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  1. We looked a lot better when he came on.
  2. Speaking exclusively to Football League World’s Chief Editor Sam Rourke, Sky Sports pundit David Prutton admitted that it will be a slight concern that Monk has had a number of jobs in a relatively short space of time. “It is a concern having five jobs in five years. He started unbelievably well with Swansea, and if you look at how they’ve done in recent years, their hastiness in getting rid of him is the result of where they are now. He’s still in a position where from the outside looking in, there’s still an element of wanting to prove himself." Prutton labelled the Sheffield Wednesday job as ‘a huge challenge’, although he also felt that Monk will be working in better conditions than what he experienced with Birmingham City last season. “It’s not still in the tentative steps. You see enough of what the Championship is about to be able to understand and build a club in that image to be able to compete at that level. This is his next huge challenge, and the sense that you get from what he’s been like, he’s a very determined individual. You never know who wanted what at Birmingham, but he’s going to Wednesday, and they’ll listen as to how he wants to approach it and what’s available to him.” The EFL pundit praised Lee Bullen for his temporary spell in charge of the Owls, although he expects Monk to guide Sheffield Wednesday in the right direction as this year’s campaign progresses. “It’s going to be very interesting to see where it goes, as we’ve been saying over the last few seasons with Wednesday that there are questions marks as to what they’ll have at their disposal financially. I’m very intrigued, and I think Bullen did a fantastic job as interim boss. With Garry, you get the feeling that there is that boldness, and element of youth in it and that it will take them in the right direction.” https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-david-prutton-reacts-to-garry-monks-appointment-at-sheffield-wednesday/
  3. His record at Bournemouth is crap but most of his appearances have been off the bench. He's still young and has potential, also has a name that sounds like a posh dessert.
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