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    Wilders interview

    Of the two managers that spoke tonight there was only one who needed translating and it wasn’t jos. What on earth was wilder on about? I thought the two interviews reflected the performance of their players on the pitch. Jos and the boys- calm and composed wilder and the pigs - frantic and disorganised
  2. But when the majority of the second players cost more than th first teamers, that argument falls down. I guarantee if Chelsea paid double what they did for hazard they’d expect him to be better than the original!
  3. After the Huddersfield shambles, I left the ground thinking only one thing needed changing for the upcoming season- a new more ruthless manager. However with each passing month I’m becoming more concerned with off the field matters too. It seems to me as if the club viewed our 150th anniversary as an inconvenient distraction rather than something to be celebrated which is very disappointing. It’s like when you look at your calendar and see that it’s a distant relative’s wedding coming up and you really can’t be arsed to go. You dust off your crappy suit, buy a cheap gift and hope that’ll be enough to please the happy couple.
  4. This is exactly how I feel. A couple of uninspiring victories will have Carlos saying “I told you, we’d turn it around.” Then a defeat to villa where the referee or some other injustice (in carlos’ eyes) will have occurred and we’ll be back where we are right now. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the season. So predictable unfortunately.
  5. GOAT#12

    Van Aken

    You seem to revel in being the “first” to have a viewpoint on a player just so you can bang out the “I told you so’s” later. If that is your opinion then fair enough; I disagree because I think there are an awful lot of factors at play here. I’m not going to list them all but I think the most crucial of these is having a reliable and communicative centre half partner. Tom lees, I feel, needed to do a far better job at this. As others have said, I don’t think he is capable of organising/ captaining a defence, it’s just not his character. If you are so desperate to rush to a judgement just so that you might be proved right, then go for it! I assume though that from this point forward you will be as unbiased and objective about his future performances as you have been about Jordan rhodes’ over the past few months.
  6. GOAT#12


    Out of curiosity can I ask what you would consider the point of no return? Is it the next few games/ Christmas/ the whole season? The Bolton game was it for me. After tonking Leeds and then playing so poorly the next match. That told me all I needed to know - I think we are going to be consistently inconsistent. We’ll have a couple of decent runs (3 or 4 unbeaten) then lose a couple on the spin. I’d love to be proven wrong but I just can’t see it
  7. GOAT#12


    Whilst I admire the OPs optimism, I’m afraid you cannot describe the current situation as a ‘hiccup’. There have been growing concerns for months around the performance and tactics. I agree we have a good squad which is why our current position in the table is so infuriating. I would gladly accept that if it takes another year or two to get promoted that would be ok, but the fact is we seem to be getting worse with no real signs of the situation improving.
  8. GOAT#12


    Fair enough. I think though that the reason they played without fear was because they had no pressure on them after the sending off. The fact that we seemingly have no clue from one match to the next whether the players will give 100% effort and freedom is unacceptable and must be a mentality issue as Carlos suggested.
  9. GOAT#12

    Enough is enough

    I appreciate the clarification. I agree that the negativity is appalling on here at times. The ‘Carlos is a clown’ brigade are not only insulting a man who is trying his best but also wrong because he undoubtedly has more footballing knowledge than any of us on here. However there are some serious problems on the pitch that don’t seem to be improving any time soon. I must admit that I am never a fan of using the referee as an excuse. Eight other teams lost today and I guarantee if you went on every single one of their message boards you would see fans lamenting a ref’s decision. “We should have had a pen/ they shouldn’t have had a pen/ where did the ref get 6mins injury time from?” Etc. someone in another thread posted it best I think - we are exactly the same as last year except for one thing... luck. Last year we had loads, this year none
  10. GOAT#12


    I take issue with this ‘brave effort’ comment. Out of curiosity, how low were your expectations after 5mins? Were you expecting 10 professionals to roll over and lose by 5 or 6?
  11. GOAT#12


    I agree I don’t think he’s lost the dressing room; however, I think there certainly is a mentality issue like Carlos mentioned in the week. Going 1 down and losing loovens after 5mins took all the pressure off the players. No one expected them to win from there. No matter what the score, they’d be able to trot out the ‘we were unlucky / another bad referee’ excuse. I’m not sure Carlos having the dressing room behind him will be enough sadly.
  12. GOAT#12

    Enough is enough

    Ive been reading this thread with interest and I wasn’t going to comment but I’m sorry this post has forced me to. I admire some points that you are making (although I don’t agree with them) but to say that shots on target are “largely irrelevant” whilst lauding our possession stats is a baffling statement. I and I think most fans would much rather see us hitting the target and testing the keeper than seeing the back four pass it to each other on the half way line repeatedly. you can say that derby only had 15 shots, but they didn’t need anymore. The game was won after 3mins. They did a professional job on us after going ahead. Whilst I appreciate in isolation that we didn’t get the breaks today, the fact that you’re defending a 2-0 defeat shows just what low expectations some fans must have had after 5mins.
  13. GOAT#12

    What do YOU want from SWFC?

    Fair enough thanks for the clarification. No need to apologise. It is a shame with the way ticket prices have gone. I don’t mind paying if the entertainment factor is there. I was listening to a Man City fan on 606 on Saturday night complaining they have to pay £45 a ticket (£50 with a booking fee). This was AFTER he’d seen his team score 7 against stoke!!! I somehow don’t think watching Man City every week is only £3 more entertaining than a match at hillsborough.
  14. GOAT#12

    What do YOU want from SWFC?

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that people who can afford the tickets are not real fans?
  15. GOAT#12


    The scapegoating in this thread is astonishing! Is anyone safe from the vitriol of whining Wednesday fans? Why oh why do we have to constantly chastise any player who has a bad game or even worse makes a bad decision in a split second of a game? Ok I get it, critique and judge but don't just moan. Some of our 'fans' are beginning to sound like petulant children whove been denied a second helping of ice cream! He's a new player, new to the country, new to the league, playing with a new centre half partner (who is far more deserving of criticism in my opinion). Do you think if he could ping passes 40yds and make every correct positional decision that he'd be playing for Sheffield Wednesday? He'd be worth £40m!!! Yes he hasn't been perfect and has cost us a goal or two but he's also contributed too. Give him a chance!! Try supporting the players (especially the newsest ones who can't be blamed for last seasons disappointment). To read on here that some fans think that Vincent bloody sasso is the answer is laughable! I really am embarrassed of some of our fan base at times. End of rant.