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  1. @Geoffrey If you press the plus symbol at the bottom left of a post you can quote multiple posts in one go.
  2. No idea. It happened in the Iran vs Spain match, they checked to see if Costa had stamped on the goalkeeper and it showed that he didn't touch him and the goalkeeper had rolled around feigning injury but he didn't get a card for it.
  3. @malek Do you think we'll get his side of the story now that he's left?
  4. Spend less money don't be worried about FFP, easy init. If you're reading this DC, call me, I'll sort you out
  5. We wouldn't have spent as much money.
  6. So instead of saying it has been well documented, you're saying you think it has been well documented? How is that any different? It either has been well documented or it hasn't. And what about the common knowledge part, was that an opinion too?
  7. You went from an opinion, to "it's well documented", to "it's common knowledge" then back to an opinion. Now that he's going maybe we'll get his side of events.
  8. They are now you've backtracked.
  9. Go to "account settings" and click the "change" button next to your display name. Don't mess it up, changes last for a year.
  10. it would've been fine if you hadn't gone on to claim that your opinion was well documented and common knowledge.
  11. He's sh*t anyway, Borukov's better.
  12. England have got a chance if Argentina, Brazil, Germany etc. get knocked out
  13. Woozie

    #SWFC back Goo Design

    I might be interested in his other products...
  14. Woozie

    Our fire sale

    Last week you said we'd only get £5 million for our players.