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  1. Some would say unlucky. I’d say clumsy
  2. Just let him carry on then Mick and get us relegated !
  3. Tinkerbell is right on this one. “WE” means us fans who turn up week after week to watch the drivel being turned out by the current shower of sh••te . Players, Management and Chairman are a laughingstock and an embarrassment at the moment. Things must change and change pronto !!!!
  4. Wether he was or not, That copper was totally out of order to hit him in the head with such force. He should be sacked by the force and jailed for GBH
  5. And Jordan ( I’m not taking a penalty ) Rhodes
  6. Same sh+t. Different manager. Will it ever change ? Doubt it
  7. Just filled the car up. Who am I taking first ?
  8. If they have thought fk it, Fk them. We’re Wednesday and we will be long after they’ve all gone
  9. He may not be the best we’ve had but he is Wednesday through and through and cares more about this club than most in front of him
  10. Mr Chansiri, What have you done to our club ?
  11. Not interested DGAF Not Wednesday news . Mods please remove
  12. His shirt number is 21 so you couldn’t have a number 2 and a number 1
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