohoo!! That's the positivity we want right??
  12. No wins in 4, unbeaten in 7, stats can be spun to say whatever you want them to say. That's what Journos do most of the time. Being 12th and drawing games aren't the issue. Playing boring and not showing a desire to win a game is the problem. Couple that with money spent and we have an issue. If we were a bit more cavalier and had some characters and flair in the team I think the fans would be more forgiving. Also some youngsters but lets not open that can of worms. More like the end of the Hull game please and less like that god awful Bristol game.
  13. He maybe running out of people. There's plenty of more scope of things to blame yet, It's a long drive to Norwich, the FA, Rules, Russia, Fifa, Uefa, Trump, the wind, the snow, the rain, the pitch, the advertising boards, the feng shui of carrow road, the ball (Pep has used this one), the other team being better, Communism, the threat of North Korea, Fergie time, stress, anxiety, depression, corner flags, pitch markings, the posts. I could go on. I'd think less of him if he actually ran out of things to blame, Wenger has done this for well over 20 years. He's a football manager, He'll never say we are rubbish and I've given up until the day he has been sacked, and even then he won't say it.
  14. The Carlos Delusion

    that picture brings up so many questions, do all his jumpers have his first name printed on the back of them? Has he wallpapered his whole house in the old badge because that does show commitment? Why use pins to hold post it notes up on the wall? he needs to buy better post it notes. What is that grey patch in his hair? is it brought on by stress? Does he need a doctor to help with stress levels?