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  1. Pigs Draw Millwall Norwich Draw Boro Qpr
  2. It worked against Derby. This is just a blip, I'll only be worried if he shows this same negativity when the full squad is available.
  3. For your car....

    American flag ruins it.
  4. Sky Pundit Predictions

    Not OP but I can only find Charlie Nicholas's prediction, he's gone for 1-1 (Joao first goalscorer).
  5. Sky Pundit Predictions

    1 good season in terms of style of football and 2 good seasons in terms of league position. Or 2 bad seasons for throwing away both chances at going up?

    Yes. It's like when newspapers say something like "Half of Britons prefer Jam to Marmite" then use a survey of 1000 people for their evidence. Technically they're not lying but there also not being truthful. In this case the club just don't tell us. In the interests of transparency? They've released two answers of the entire survey, haven't told us how many completed it or what the minimum number of ticket points was. edit: second quote went weird, was quoting OP.
  7. Mullering

    It's when you indict a bunch of Russians for meddling in your election.
  8. Carlos reception tomorrow

    Think it will just be a quick round of applause and maybe one after the match depending on how it goes.
  9. And It's Hi Ho...

    Swansea City
  10. Just chuck 'em back in the river. Hope he puts a similar team out to the one in midweek, might be a bit harsh to drop some that have been playing in the cup though. uto.
  11. Any ideas what this is

    What year did the Kop get the roof? 86?
  12. Any ideas what this is

    looks like one from 83-87, thin stripes as well.
  13. Any ideas what this is

    Looks like a friendly between us and the blunts. What year did we have the kit with red numbers on the back?