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  1. Going into the game a point wouldn't have been bad, based on their home form. However, they were so there for the taking it was unreal in the first half especially. We had loads of space in attack and the Borner goal came as no surprise. Unfortunately we couldn't kill the game off and to concede so late felt like a defeat. The harsh truth is that the teams that finish in the automatic promotion spots consistently win away games like those. We aren't quite there yet, but we can finish top six.
  2. Great to see Lee and Hooper back involved on match day.
  3. Agreed. We went to the top of the table and refused to follow the script. Such a harsh ending though. The potential is definitely there and we need to make the kind of signings that promotion hunting sides do, ie find hidden gems like Pukki, to give us a real chance. Even with a good manager and decent players, it's such a hard league that you can have a very consistent season like the blunts or L@#d$ and still end up in the crap shoot playoffs. We will get there! WAWAW
  4. Let's be honest, Fletcher handled for our second and Dawson could've been sent off on another day. But for the ref to give 5 mins injury time, then not blow after 5 mins were up, is a real pi$$er.
  5. Bannan must have broken the Scottish 40m record after that non-shot.
  6. Yeah, handing the ref a bung was a good move tonight.
  7. Yeah, definitely feels like that time of year when the optimism is high for the next season and we have a new manager to get behind. What could go wrong?
  8. For a second I thought we'd get done by VAR, before realising we aren't in the premier league.
  9. Come on! Reyt save from their keeper. Cracking game .
  10. Good first half performance. When the Dawson incident happened, I feared the worst, but after weathering the storm, we are still well in this. Seems like the Norwich fans thought it was game over at 1-0, but FF had other plans. Gotta say it annoyed me a little when their goalscorer acted like he'd only scored the 5th goal in a rout. Aren't they trying to win the league and it's not guranteed yet?
  11. Wow! He's been buzzing all night with no end product, but I'll take that. Come on!
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