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  1. If there was an award for the most sensible post on Owlstalk i think this would be right up there. Agree with everything. Well done Sir. Rebuild, it will take time but if we stick with it we will build a very solid football club.
  2. Yes i would trust him, because he wouldn't buy the rubbish we have bought in the past. He'll bring in youth and get academy players in the team. Like the Wednesday fan who saved a pen at the lane on Friday. Penney, Baker, Thorniley and Dawson are huge plus points for our club. long may it continue.
  3. We have been under a transfer embargo since his 1st game and were heading towards relegation. Now we have youth coming through the ranks and yes had a bad run but we had a good start to the season before that. I am sure given time he will get us back on track. I think we will finish 12th and release a lot of dead wood in May. Stick with him.
  4. tarn owl

    From a player.......

    So basically Jos is taking the hard line and is trying to change the culture of the team. No one out of Westwood, Hutch, Jones, Abdi and boyd would fix anything. Typically it's the players actually injured who would help. If we had Lee and Hooper in the team we would be top 6. In Jos we trust.
  5. tarn owl

    International Break

    Just don't get injured, if they play and play well then lovely but i don't really care. JUST DON'T GET INJURED.
  6. I think she would be in charge of all the commercial side of our business and Reed be in charge of on pitch and footballing strategy. Yes i know a long shot, but until you speak to him who knows? We pay some players like they are saviours and we have no football experience at a high level. Pay him whatever if he can replicate what he did at Southampton.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46137489 No not a Jos thread. Les Reed has left Southampton after being at their club since 2010. He has worked as a director of football and then vice chairman role at their club. He has overseen bringing through lots of youngsters, selling on for large profits whilst keeping Southampton competitive in the PL. When he joined they were in League 1. Has been part of the team who spotted a manager called pochettino and thought he might be ok, also spotted Virgil van Diik and there are many more examples. He has left as part of a shake up but has spent 7 years there and left them in a healthy position. Now not saying he will come and take a new role immediately. But start the conversation and see if would be open to come in as director of football strategy role (call it whatever you want). If not then advisor role? Would help expand the football knowledge at our club. Basically i think he could help us change our culture a bit. Worth a call in my eyes.
  8. tarn owl

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    Any chance you can turn the machine off and on again, I think it's broken. The question might as well be what is the meaning of life because you can not please everyone. Also watch out for Russian hackers, it might kick out Kanchelkis or Arshavin as our next manager. Or hackers from across the city, oh wait they can't figure out that technology.
  9. tarn owl

    Line up

    I don't think the team is that bad considering our options too, but not very popular opinion on here. I think it will be like the alamo tonight and Jos is planning for that, if we went at them and concede early we can't tighten up the team. With this he can push wing backs and wingers forward or back depending on how the game was going. We can't concede early or the teams very fragile confidence will go. If we are in the game at 60 minutes then he will add flair. Not the exact 11 i would pick but not that bad i would say.
  10. tarn owl

    A question.

    Win the derbies and don't get relegated, before we had money that was the dream season. So yes win this and then sod the next 3 games.
  11. I often think back to that shot late on from Reach that nearly went in, so bloody close. Maybe tonight. If we play 3 at the back and keep them out after 30 minutes we have a shot, any early goal and it could get ugly.
  12. tarn owl

    Line up

    Unless it's a trick to make them plan for this team and actually we start with Joao, Fessi, Fletch, Nuhiu, Matias, Winnall on crutches and go the exact opposite. CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You can't post pictures of Warnock and Blackwell before the water shed. Too scary man. I will have to report it.
  14. tarn owl

    Prediction time

    Granted i am posting a prediction less than 4 hours before kick off so my blind optimism is kicking in, but here we go. I am going for a 2-1 win. They will take us for granted, like we did last year, we will get an early goal, free kick from Brave Sir Bannan after Fletch wins a questionable foul on the edge of their box. Goal will be in 1st ten minutes. Then they will attack for 30 minutes and equalise just before half-time. Sky will say god knows why United aren't 3-1 up, etc etc. More nail biting defending and they will hit the post twice. Just as they get frustrated we will bring fessi on for the tired Fletcher. They will commit too many men forward late on and Bannan will clip a ball over the top for Fessi, He will round the keeper, smash the ball in and then jump in the crowd. Q mayhem everywhere. Oh to dream, whatever the result the minutes silence before the game will put the next 90 minutes in some perspective. Lest we forget. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. We will not sack him if we lose, many could argue it went wrong for CC after the loss to them, so sacking Jos after the derby would give them too much satisfaction. A draw would give him until mid December. A win could spark something, 4 games ago we were 6th. We have some potential, hopefully Jos can find the spark again.