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  1. Lestahowl

    Team for midweek

    Like this but would keep Fletcher in the starting line up in place of Joao.
  2. Lestahowl

    What Team would YOU play ?

    Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Pelupessy Bannan Onomah Matias Reach Fletcher subs Wildsmith Hector Forrestieri Pudil Joao Baker Nuhui
  3. As title - if anyone has a couple of tickets going spare please PM me.
  4. Love to know how they get tickets - always just sold out before I can get em
  5. Lestahowl


    Not really convinced that they are much fitter this year. We seem to invite a lot of pressure in the last 20 minutes of games. Probably because we have conceded and having to hang on. I'd really like to see us go 2 up and keep the lead, without feeling like we are hanging on for dear life at the end.
  6. Lestahowl

    Team vs Reading

    Disagree, after last nights performance and Joeys in the last 2 games where he has been much better, I think Joey is the best we have there followed by Jones and Hutch is bottom of the order at the moment. I'm big fan of Hutchinson but at the moment he doesn't look to be the player he was 2 seasons ago. Maybe a run in the team would help him get back to his best.
  7. Lestahowl

    Man of the match & scores

    Too much Fox bashing going on here. Thought he had a decent game last night. I'm not his biggest fan but credit where its due he had a decent game against there best player. My scores below Wildsmith 6 Baker 7.5 Nielsen 7 Hutchinson 6 Fox 6 Preston 7 Lee 7 Jones 6 Boyd 5 Forrestieri 6 Fletcher 7 Very defensive set up last night so difficult for Forrestieri and Fletcher but they both put a shift in. Didn't look like we could create anything all night long. The kids all looked like they were up for it but maybe got bullied by the more experienced opposition. Thought Nielsen played his best game for us. Baker the man of the match for some of his great tackles and he linked well with Preston a few times. Think he will grow into that position and make it his own by the end of the year (as will Penney on the left). Not a great result last night or even a good performance as a team but I think there are some great prospects coming through the ranks now. Love to see some of these kids really push on to being first team regulars.
  8. Lestahowl

    Lucas Joao signs new #SWFC deal

    Must admit, I thought the Joao 'injury' was a smokescreen for him moving on loan this window. Pleased he's signed up a new contract now and hope he can start playing at his best consistently.
  9. Lestahowl

    Marco Matias

    Well, I may be in the minority but when he is fit I like the way he plays. He offers a bit of aggression (which we sorely lack), pace and willingness to make something happen. If the rumours are true and FF is off to warm the bench at Cardiff then Matias may well be the only way we can inject some invention into the side. when he played the few games in January and February, I think in partnership with Joao up front, he looked quite dangerous. Think they were mainly cup games though so against lower league opposition. Personally, I'd like to see him get a run out with Joao and maybe Fletcher in a 3 up front on Saturday.
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees Pudil Reach Hutch Pelupessy Joao Bannan Forrestieri Nuhui
  11. One thing I don’t get about our current position. Even Birmingham who are definitely in trouble around FFP are able to make 5-6 signings. So I don’t fully buy into the idea that our total inactivity in the transfer market is all due to an embargo. So so what’s really behind the lack of activity? Is it the club/chairman being very cautious to make sure the losses are acceptable next year? I hope so because the other thought is that the Chairman has got bored with the toy and is lining us up for sale.
  12. Lestahowl

    Team for Villa

    Wildsmith Venancio Loovens Pudil Hunt Boyd Pelupessy Clare Reach Wallace Joao
  13. Lestahowl

    Team / Score vs Swansea

    Think Jos will go a bit cautious tomorrow and use some of the kids to rest some players for Millwall on Tuesday. Hoping for a narrow win 1-0.
  14. Lestahowl


    Played well last night - great improvement over some of his recent performances. Great to see him back in form - great captain. Long may it last.
  15. I had a little time so tried to get a grip of who's injured and when they may be back. Came up with this; Hopefully we will be in a better position after the International break for the run in. February March April Date injury Expected back Westwood ? 09/12/2017 ? Lees Now in training 18/11/2017 17/02/2018 Van Aken Thigh strain 26/12/2017 01/03/2018 Loovens Flu 05/02/2018 17/02/2018 Lee Hip 28/10/2017 ? Bannan Muscle strain - returned briefly to training in feb - broke down. No further update 09/12/2017 01/03/2018 Hutchinson Hernia? 01/12/2017 ? Abdi ? 26/12/2017 ? Fletcher Knee 01/11/2017 01/08/2018 Hooper Hip 26/12/2017 ? Forrestieri Knee 01/08/2017 01/04/2018 Matias Knee (in training) 06/02/2018 27/02/2018 Winnall ACL (anterior Cruciate) out for season 01/02/2018 01/10/2018