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  1. Not interested DGAF Not Wednesday news . Mods please remove
  2. His shirt number is 21 so you couldn’t have a number 2 and a number 1
  3. Steven Fletcher - Gonna get yer Kieron Lee - Dodgy knee Chris Waddle - Role model Connor Whickham - He could kick em Tom Lees - Chips and Cheese and finally..... Billy Blunt - Little fat c***
  4. Easy. Billy the pig. Dint notice him on the pitch. There wer a couple of inflatables up front for them though
  5. Don’t go home. Just sit there laughing your nads off all night when we’ve pasted the red n white poo
  6. There’s a Beres at the top of the moor. It’s alright to eat there, it’s just outside the contamination zone
  7. Agreed. Got very boring lately. Since Rob Staton left there is no one to relate to . Out of the current crop of presenters I couldn’t pick a favourite. Although Giddings does your crust in with his spunk fest of blades praise..
  8. Don’t we already sing that. Huawei , Huawei . Wer all Wednesday aren’t we. wer all Wednesday aren’t we. Huawei Huawei
  9. Anyone there with updates 2 nil to us I believe ?
  10. Our defence as got its act together since dead loss was sacked but last night midfield and strikers just did not perform. No cohesion and understanding between them. Total shambles
  11. Exactly. The 150th kit arrived late and left early but we keep the over ripe banana / ikea kit as a third choice . Totally baffling !!! Which idiot makes these decisions
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