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  1. e6owl

    Holte End

    To be fair, I think anything other than the champions league is beneath the MASSIVE Sheffield Wednesday.
  2. I think he's a bit too hot headed. One of the key things a captain does during matches is talking to the ref during controversial moments. Bazza would just try to nut him.
  3. e6owl

    Next 7 games

    I see a few in there (Bristol, QPR, Birmingham). But it's a difficult run of fixtures and we're not world beaters. Just go and enjoy watching the football instead of complaining all the time.
  4. e6owl

    Goals Scored is fine

    I think the more worrying thing is we haven't been able to keep a clean sheet yet this season. Even against teams like Reading. Need to get a lot tighter at the back.
  5. Saw a group of grown men doing this in the concourse at Reading.
  6. Stoke (H) Forest (A) Villa (A) Leeds (H) This run of games will define the season for me. No points and we're in trouble, 3-7 and we'll be mediocre. 12 and you might as well get the tattoo now - 2019/20 Premier League Champions.
  7. It's gonna end 3-2 to them isn't it?
  8. e6owl

    Hands up who rates Jos?

    I think he's decent. It's thanks to him that we're able to convert talented academy players into regular first team players - that's something very few managers before have been able to do.
  9. e6owl

    3rd from bottom

    ffs don't be such a big girls blouse. We're 3 games in. There's a lot of football to be played between now and next may.
  10. e6owl

    What's going on at #swfc?

    Trying to put some good faith on it, I think what he could be alluding to is some problems with mental health/resilience among the team. Before DC has spoken about players being 'scared' to play and there's a noticeable lack of commitment from many of the players on the pitch - possibly from a fear they'll screw up and end up getting abuse. There's undoubtably a negative mood around the club now and that can genuinely affect players (look at how the England squads used to fall apart before they brought on board team psychologists). And unlike a physical injury there's not a huge amount that can be done to fix it quickly - It's also not something that Jos would want to bring up publicly because that would just pile even more pressure onto the team. I don't really buy any of the conspiracy theories about appearance fees, image rights and other nonsense because none of that explains why the teams we put out have underperformed. There's something deeper going on with the team that needs to be worked on.
  11. Leeds always fall apart. This year I'm predicting it'll be Late October/Early November. Wednesday can't fall apart this season cause we're already a total shambles
  12. Ignoring Wolves, we've got 3 winnable matches coming up in the League. All 9 points and we'll be matching the best start to a season we've had under Chansiri. Keep the faith.
  13. e6owl


    Calm down pal, we've not won a match in the league yet!
  14. It's all I can think of when I think about Sunderland.