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  1. Fulham are knocking down the stand where the dugouts are so will be a reduced allocation next season.
  2. it'll sell out - last away game always does.
  3. Looking at the table any two out of ten are in contention it's that close.
  4. Looking at our remaining fixtures it's going to be tough but heh before Christmas we'd have taken this, just think where we could have been without that clown in charge.
  5. You show any football fan the one it replaced they knew it was Sheffield Wednesday, show them the new crest and they've no idea which club it is.
  6. Just imagine where we could have been if he'd been if he'd been playing since the start of the season !!.
  7. I went to Millwall in February and left the tickets in my hotel room - anyway got to the ground told them the situation they looked me up on their system - seen I'd bought tickets and gave me replacements.
  8. Those 2 trains have been added today - they weren't there yesterday when I checked.
  9. Only train to get you there in time for the match leaves Preston at 11-38.
  10. I ordered 3 tickets yesterday, guy in the ticket office said we'd sold about 3,500.
  11. 3,000 is just the initial allocation, once they sell out they'll send another batch , the allocation is 6,800 if you can sell em.
  12. Doubt the strike will be over , it's been going for a couple of years now , its about driver only trains and getting rid of the guard.
  13. As a last resort we'll be getting the bus , takes just over half an hour, £8 for a Lancashire day rider.
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