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  1. Baggys battle bus

    Gi new lads a run.

    Our defence as got its act together since dead loss was sacked but last night midfield and strikers just did not perform. No cohesion and understanding between them. Total shambles
  2. Baggys battle bus

    Last nights clash of kit

    Exactly. The 150th kit arrived late and left early but we keep the over ripe banana / ikea kit as a third choice . Totally baffling !!! Which idiot makes these decisions
  3. Baggys battle bus

    What’s the chances

    Is that a no then ?
  4. Baggys battle bus

    What’s the chances

    Realistic answer but we can all believe in the impossible
  5. Baggys battle bus

    What’s the chances

    18 games left .12 points off play offs and a game in hand . Could we ?
  6. Baggys battle bus

    Pre match drinks

    Take a bottle of Hendo’s and bladder everything in it
  7. He’d get one in the kidneys from me . Piggy tw@t
  8. Only if he’s got some spare change from his holidays
  9. Baggys battle bus

    Who's THIS Sheffield Wednesday player?

    Guy whittingham’s dad
  10. Baggys battle bus

    Team news

    Agnew out
  11. Baggys battle bus

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    Not a dig at SB ( wrong choice of phrase ) I apologise for that. My gripe is with the person responsible for putting Agnew in charge and ruining the good work done by Bullen