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  1. Central midfield

    People moan when Carlos plays him on the left.
  2. Keep Andy Rhodes Develop Nuclear weapons. Take out Doyen's headquarters. Blame it on North Korea. Profit Bring back the ginger one
  3. Think its bad now

    He's currently shafting us with the ticket prices and it doesn't look like he's going to let up.
  4. It's probably Carlos but this time he's wearing a Semedo mask.
  5. Right, I've cracked

    He's making me question my faith in the Anglo-Portuguese alliance. When that starts to happen you know it's time for him to go.
  6. So if we appoint a new manager after every game, we'll win them all? I think you're on to something
  7. Quiz

  8. Adam Reach

    Who said that? Can you link to it please. I assume it was said after a win when people get carried away with the praise. Just like how after a loss people get carried away and slag anyone and everyone off.
  9. It goes unnoticed

    No comrade. Mcgeady was the messiah in that season, you must be mis-remembering. Don't let it happen again.
  10. It goes unnoticed

    Ran his testicles off today for West Ham.
  11. Chansiri the Problem

    I thought OP was going to have a twist in it, like them poems that say "now read it from the bottom" and it gives it an entirely new meaning. Alas it's still on point.
  12. A mature approach to change

    Agree. It's all turning sour which is a shame, I appreciate what he's done over the past two seasons but I think change is overdue.
  13. Megson Propaganda

    A lot of threads asking for his return. The propaganda machine is working