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  1. Apart from a financial gain on his part , why would Warne want to come to us ? He’s got a job for life at toy town and the fans love him
  2. And he would probably smack Giddings in his smug face
  3. I remember Bernard from years ago . Stood next to him at Notts County. We were 5 nil up or maybe 5 :1 . He just kept singing Wednesday we want 8 over and over again at the top of his voice
  4. If it’s raining I’m going to sit outside in a puddle and stick pins in my eyes. It’s got to be less painful than watching that garbage
  5. Leave them all Rotherham. I’ll go down there with Bobby bat
  6. Rest in peace Sammy. Epitomised everything what was good about away days watching Wednesday in the 70s and recalling him being held shoulder high on the kop while everyone sang his name TOP MAN !!!!!!!! God bless
  7. I know that. It’s the fact that it has got down to the last game of the season before any outcome has been decided where in our case they have known about this all year. It’s not a way for any of the teams near the bottom to plan for next season
  8. The EFL board Chairman Rick Parry. Former premier league and Liverpool chief executive Directors Debbie Jevans. Former tennis player Stephen Bazalgette.Former head of the jockey club Mark Ashton. Bristol city Stephen Pearce Derby county Nigel Howe. Reading Jez Moxey . Burton Albion Steven Curwood. Fleetwood town John Nixon . Carlisle These are the clueless clowns running one of the top football establishments in the world. Why can’t they make a decision for all the clubs involved around the relegation zone including us and Wigan to a
  9. The shop belonged to the supporters club I believe. Remember Rita Nettleship sat in there pre match. Think they also sold programs and badges
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