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  1. The club could really do with like an out of office on their website or something. 'Mr Chansiri is currently out of the country, Paixio and Steve Bruce are also not here as one is sorting weird transfers for lots of clubs and the other is watching the cricket, i think you can figure it out. Therefore we have nothing to announce and no transfers will go through. The only department who are in is accounts trying to file the accounts and events sorting out Owls in the park. Come back to us 1st July. Cheerio'
  2. Can you please develop one of Jon beswetherick being nutmegged by Marcel Cas please as well. I will wear the waddle one next to it, just for balance, like ying and yang.
  3. If Bruce is aiming for promotion, which i think he is, and he also wants to reduce the squad so he can bring in his own players, which i think he is, then any offer for a current player is likely to be accepted unless for one of our elite players. So regardless of your opinion of whether he is useful or rubbish, if this rumour is true (i give it 5% chance he actually leaves for that club) then any cash bid for a player will probably be accepted. Personally i have watched him a lot over the years and except for that 3 months when he was playing for a new deal under Jos he has not been good enough to be a regular starter. Seems a nice guy and if leaves (probably will not this summer and will be released next summer) then i wish him the best. I don't think he divides opinion, i think we all agree he isn't good enough to be our first choice striker, i think what causes arguments is the abuse and harsh statements about him which gets peoples backs up. I think Atde will always be remembered fondly if moves on as he undoubtly has been memorable. WAWAW.
  4. Was always solid and a real shame he has had to retire. Obviously that goal at the lane will be what he is remembered for but he did well for us and a real shame at 31 that he has retired. All the best Tommy.
  5. Stevie May, Stevie May he forgot about Stevie May, Nah nah nah nah.
  6. I am not buying reports on cattermole. Agent trying to engineer a move or at least interest IMO. I don't think Cattermole fits what Bruce wants. I think we will see a centre midfielder join, but not cattermole.
  7. Any Striker we play needs service. Rhodes was playing for league leaders who would have provided brilliant service and delivered 6 goals, the last of which was scored in January. Not exactly red hot form to bring him back to Hillsboro and expect him to do better at a mid table side. Yes he had lots of sub appearances etc etc but if was on loan somewhere less successful would he have even got 6 goals? I think if someone offers anything we need to remove his wages to be able to boost the rest of the squad. Boosting our overall squad is a better option in my opinion. But after saying all this i believe Norwich are just being polite and are not actually going to bid and my prediction is that he will be loaned to a league 1 club after pre season and before the end of the transfer window. I don't think clubs are queuing up to buy him, just like they weren't when we paid stupid money to buy him. I don't blame Rhodes, i blame the hierarchy as it was a silly move that didn't work out. I think best for all, including Rhodes, if we can find a club willing to take his wages and we all move on. But i think we are stuck with him so another loan to come IMO. As for what we do in the meantime, i think in Fletch, Fessi, Joao, Winnall, Nuhiu that we have enough to score goals, just need wingers and possibly another creative midfielder and away we go.
  8. Bakary Sako released by Palace. I know wages will be a stumbling block, but if we could get a deal done we would be an ideal winger for getting service into the box.
  9. Top class from Sammy. Talking in the open about problems like this is massive and incredibly brave. If he had finished that chance against the piggy winkles................. oh to dream.
  10. No it's true, classic, you beat me to it.
  11. Friday 26th July. And i will keep looking for news expectantly until then like a fool. As for all points deduction, FFP and stadium ownership stuff. I am not going to claim to know anything, i will just sit back and wait to hear the news. Nothing would surprise me though. Nothing.
  12. As a human has some questionable and bad traits (that salute he did while playing for Lazio comes to mind). As a footballer he was just pure entertainment and excitement, we should have backed him after the ref shove like Man u did with Cantona after the kung fu kick. But this seems like Di Canio probably doesn't like the details. He probably heard 'Well done Paulo you are player of the year here is your trophy', takes the trophy has a photo. When the guy goes 'Now in 10 months can you contact Steve on 0114, have you got a pen Paulo, anyone got............' Paulo gone and has already forgotten the award nevermind how to return it.
  13. Whelan or Jedinak, Hutton and Adomah would be useful. But i think their wage requests will be too high for us seen as we have a lot invested in a Norwich striker and others that still need sorting before we can offer big wages again.
  14. To be fair their entire job revolves around being physically fit. If they can't do that then we are in trouble. Looking at the holiday snap on another thread earlier though i can't see those lads having 20 pints and a few kebabs while on holiday. I'm sure they will be fit. Just no bloody injuries!! no dive bombing in the pool or Jet skis etc.
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