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  1. Woozie

    Carlos Twitter

    He left a stash of £20's. He still thinks they're there...
  2. Woozie

    Carlos Twitter

    Unfinished Business
  3. Woozie

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    The book is called "The Deal: Inside the World of a Super-Agent". It doesn't mention Doyen but does mention Milan trying to sell us to some dodgy Ukrainians around the time of the war breaking out in 2014. Seb Coe gets a mention as well, us moving away from Hillsborough is also mentioned.
  4. Woozie

    Your Questions for the fans forun

  5. Woozie

    Birmingham Tickets

    For members. Pricing starts at £33 for non members.
  6. Woozie

    Jordan Rhodes

    If anyone's going to sold it will probably be Reach
  7. Woozie

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    I don't expect him to tell us everything, just give us a general outline. Right now we're being left to fill in the blanks ourselves.
  8. Woozie

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Short term = 6 - 18 months Long term = 2 - 5 years
  9. Woozie

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    In regard to the direction of the club, what's the short and long term plan? Given our situation are your sights still set on promotion? What are your thoughts on how the team is performing? Why is Paxo still here despite your claims of cutting ties with Doyen? Have you got a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Gary Megson?
  10. Woozie

    Fans forum

    Whoever created that Red Bull thread is going to get a pasting
  11. Woozie

    Fans forum

    I don't think it would work. He'd blame the fans for not showing up and voicing their concerns.
  12. Woozie

    why is he still here

    I'm not fully sold on it but it is a bit suspicious.
  13. Woozie

    why is he still here

    I don't know. Wasn't it the "injuries" that sparked the conspiracies in the first place?