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  1. tarn owl

    Chairman’s statement

    I read this and i feel i wish he did think about profit and think of wednesday as a business a bit more please. Doing transfers and recruitment with your heart doesn't sound like a good idea. We need to sign players for small amounts and turn them into stars who either get us promoted or we can sell on for more and re-invest. Sell Reach, Bannan, Joao. Just don't let us get into a mess like Bolton or Coventry. Run us like a business.
  2. tarn owl

    How are we feeling ?

    This sums it up for me. Don't get me wrong when Leeds or Sheff U mess up it's funny. But them doing well doesn't bother me. I want to beat them and get 6 or 4 points from them every year. But apart from that how well they are doing doesn't concern me too much. If we finish mid table and beat the pigs in March that is a good season overall. As for what they do, as long as we beat them when we play them i don't care.
  3. tarn owl

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    'Up steps Gary Madine to take the 5th penalty for Sheffield United, they need this to stay in the shoot-out, if not 'Frank Lampards' Derby will be promoted, Up he steps eyes closed and it's blazed over the bar!! Still not as bad as that penalty from Simonsen' Agent Madine.
  4. Newspapers hey, keep churning out content, even if you just have to guess,make stuff up or copy and paste other papers stories. Easiest story to write in the world. Click bait. I don't agree with Trump on anything, but the phrase Fake news feels relevant. Here's my next story about how many clubs are keeping tabs on Bannan and Matias is gaining interest from Portugal (because he's portugese you see? ask me to name 5 portugese football teams and i can't but you don't know that). Reach might be sold, but this doesn't feel like a story based on facts.
  5. tarn owl


    best for all parties if he moves, in his first season was immense, but injuries have stopped that. If getting back to being fit then he can do the rehab somewhere nice in the USA. Get wages off the list and move on. Wish him all the best if goes. Plus USA loves Golf and the courses are amazing.
  6. tarn owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    I think they might need to look at how this game costs more than lets say Manchester United Vs Liverpool with 75,000 fans. Or Arsenal vs Spurs with 60,000 fans. How can a game with only 30,000 fans be the most expensive operation? Also i genuinely didn't know the club didn't foot the entire bill, i thought they would invoice them most of the costs.
  7. tarn owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Yep, Sky and betting can do one. We don't need a game every night surely. If so make it one not as crucial. I wish Sky would do one and then money can return to normal in our insane game.
  8. tarn owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/sheffield-derby-fixture-change/ It's official
  9. I totally get the excitement, Bruce is proven and before his appointment i thought it was nonsense that we had a chance to get him. But here we are. Well done the club for convincing him to come. Now use this season to judge the squad, summer to make all the changes and then next year could be very interesting. If in 1-2 years this forum is full of abuse for Bruce and he is sacked, although Bruce isn't perfect, it will raise big issues about how our club is run.
  10. I don't need to read opinion and conjecture on Bruce. He is obviously a very good manager and almost got the basket case of a club called Villa back up. It hasn't worked everywhere but he has had success, even at Hull and they are a mess behind the scenes too. If he can not make it work here and he is sacked after 2 years of mid table football, then the problem is not him, it's the club and the way it is being run. I can't believe we have Bruce. Going to be a very interesting ride that's for sure. The big immediate issue is can he improve the squad with FFP etc. Or are they just going to try and have it sorted by the summer then plan a new squad. Either way with Bruce at the helm it does look more like we will be competitive. I was one of the few who didn't mind Jos, but if Bruce is saying i will take the job then i get the logic to make a move. Just want to bring on more games to see what it all brings. WAWAW.
  11. tarn owl

    Player of the - December

    He has done a lot better recently under Bullen and has a good potential. Not sure we will be able to keep him on a full time deal but fingers crossed. As for Fox i think he has been better recently but i think that position is still somewhere that needs strengthening long term.
  12. tarn owl

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Not an issue. He only got sacked in October so obviously started filling his time. I don't really need to know the reason. 1st feb is fine and his coaches are already here so lets just crack on.
  13. Getting youngsters to come to the football is a huge issue in football, the sheer choice of interesting events and hobbies kids could do instead is huge. We are doing the fan zones which is a step, but the ticket prices need sorting immediately, each week that the costs stay this high we keep losing fans which will kill the club. Spend less on footballers and tickets should be £20 POTG, £300 Season tickets and free for under 11s. Sort it out Wednesday.
  14. tarn owl

    Bullen taking the presser.

    Just letting Bullen take a press conference. He might be gone after Saturday as we start a new xmas eve tradition of sacking the head coach leading to us finishing 15th each year...... is there a carol in there somewhere???
  15. tarn owl

    Look in the mirror....

    Cracking post. I think the money spent on players like Rhodes 8 Million, Abdi 4 million, Van Aken 4 million, Jones 3 million needs pointing out more as they were just awful waste of our chance to get promoted. But totally agree with it all. I think the recruitment and lack of academy players has played a huge part too.