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  1. I like the badge on the Atalanta away kit
  2. He's probably used soccer stats. They have loads of info. https://www.soccerstats.com/latest.asp?league=england2
  3. He started his playing career with them. 70 goals conceded this season, a point above the relegation zone with 8 games remaining. Good luck.
  4. Difference in the two teams. Dowell looking to play Cantwell in instead of shooting.
  5. Go into your main settings, look for 'Controls', then 'Language and Input'. Keyboard settings should be in there.
  6. Did you sort this? If you press the cog next to the 'sym' button it should take you to the keyboard settings where you can enable word suggestions and edit your dictionary. The clipboard is used for pasting text that you have copied. Do you know how to copy and paste?
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