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  1. In what way? I know you seem to be really strongly against Pulis - but I don't see why? He has a record of keeping teams clear of relegation fights and getting promoted with teams full of average players. That's the kind of thing a disciplinarian manager does. Naturally the downsides are the inevitable running out of steam and stagnation but is that really a problem we need to worry about right now? No, we need a manager with a record of telling teams to sort themselves out and getting the best out of a squad that's lacking in many areas.
  2. I don't really get why so many people are upset by this. One of the things folks on here always seemed to want was a big disciplinarian manager to 'sort the team out' - Pulis is exactly that. He's in the same mould as Sean Dyche, Steve Bruce, Neil Warnock, etc. They're not really tactical managers, but they motivate a team to perform week in and week out. Exactly the kind of manager people were crying out for just a few weeks ago.
  3. ffs are we Rangers fans now? I don't have any problem with poppies and remembrance day is important but this is embarrassing. And the worst thing is, Rangers don't do this because they care more than the average person, they do it to wind up their neighbours. The way that lot use the British flag and all this kind of stuff is cynical and offensive.
  4. We need a proven goalscorer up top, reckon could he do a job?
  5. Might work out well for them, of course, but this is a genuinely baffling signing. Chansiri has wasted his fair share of money but 23m on a kid who was decent but hardly set the league alight in a mediocre swansea team that just about scraped the playoffs is something else.
  6. Well yeah, I said i'd offer him the job, not imprison him in middlewood road.
  7. I imagine about the same as most footballers reaching the end of their careers that make the change. He's a smart footballer, always had a good ability to pick out a pass and one of the best players we've had over the past 20 years when it comes to movement off the ball, he's a good professional and has always worked hard for the club, and has knowledge of the backroom. Give him a job coaching u23 midfielders and go from there. Can't hurt, and u23 coaching doesn't affect ffp anyway, right?
  8. I'd have given him a job in the coaching setup. I think he'll struggle to get a steady job at a league 1 or 2 club and championship clubs might not want to take him on with his injury record. Intelligent footballer though, would add something to the backroom
  9. Comfortable mid table, out of the relegation zone by november. There are at least 5 or 6 teams in this league that we're not only better than, but 12 points better than. Don't know what yous are all worrying about all the time
  10. The last few years haven't been that grim though, disappointing, yes, but pretty much bang average with three mid table finishes in a row. If you're not excited by what you're paying for then don't pay, simple as that. For most people football isn't a product and they pay for only on the condition there are good performances, and the way I see it, if you've dragged yourself to hillsborough you might as well get yourself excited. Some people though just want an excuse to be negative no matter what, and they really need to be shown the door. It's toxic.
  11. I'm not sure if the people who go on about having a top half/bottom half/league one squad actually ever look at any other players in the league. Apart from a few notable exceptions most of the league have players around the same level as Lees, Palmer, Reach, Harris, Odubajo etc - all ones who have been deemed 'bottom half' or 'league one'. In reality they're all average championship players who will do well when they are in the right setup and in a good environment. I don't see how constantly slagging them off and moaning how they're not good enough helps at all. One of the worst t
  12. He played almost every game at the beginning of the season (apart from the ones where he was suspended for getting a red card), made a string of awful mistakes. He was good a couple of years ago but his stock has undoubtably dipped and we'd do well to cash in now.
  13. Picture of him wearing a (17/18) Wednesday shirt on his instagram story...
  14. ifollow would be fine if they put any amount of effort into it at all. Half the time the commentators don't even know what's going on cause they can't see replays. A lot of matches they didn't even know what the time was and I'm sick of hearing about the Owl and Pussycat in Lanzarote. I'm not expecting Gary Lineker but at least make it worth what I'm paying for instead of rambling radio commentary and bad camerawork
  15. Exactly, if this were to go anywhere surely Villa wouldn't accept the result just being changed, they'd want a replay. It's all too much of a mess for anything real to happen
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