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  1. tarn owl

    Midweek game pass?

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11500804/every-midweek-sky-bet-championship-match-live-on-the-red-button-with-sky-sports Questions answered i will find a way to watch tomorrow.
  2. tarn owl

    Midweek game pass?

    Anyone know if can watch these games on Sky go? I may borrow someones log in. SSSHHH don't tell the man. If not then may do Ifollow game pass.
  3. Game tomorrow is midweek and we have sold out our end, any chance of a £10 pass to watch it online? Quite looking forward to the game and i will not even be watching it! Seems like the game pass would be ideal for games like tomorrow. Can we please remove Sky and instead put games to normal kick off times and let people watch their team via streaming and paying for a pass. Would be great to watch it tomorrow.
  4. tarn owl

    Todays attendance

    If Wednesday don't tackle the pricing of POTG it will slowly bring our average attendances down over the years. But i have given up hope that anyone at Hillsborough is listening and is just looking at the cash at the moment. For me personally i can get a season ticket, last year of the 3 year deal this year. I will await the pricing in Feb. If they attempt to rip us off i may choose not to go. But i think Chansiri will keep trying to push people towards the season ticket over POTG. But for the percentage revenue tickets bring in i don't feel it is worth losing fans. At the minute though it is the only negative issue at Hillsborough so happy to see if the new regime does tackle this in the future. Fingers crossed
  5. Shocker, everyone thinks their taste in music is better. I’m happy to go with this list as they seem to know their stuff. Main things for me are walkout and 2nd half and Arctic Monkeys and Milburn are perfect for me as 2 of my favourite bands. The rest I end up talking over whilst discussing rubbish before the match.
  6. tarn owl

    Couple of records

    The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by the artist Salvador Dalí. Pretty sure we are the only club to have artwork by Salvador Dali on our kit. We are so classy and intellectual.
  7. End of hopefully, but no mention of the racism complaint made to the police, I would have thought the FA would have wrapped up the violent conduct and racism into 1 lengthy ban though. So hopefully the racism complaint is closed too. Hopefully we can all move on now.
  8. Wade small, Sorry i do remember him I'll try another, Greame Lee, Sorry i do remember him I'll try another, Matt Clarke, Sorry i do remember him I'll try another. And so on. This is confusing.
  9. tarn owl

    Squad Rotation

    Jos be like
  10. tarn owl

    Down time.

    If they keep winning 3 games on the trot they can do what they like. Just don't do the over the top fancy dress lads drinking trip like the swine do all the time, it's over the top and I'm sure the players spend enough time together without needing to go on holiday together too. I think i prefer the team having a life outside of the game rather than them having to be best best friends always.
  11. tarn owl

    Shefki Kuqi

    New years day, 12pm kick off, Millmoor, Under Turner, we were rubbish, Rotherham were good, i felt rough, stood all the way singing 'jingle bells', Kuqi scored, Wednesday won 3-1, brilliant day. Also remember him being sent off by THE WORST REFEREE EVER, YES WORSE THAN SWARPRICK Mr T Kettle. 2nd yellow for diving. Shocking. I also remember being sat in the kop while the team warmed up, All the players were jogging back into the dressing room, Kuqi spotted a stray ball in the box about 10 yards out and went to go smash it in the net for a bit of confidence and to tidy up, he proceeded to sky the ball into the stands about 5 rows in front of me, i was in row 25 if my memory serves me right. I knew it wasn't going to be a good day after that. I liked him, was technically rubbish, but worked his socks off. Good memories (in a weird i need therapy way)
  12. Nearly everything else at Hillsborough seems slightly better at the minute. EXCEPT ticket pricing. I like Jos, Katrien and Chansiri, i think they have tackled kit, transfer policy, tactics, communication and made improvements in other areas. BUT our ticket pricing is ridiculous, the fact that going away is cheaper and seen as a better option than home games is insane. The pricing for the Leeds game is an absolute joke when it is on SKY! you can walk in a pub around the corner and spend £6 on 2 pints and watch the entire game. WHY PAY AT LEAST £39 TO GO IN THE GROUND! nuts. It might be boring all the threads about ticket pricing, but the reason it keeps coming up is because it is wrong and they have not tackled this at all. POTG pricing is key, lots of talk about 1st home games on the threads at the minute, Who is going to stump up over £100 to take their family to 1 game (to check they want to keep going) before buying season tickets? no one! I didn't have a season ticket from 5-14 years old, these days i don't think my family would have being able to afford the POTG pricing when my dads shifts were ok. The next boring threads in years to come will be 'where has the youth support gone?' Reason will be ticket pricing. Sort it Wednesday and stop the ridiculous policy on POTG pricing.
  13. Nov 91 Spurs at Home, 5 years old. Stood up the entire game in front of my seat and would not stop asking my dad questions. 'what does he do?' 'He's a linesman' 'What's that?' Etc. Was transfixed from there and the rest is history.
  14. Well my story is boring compared to all these. From Barnsley (not really sure that counts). Half family Barnsley fans, Half family Wednesday fans. Taken to Hillsborough in 91 against Spurs. Fantastic experience, Taken to Oakwell on a wet Tuesday night against Peterborough, terrible. 'Where do you want to go next time we go to the football'. Simple answer. My dad worked weekends and so had to get to games when he was off, When i got older we got season tickets, typically it was the first season after being relegated from the PL, but don't worry that was our 'return ticket!'. Season ticket holder and mentally unstable ever since!
  15. I think he is trying to draw conclusions from far away. I get how he draws his conclusions but i doubt they are based on facts in the case of us and more on his previous experiences of dressing rooms. I think we would be naive if we think all the team are the best of mates and love each other, some will and some will not, managed right it doesn't have to effect the performance of the team. Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole hated each other, that team did ok. If FF and (insert name) don't like each other then so what? I don't like everyone at my work, doesn't mean i can use it as an excuse for performance. I think FF may very well be more of a challenge to manage than others, but that doesn't need to be an issue, Jos has lots of experience and at a huge club like Hertha i'm sure he will have come across issues like this. Indeed i think Jos may have already dealt with it. I think FF will be with us for a while due to lots of reasons, down to Jos to get the best out of him when FF is needed. End of. This isn't an attack on Fessi but just a description that a team don't have to be sickily best of mates and have mass 'lads' 'lads' trips to be successful. I think managers will just manage each personality and go from there.