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  1. Michael Crawford

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Going back to the events at Chester - it was December 1979 me and a mate were 12 years old and went to the game early and were sat at the back of the Sealand end which was the home end . About 2-30 we heard a loud chorus of THE WEDNESDAY to our left and what seemed like thousands of Wednesday fans coming rushing in - we just sat there watching as all the Chester fans ran for their lives and Wednesday took over the end - we stayed with them and enjoyed the atmosphere - I've followed the owls ever since - by the way the match finished 2-2.
  2. Michael Crawford

    Most memorable game

    Has to beating Man U - Rumbleows cup final 1991 , Other notable mentions to Chelsea 4-4 league cup 1985 and the 2-1 win at Old Trafford New Year's Day 1985 , the late winner from Imre Varardi and Martin Hodge's penalty save from Strachan.
  3. Michael Crawford

    Reading Away

    Been to Reading a few times, always found it a good away day, early train to London, a few beers on the train, the underground to Paddington - visit a few pubs there, fast train to Reading, nice pub and chippy by the station, bus to the ground - then do it again in reverse - what's not to like about that.
  4. Michael Crawford

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    Living in Chester I remember travelling back up the M6 with Everton fans hanging out of their cars celebrating and us just looking at em pissed off.
  5. Michael Crawford

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    Some people have to work on Saturdays - I get one Saturday off every six weeks so when it's a Sunday I can go !!.
  6. Wanted to go to this - only 2,640 tickets and 19,000 empty seats.
  7. Michael Crawford

    One highlight of the night...

    That was the highlight of the night - made us laugh - also the Millwall fans singing to tango "is your wife as fat as you ".
  8. Michael Crawford

    Tonight’s away following...

    Me and my lad went last night - couldn't believe it when the teams were announced and we had no forwards playing- 1st half was ok but we folded like a pack of cards after half time - was too little too late when he sent on Joao and Nuhiu - credit to all who witnessed that tripe.
  9. Michael Crawford

    Millwall ticket news

    Millwall away on a Tuesday night in Feb - about 1500 I'd say.
  10. Michael Crawford

    Millwall ticket news

    Tuesday night it is now Rochdale have beaten Millwall.
  11. Michael Crawford

    What made you support Sheffield Wednesday?

    Used to go and watch Chester around late 70s with my dad, then a school football match was called off one Saturday morning and a mate whose family were originally from Sheffield and Wednesday fans asked if I wanted to go with him and his dad to watch Wednesday v Blackpool . I'd never been in a stadium as big as Hillsborough before and with the owls winning 4-1 and on the way to promotion I was hooked.
  12. I booked train tickets and hotel for Tuesday night for this as it's a new ground for me and it's half term so taking the young un with me - no problem I thought as the cup is the weekend before and if theres a replay it won't be till the week after - bloody tv again .
  13. Was going to come to this game - only time I couldn't make was Saturday lunchtime k.o. As I live in Chester and have to work Saturday morning.
  14. Michael Crawford

    Anyone with a spare id for Fulham

    Just phone fulham up and get tickets in the neutral section. I did this last Thursday & got 3 tickets no problem.