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  1. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Alex Neil doing wonders at Preston must be considered
  2. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    they played us off the park ok, just shows how bad we were and are no change there then, attacking football karanka lot of my mates up here said the football was boring so a no from me, I always admired the keegan approach lets attack the opposition from the opening minute till the last any managers nowadays have that philosophy? might win 4 3 but I,de stand up and clap, loose a few along the way but would still stand and clap
  3. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    believe you me we do not want karanka I live in the boro area, and he makes carvalhal look like a genius, he,s hated up here for the boring drivel we are witness to at the moment out of the frying pan in to the fire springs to mind

    any one see what palace did to Chelsea? for me we have the same ability to do that to every team in this league if COACHED to play like that cant for the life of me why you would want to play any other way, what is it with this possession nonsense just about had enough of it
  5. Warnock

    my brain agrees with you but my heart says never
  6. He won't be sacked

    one step forward 2 back that's not even top 6 form we are a mid table side now shame we have the potential to be much better
  7. david pleat if memory serves me well got shot of him didn,t rate him as a manager to be successful at juve cant of been that bad
  8. great words alan was a pleasure meeting you in the pub, wise words said that day regards dave
  9. team for sunday its a winner

    in all honesty would that team do any worse, love to see it happen
  10. Joost

    as far as i can see loovens, hutch,westwood,wallace,well passed their best for a team that expects to compete with teams for promotion not going to happen, still waiting for jaio to kick on,
  11. our team bores me

    The alarming thing is this has happened on several occasions and still he does not arrest the utter poor football it can't go on hoping he will turn it around cos he is incapable
  12. No ruthless killer instinct = going nowhere

    that's so well put were treading water with no ambition or no idea how to swim same old tactics no risks no gain stale stale stale
  13. You utter cowards

    well said that man its so obvious to see not good enough carvalhal has no plan b, it is so stale the whole set up is rancid pathetic