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  1. Zoom in on the houses on Penistone road. Those crows on the roofs are massive. Like Wednesday
  2. Excuse me if I’ve missed the reason but why are we kicking off at 6pm ?
  3. Wouldn’t touch any ex piggy man. We’ve got a good manager installed now in DM although it’s going to be in league one which we all no is happening. Fresh start next season. Let the big man put is stamp on the team and please Chansiri stop interfering. Good luck for next season Darren
  4. Big jack, Mark Smith, Jimmy Mullen, David Grant ,Ian Porterfield, John Lowey, Jeff Johnson, Bob Bolder, Peter Shirtliff, Brian Hornsby , Mike Pickering
  5. RIR Glenn. Thoughts are with your family. Stolen away too young
  6. Don’t be ashamed mate. We as life long fans have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just at this moment in our club’s history we’ve got some mega rich egomaniac playing with his toy. His toy however is now broken so eventually he will throw it in the bin and get mummy and daddy to by him a new one while we are left as the bin men to rescue it and mend it
  7. Please do something and stop ignoring the fans who are the life blood of our club. You’ve made a total mess of your tenancy of owner/ chairman . Time to go and let us have some pride back . You said you would go when you weren’t wanted anymore. Well guess what , that time is here and now . !!!!!
  8. Apart from a financial gain on his part , why would Warne want to come to us ? He’s got a job for life at toy town and the fans love him
  9. And he would probably smack Giddings in his smug face
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