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  1. They will not please everyone. The best way to get clarity and to bring everyone together is to have a vote... you may call it a referendum. That always ends well. I just want them to come away from Black, yellow and white in the away kits. mix it up. But seen as i just wear retro kits not really that bothered.
  2. Yeah and just been given another 6 months of sitting on my hands so might as well debate Wednesday kits.
  3. I would prefer it if they let the fans vote on options. Would make it more fun. This seasons home kit is spot on. I fancy a revival of the old school green and white striped away kit and a tango orange revival for 3rd kit.
  4. In regards to people I've seen it's between Woods, Pressman and Westwood. I'm sure Springett was amazing but i have no point of reference. For me the 1 who has been superb and consistent and really should be playing at a higher level is Westwood. Pressman and Woods were great, but Westwood has been the best keeper in the Championship since joining and i'm amazed he isn't playing in the Premier League. His clean sheets with Lees and Loovens got us in the playoffs 2 seasons running and he's so unlucky not to be in the PL with us. Westwood for me by a fair distance. Love Pressman, but Westwood is better technically and has been our best player at the club for years.
  5. looking at the results it seems bleeding obvious what we should be doing in the summer. Can we send this to Bruce and save him some time?
  6. No matter what the article says, we had a guy in the building who changed English football and we didn't get a deal done which Wilkinson and then Fergie did. Clearly we should have but whether it would have changed us? many things could have happened, he could have caught the injury curse of Wednesday and broke his leg in his 4th game, he might have kung fu kicked someone and then we would have told him to go back to France and not comeback, or yes he could have formed a huge partnership with Hirst and Shezza. We will never know, but i think for Francis to say 'we had no option to buy' is naive and a bit poor to expect us to just eat that up and believe it. There is always an option, that's why he drove up the M1 to Leeds and joined them.
  7. Winnall has been really unlucky because he joined a club whose transfer strategy sucked. Signing far too many strikers and not enough midfielders and creative players. He joined beginning of Jan and looked good, then we made the worst signing for sheer waste of money in Wednesday history in Rhodes and suddenly he was not only behind him but had to compete with all the rest too. Carlos had success in those 2 years, But i can only think if Bruce was given that war chest we would have gone up. Summed it all up on Tuesday when the subs had 4 strikers on the bench. Ridiculous, it's like kids playing football playing 8 upfront and 2 in defence.
  8. Well at this point either you (Leeds) or the pigs are going up because West Brom are messing up their chances (sacking Moore went well). So it's a case of pick your poison, which in that case all we can do is look after us and win the game. There will more twist and turns between you and that lot after this game which will decide it i reckon. If i had to pick who i would prefer to be promoted it would be..........neither, Sorry can't physically say either team. As for Bruce. He is class and i still can't believe we have him, gets the best out of players (watch Boyds goal on Tuesday). Will be a good game Saturday, going 1-1 draw.
  9. top player and was good for us. Shame he had to leave. Will always hold a special place in my heart for the 3rd goal at Cardiff. The pivotal goal, if not for Talbot at the end it would have been his goal we replayed every time when we talk about that game. Has had a good pro career and just a shame it wasn't for us.
  10. 61 years of hurt, no more need........ no not catchy enough. Who wants titles anyway, rather go back to Wembley and win.
  11. We must try and defeat Leeds in my eyes. I think if you go about playing those tricks it will comeback to bite you down the line. Warnock tells Ullathorne to stay down, Tevez happens, that's what them lot get involved in. We must just try and win for me, regardless. Maybe West Brom comeback???
  12. great post as ever. 3-1 win tonight in my eyes, get a bit more luck than on Saturday. Then on to Elland road to continue the great comeback, then Bruce can beat Villa in the playoffs. Well i can dream. A win tonight at least. Come on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Even in Wednesdays wildest dreams we will not be champions. If we get promoted it will be in some dramatic last day just making 2nd place or in the playoffs. This is Wednesday we will never romp to 100 points and be the best team in the league, that's too easy. My optimistic prediction for next year is 4th. My realistic one is 10th as still need to get some more deadwood off the books to make it truly ready in my eyes.
  14. So let me get this straight, we told Di Canio to stay away from England and not come back because of the 'outrage' of mildly pushing a ref, and replaced him with a punching, headbutting striker who had actually had been arrested for assault??? Yep that sounds like my football club.
  15. Yes maybe the Journo should have gone for top 5 players ever to be relegated. Because there are some questionable ones from 15-6. In that same team i could have added Des Walker and Niclas Alexandersson who both had far better seasons than him.
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