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  1. Woozie

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Someone might have to check this but I think it's right CC last 38 all competitions (including play off semi finals against Huddersfield) = W 13, D 12, L 13 JL first 38 all competitions = W 15, D 11, L 12
  2. Woozie

    Matias or Reach

  3. Woozie

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

    And our owner is DC but in the alphabet D comes after C not before it mental
  4. Woozie

    Gary Cahill

    A mid table prem team will come in for him
  5. If you see this image whilst scrolling the first page You have been visited by Baggy Shorts man of the Kop Handjobs and a Wednesday win will come to you but only if you type "Her hand was up them" in this thread
  6. We'll run away with it
  7. Woozie

    Club record?

    Not sure if it's a record but we went 18 games without a clean sheet in the 2013/14 season The season before we only had 1 clean sheet in the opening 21 games