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  1. I was born in London - Although the racist scrubbers at the Den with their chants about East London probably disagree - What is it they say? "East Londons like Bengal"? - and when someone asks me where I'm from I always just say 'East London'. Sorry to disappoint. Readers should also note that no Londoner outside of their tiny gang of thugs ever thinks Millwall are the best club for anything other than racism and bigotry.
  2. Haven't we still got planning permission for the world cup rebuild?
  3. Throws the other team off, all about mind games at that point of a match pal.
  4. To be fair, he had a pretty poor patch in October/November, but the whole team did too.
  5. I think with Joao gone Winnall will step into Joao's place as an impact sub. He doesn't have the stamina or persistence for a full 90 minutes, but he does bring something different, especially when chasing a match.
  6. you started drinking for the match already mate?
  7. Palmer had a rough patch and got a bit too much abuse for it, although I don't think people every really questioned his desire to play, he's Wednesday through and through and even when he struggles tracking back or gets a nosebleed up front he still puts the effort in. Joao on the other hand sometimes gives off the impression that he's not bothered at all - and that's not something that can really be 'fixed' as such.
  8. Managers at every club complain about deals not getting done! It's just a reality of football. Bruce knew exactly what he was getting in to and for all his faults Chansiri is still a cut above Mike Ashley - who also won't sign anybody. The only business reason Bruce has to leave is money for himself, any talk of him being disappointed is just an excuse
  9. My understanding is the 'soft' part of the embargo is basically the EFL needs to agree for something to go through. So Borner signing means the EFL have let it through basically. Imagine the same sort of negotiations are going on for the other three now. Remember, Birmingham were under a soft embargo too last season, the reason they got points deducted is because they didn't work with the EFL
  10. Imagine the meltdown when this is announced as the new Home kit
  11. "Programmes 100 quid" doesn't quite work does it?
  12. The match day experience has become a fair bit better too. New scoreboard, better pitch, more things to do. Under MM it was all a bit grim. That's surely contributed to more people coming
  13. Probably takes less than half an hour to get from Mable's to Shepherds bush (imagine Victoria from Euston then Central from Oxford Circus?). It's doable and the atmosphere will be better in Mable's than anywhere else in London
  14. Heard of this great player from Watford called Almen Abdi. Not played in a while but he could do a job.
  15. Feel sorry for Fox. Generally he's outclassed on the pitch, especially in matches like today where he was up against players who cost 10 times what he did. But he usually puts in a good shift and there's not many times where he seems to just give up (which Matias usually does on the wing). He's never really made any massive clangers either, just the constant drip of minor mistakes and poor decisions. He's obviously not what we need long term and even he must know that. At the end of the day though, he's a Wednesday player, and when he's on the pitch there's literally nothing to gain from booing him (as people did a few months back when he came on as a sub) or the constant groaning when he's on the ball. I really don't get what goes through the heads of people who have a go at players
  16. From watching that video you wouldn't think that Wednesday are actually the most successful club in Yorkshire and 4 times champions of England whereas United won their only title when Queen Victoria was on the throne and the last trophy they won was before the invention of television.
  17. I think (hope) we're not at as much risk as they are. Especially as they knowingly broke the rules by singing a player whilst under embargo. My understanding is that we've been much more co-operative. Although I am scared of finding out what exactly we did to sign Iorfa, Aarons and Lazaar in January when we were told we had no money.
  18. Abdi, he tried to pick up a football again.
  19. if it were to all go wrong, would the game get postponed or forfeited?
  20. My slight worry is that going up would require us to beat Norwich and Leeds. Don't want them dropping points
  21. Love to be optimistic, but think the draws against reading and millwall were the killers. Even if we went on a great run those 4 dropped points will be the albatross round our neck.
  22. Is this true? We beat Millwall at home in August! Haven't played 6 matches against London teams since then. (Just one - a travesty at QPR)
  23. I think it really depends - Some teams, like Hull or Sunderland, went down and had terrible seasons afterwards because the entire team was shot. I think the same will happen to Huddersfield when they're in the Championship next season.
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