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  1. I'm sick of the monk out and chansiri out threads with no credible options or solutions. I am in the camp that he doesn't need a summer, he needs 2. This squad and issues aren't his fault. It's rubbish at minute, but that's because we are missing fletch who was holding us together, we have no credible other option up top and our midfield options are terrible. Squad needs an overhaul, someone has to do it so why not monk. No 'top class' manager would come so no point starting all over again. Fingers crossed points deduction is little enough that we stay up. Release everyone in the summer and start over. Sell iorfa for a pretty penny and use money to build a young team. WAWAW.
  2. Yes, it's owlstalk and 2020. Every manager is only given a matter of weeks before minds are made up. It's got worse since we made the playoffs. Any manager needs 3 or 4 windows and a chance to build a new team. This squad is still suffering from transfer mistakes of the past and until we remove the deadwood we won't have a promotion team. That was same under Jos, Bruce, Bullen, and now Monk. The effects of spending our entire budget on Rhodes, abdi, Jones and van aken and having no sellable assets are being shown. The club has to be run different from now. Give someone time to do that.
  3. Constantly sacking managers is not the answer. Needs time to rebuild the squad. Today obviously not great. But Monk needs time.
  4. May i point out that a 50/50 is pretty good compared to some football clubs, ask Man U, Arsenal, West Ham, Sunderland, Newcastle and i could go on. They will not be anywhere near 50/50.
  5. Hired Bruce then Hired Monk, both good picks, not his fault that Bruce left. Kits arrived and look great this season and we are in charge of it. Not spending big on Hector when fans were putting flags outside the ground to sign him, was shrewd and didn't do a Rhodes Social media and kids activities at the ground are better than they have ever been before Tickets haven't continued to rise, yes prices are too high already, but he could have put an 'inflation' increase on prices, i think he realises prices are as high as they can get. Has tackled the SAG issue robustly, not his fault it happened. Iorfa, Borner, Harris speak to a much smarter transfer strategy, before you say that was Bruce, well he did hire him. Negatives Finance issues, but if he can bat off EFL this season then release high earners in the summer like Rhodes then he might be ok. Ticket prices are too high, i personally believe they should be £20 and a club should look for revenue from other streams, not milking their support. Apart from that i am happy, not his fault about current results, squad needs changing but that takes time and Monk only arrived less than 4 months ago thanks to Bruce. He ain't perfect, but i am happy.
  6. Welcome to Owlstalk. That's how it works.
  7. Yes i back him. not perfect, but who is, think his intentions are right and i believe he is getting better and learnt from past mistakes.
  8. Is DC getting the flack because Monk is still new? Are the players getting away with it? I know results recently haven't been great but what has Chansiri done exactly that is terrible? If it's the finances then yes he took a gamble to try get promoted as other clubs have done, got close and failed, since then money spending has been sensible and we have a decent squad, after all we are still 11th. Yes if the points deduction happens would be a gigantic issue, but he did what Derby and others have done with the stadium sale. Hopefully we can come to some agreement with the EFL. I think Chansiri will no longer spend huge fees after all the issues with the EFL. Other clubs have had points deductions and survived. He hired Bruce after learning from other mistakes, not his fault Bruce left. The mistakes of the 1st 3 years i think he has learnt from. I accept ticket prices are too high, i accept that a director of football would help. Is everything that bad apart from a bad run of form over January?
  9. Email the club, maybe they will email you an organisational chart? Don't think it's too dark and mysterious. Maybe the guy who is in charge is keeping it quiet so that he doesn't get blamed for everything on forums.
  10. I think he will flex the formation between 4-5-1,4-3-3 and to suit occasionally 4-4-2 but with more attacking midfielders, Bannan playing deeper is probably a sign i agree. Faster and a stronger player is what he is after so we can transition and attack at pace. I think the process will take a while because half of this squad aren't his ideal for the future. Luckily he has some parts that i believe can form the future, Dawson, Iorfa, Borner, Bannan, Harris and Fletch i can see in a promotion team. Some he can make work like palmer, Fox, Hutch, Reach. But rest Monk might see as surplus and need moving on. I think the process is 'move on deadwood and sign fresh talent to get promoted'. It will take 3 transfer windows so might be start of 2021 season where we see Monks full team. But with how football is i doubt he'll be given that long to complete the 'process' as clubs, fans and businesses are not very patient.
  11. I know nothing about him but i do love the name. first cruz at the football club? Welcome Alessio, Now fire us to Wembley.
  12. The table last season after 29 games. The team in 10th on the same points as us and same gap to the playoffs got promoted whilst the team who was top finished 3rd and lost in the semi-finals. Lets hope for some history repeating again please karma. Table in Jan doesn't matter as long as you are in the pack, it's all about how we finish, lets hope Da Cruz fires us to Wembley.
  13. I get the frustration after current results, Chansiri has made mistakes, but i think saying we have gone backwards since play-offs so he needs to go is short sighted for me. Before he came our highest finish in the league this century was under Laws when we finished 9th, i remember they flashed the final table on the old screen after the final game and we all cheered like how amazing it is. Now we are 11th and people want chairman, manager and players gone. If Chansiri didn't come and go for broke we wouldn't have been near the play-offs and wembley, the club has never been well run enough to make the play-offs without Chansiri so why would that be different if he wasn't here. In recent years having to comply with EFL and try and rectify his gamble means we haven't gone in the play-offs, but we haven't struggled or being in the relegation battle. We could easily be Ipswich, Sunderland and co. Back in the dog and duck league. We have not had to worry about that for last 6 years. Milan and now Chansiri are not perfect, have made mistakes, but l would rather have him than risk what could happen. I would urge Chansiri to reduce ticket pricing and to hire a director of football with football experience. Apart from that i think the other mistakes he has now learnt and is changing. I think give him and Monk time and we might just be alright. I appreciate i am saying this 2 days after Wigan so have time to reflect, but the answer in football is not to just keep sacking managers and owners, we need to give Chansiri a chance now he has some more experience of being an Owner, also Monk needs time to create his team. If in 2 years Monks changes haven't worked and we are in bottom half then fair enough, if in a few years we are in trouble again with the EFL about finances and Chansiri has made the same mistakes, then i get that. But for now stick with them. I know some will not agree, i have criticised Chansiri in the past, but i think i have seen some good steps so happy to give time.
  14. In this crazy league we might be top of form league in 6 games time. It's still January, we can time our run just right, like a 10k race in the olympics, we just need to stay in the pack so a win either on sat or at Tarn will be needed.
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