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  1. Woozie

    van Aken

    Van Aken €3m around £2.5m possibly rising with bonuses
  2. Woozie

    Match commentary available

    Can't broadcast on the internet or app due to EFL rights or summat
  3. So all we have to do is wait until Wednesday to find out our fate, like Nixon said? But I want to pressure Jos with my questions and wildly speculate on here
  4. Forestieri when he sees Joao in the dressing room
  5. Woozie

    Unfinished Business

    Thought it was a thread. Alas, his absence continues but for how long?
  6. Woozie

    Happy Birthday Atdhe

    Atdhe birthday
  7. The rest of it is spot on imo.
  8. @DuttyTeabags Great post but JVA cost us around £2.5m.
  9. Woozie

    3 points lost

    We're all doomed
  10. Woozie

    Boycott Membership

  11. Woozie

    new shirt

    Is it good quality?