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  1. Confirmed...It’s definitely Rolf Harris on wing for us tonight
  2. Let’s not pretend that we will go in at half time 1-0 up. They will come out fighting in second half, we will bottle it and lose 2-1. Sound familiar?
  3. It would be the Wednesday way to play well and win today when we’ve bottled it against teams around us. Can see it now... a 1-0 win with a scrappy goal / penalty.
  4. Get us into league 1 , get these players off the books, get rid of all this negativity and rebuild properly. Can’t stand this any longer.
  5. Not the right move to keep him in my eyes. Not the type of player needed in a dog fight and definitely not in league one. no doubt he will prove to a be a decent signing at another championship club if he did move on with better players around him but I’d rather have the 20/30k p/w to use on 2 or 3 other players
  6. Totally agree. Just be good to see wingers and midfielders getting closer to what we have got up front and actually running beyond them. We seem to play in front of defences and midfielders and then can’t break them down, we end up going backwards to Westwood who kicks long and then we lose the ball. Then repeat 50 times every game
  7. Would love to have been a fly on the wall in the dressing room before the game and at half time to listen to what our actual tactics last night were. I can’t understand why we would play Rhodes up top on his own against 4 big defenders that are all good in the air and then play long balls into him and expecting him to win anything! We never play to his strengths. Bannan and Hutchinson slow the game down too much, why can’t be be positive when ball comes into feet and look to move the ball on quickly instead of taking 5 touches and then passing sideways?!! We never take advantage of t
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