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  1. I remember some rotherham fan got chucked through a shop window then had a full tin of paint poured over him. The footprints from the shop to the bus station were there for years. And the train back took flippingages cos toilets etc kept getting lobbed off it.
  2. Why do you feel sorry for me???
  3. Luton fans think their buying their tickets for Chelsea already
  4. Mm interesting hate people but turn up to somewhere where there's loads of the fekers all crammed together
  5. Not in side today been told he's on his way to the dirt up the M1
  6. I rekon it'll be him who scores the most. He's bound to finish as our top goal scorer
  7. Think I've slipped into some sort of alternative universe
  8. George Hirst gone ??? Thank f**k an end to the pointless saga
  9. Kits??? So fekin what as long as we're winning and not in owt red who gives a stuff. And before you all kick off if we win the championship in a nice pink number neither will you
  10. I've got a reyht idea. move the turnstiles to the bridge, hey Presto problem solved
  11. Should be twating not reading flaming predictive text
  12. All the time. The once a blue moon supporters the free ticketers. The ones your making too much noise brigade???? I get very close to reading one or two
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