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    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Is this true? We beat Millwall at home in August! Haven't played 6 matches against London teams since then. (Just one - a travesty at QPR)
  2. e6owl

    Play-off push

    I think it really depends - Some teams, like Hull or Sunderland, went down and had terrible seasons afterwards because the entire team was shot. I think the same will happen to Huddersfield when they're in the Championship next season.
  3. e6owl

    Millwall sold out?

    I'm always in and out of the place like a swat team, no intention of ever seeing anything other than the path from the train station to the stadium.
  4. e6owl

    Millwall sold out?

    Can't imagine this one selling out at all. It's a right dog of a journey back and the stadium isn't remotely worth visiting.
  5. e6owl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    If we can't put this game away we've got no chance of going up this season
  6. e6owl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    2-0 Wednesday. Our first league win by more than a 1 goal margin.
  7. e6owl


    The problem is - the club hasn't dealt with them. Constantly it's the same fans in the same part of that stadium. Last year there was homophobic chanting from them towards the Wednesday end. Video of this racist chanting shows it's the exact same people. Family club of the year or not the reality is they've done nothing.
  8. e6owl

    FA Investigation:

    Probably unpopular to say but I think there's something rotten with the core of our travelling fanbase. A lot of the younger fans come to matches just wanting to act like hoolies, decked out in stone island, doing coke in the toilets and thinking it's a laugh to throw things on the pitch. They're surrounded by grown men who lived through the 70s and 80s - who saw how bad hooliganism got - that just egg it on and reinforce a toxic culture. We don't tend to be involved in much violence but one day some fans will end up getting hurt and we'll all act like it's a great unexpected tragedy. Nothing can be done overnight but the club and the league need to get a grip before it all gets out of hand again. Sorry to sound like a grumpy git - I had to wait ages for a wee yesterday cause of all the key inspecting.
  9. Just had the highlights at halftime of the Southampton/Derby match on bbc one. These commentators are gonna need to learn to say Atdhe Nuhiu by the time he scores a hat trick in the final.
  10. Reckon it'll get to all season ticker holders, maybe as far as gold members.
  11. e6owl

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Tell you what, he's coming good now. He'll prove the doubters wrong by scoring the goal that wins the FA Cup.
  12. Now I understand why Agnew has such a terrible record as caretaker manager.
  13. e6owl


    a lot of players were on their arse during the Birmingham match. Wasn't sure if they were hungover from the night before though.
  14. This reminds me of some of the worst matches under Carlos. Just a bit flat and uninspired.
  15. e6owl

    Ground Sold !

    Depends how much scrutiny the EFL have but I'm fairly sure they'd see through that. TUF is widely known to be part of the Chansiri family and if you recall when DC took over the TUF logo was all over the boards at the press conference. Of course this could all go fine, but trying to mess around with FFP in this way could end acrimoniously, especially if the EFL turn around and say it wasn't a valid deal.
  16. e6owl

    Ground Sold !

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. One other stipulation of FFP is that transactions need to be 'arms length' - so simply selling it off to his Dad might not be accepted by the EFL when they go through the books. It's also a massive gamble, would sooner sell all our players than put ourselves at this kind of risk.
  17. new year, big crowd, good atmosphere. 1-2 birmingham
  18. I hope not - mostly because there are other clubs with more money who are also gambling, in particular Stoke and Swansea, it's going to be a hectic window.
  19. This great bit of journalism just came from the star reading off of a website (https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/), you can go and see what their predictions were this time last season too. They had Bristol in the playoffs and derby finishing second and were 54% confident of Birmingham getting relegated. They also gave Hilary Clinton an 80% chance of winning. Pretty naff supercomputer.
  20. The man's gone get over it
  21. On paper a very easy month: Birmingham (H) Hull (A) Wigan (H) Brentford (H) 12 points doable? Birmingham really will be the biggest challenge (February is even easier, but lets not get ahead of ourselves)
  22. Was just poor management of the game towards the end, really should've put it to bed and held the ball up. Although I get the feeling the ref was happy continuing until they'd scored regardless
  23. I've not got the constitution for this. Proper bricking it.
  24. 1-0 up against 10 men, if Jos was still here I'd be certain that it'd end 2-1 west brom.
  25. ffs. he's played almost every match for the past year and now he decides to get injured?