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  1. Same 11 as Cardiff. Played great. If you see something tactically then change it, but as a unit we played well. I would like to see Fessi in the 10 role behind Fletch at some point linking midfield with Fletch. But will depend on timing and whether Fessi is ready for that. I can see a topsy turvy 3-2 win.
  2. Thank you! I was just coming back on to say it came to me in the middle of a call. Which i was definitely fully invested in.
  3. Don't agree that we should have to look at every performance and change players and tactics to try and 'improve'. That was the first game when Monk had time to prep them and for 60 minutes we were great and unless i missed it reach was on the pitch and involved in this. I think Warnock changed it and we didn't respond well and gave away too many fouls (Not Reachs fault). Now they have a chance to learn from that and go again. Monk will have to learn how to change our shape against long ball teams, we will have to learn how to kill teams off by taking our chances. But that 11 should start against Stoke because they were great for 60 minutes and if they can just learn from the last 30 minutes and adapt we will be fine. Issues are squad depth and shape against certain teams, Not Adam Reach. Also if the ref doesn't give that foul then we have just beat a warnock, ex premier league team away from home. I don't think we need to change anything, just same 11 playing together and try and replicate against Stoke.
  4. am i going mad or did we not have a midfielder called Danny Bonner back in the day? Google would suggest no but i am certain i know more than it.
  5. Did a politician give you this fact? or Rafa? was it on HITC? Barnsley at home would suggest this 'fact' to be wrong. If you mean he averages 1 goal a game then christ that's not terrible. Also his average might have something to do with playing a lot when our squad was knackered under Jos. Dawson will be our keeper for a decade once Westwood is too old, and he will be a bloody good one. Not a fact just a thought.
  6. Couldn't agree more. It just rotates in football i guess, fans have to get wound up by something. Blame culture, it has to be someones fault. Friday we were better for 60 minutes, should have had 2 but cracked the bar with our free-kick. They were better for 30 mInutes and curled their free-kick into the corner. That's football, move on. Overall we played well and i include Reach in the team performance. He would be in my starting 11 and he is beating Murphy to a place in the team. I think Harris coming in and having a belting season isn't helping, but that suddenly doesn't make Reach terrible like some are making out on here. If we had a right footed Harris then he would play, but we don't so reach is playing on the other wing, centre mid, left back, up front and where ever else we haven't got suitable cover. Because he is a team player. Also he covers these positions well. Tell Fletch to go play centre mid, or fessi to play left back or Bannan up front. Because he is a good team player willing to cover gaps is not his fault. Lay off him.
  7. Good point, shame not 3. Need more composure when in the lead and learn how to press without fouling. Everyone had a good night really. Borner my MOM. Murphy and Nuhiu not great subs, but that’s what monk has to deal with, next season squad will look different. Onwards and upwards. If we can make the first 60 minutes last 90 we’ll be champions. Wawaw.
  8. An Argentine winger called Hidalgo. Now that does sound potentially exciting, The only down side is that it's the middle of the season and he is not playing games. But he is only 20. His last transfer was a free signing, if we can get him for free he will probably be awesome like Bannan, Fletcher, Lees, Westwood etc. Just don't bid 8 Million or 4 million, then bound to fail.
  9. Financial fair play, VAR, Embargos, Traffic restrictions, racism, stadium ownership, Brexit, blah blah blah. God bring back the proper football tomorrow. Am i getting old or is there a lot more news about admin and rules these days? Can't we just have ridiculous transfer rumours between games. Lets just go get Warnock sacked tomorrow. Sod the EFL.
  10. seems like utter overkill to me. Seems like 1 incident has caused a whole bunch of procedures. I'm guessing that the council will follow through in all areas of Sheffield and close all roads in the city centre next time there is a bit of fisty cuffs on west street, next time the pigs have any incidents with away PL supporters they blockade the roads around their Sty. The next time the police respond to a domestic fight the council will blockade the home to stop all fights ever again. Errr no. Someone has got up on their high horse about us and will not rest until we all covered in bubble wrap.
  11. Yes fair enough i was just looking at championship.
  12. To the tune of baby shark Kadeem Harris, Harris, Harris Kadeem Harris, Harris, Harris, Kadeem Harris. Then either keep singing his name or go through the entire team, Kieran Westwood, Westwood, Westwood. etc etc Or He's not Rolf, He's not Rolf, Kadeem Harris, He's not Rolf. He's not Keith, He's not Keith, Kadeem Harris, He's not Keith
  13. Interesting stat. our youth development does need to improve. But with our current squad not a major issue, one to be sorted over time, play youngsters when opportunities arise etc. When Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Fletch get too old then we might need a new younger spine, but right now we are ok.
  14. Yep Carlos won in April 2017. Before that.................Alan Irvine Jan 2010
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