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  1. I'd just keep it simple and sing the tune and chorus.
  2. Sing his name to the chorus of 'Don't you want me' by The Human League. Dominic Iorfa, Dominic Ioooooorfa, Dominic Iorfa, Dominic Ioooooorfa,
  3. Boro 1 - 1 Preston Ayala sent off
  4. Best results would be Millwall, Stoke, Boro, Norwich, West Brom all to win and Forest to draw with Villa.
  5. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1098874101517684737
  6. Wednesday and Millwall have scored and conceded the same amount of goals, 34:45. Leeds and Norwich have also scored and conceded the same amount of goals, 60:39.
  7. We Bedouin tonight. I'll go for 0-2, Joao and Nuhiu.
  8. How do you do, fellow wednesdayites? [insert a dig at the current situation and some random emojis] Uto, am I right guys?
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