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  1. At least we've been poor all through the season. The Leeds fans were already having a promotion party in September. Then Leeds fell apart. Again.
  2. Not sure that table's right pal, We've got more than 7 points in the last 6 games. Edit: I just spotted the word 'home'. Sorry for ever doubting you.
  3. Where's our Adthe?
  4. So what now?

    Keep going all the way, I reckon we could even sneak into the top half of the table if results go our way and that would be a massive success considering where we were at Christmas
  5. Jos maybe...

    Coming in when he did was always gonna be difficult, loads of injuries and a packed schedule made it impossible to properly work with the team. As things have slowed down though he's got on his feet again. My main problem though is that he hasn't managed to get the defence together, still way too many mistakes. However, he is a reasonably good manager during games, knows how to sit back and asses what an opponent is doing before switching things up to exploit their weaknesses. That's something Carlos could never do. Full pre-season, we'll smash the league next year and do a derby double. nailed on.
  6. They're still on after today's results.
  7. Stadium location?

    A lot of empty land near Infirmary road. Would reflect our club's rich history of injured players.
  8. At the double!

    Would be good, large request tho
  9. Frankly I'm disappointed that they've given up on getting promotion this season.
  10. Always fancied a job at IKEA, now I can get myself a uniform on the cheap. Thanks Katrien
  11. I think it's too easy to just compare names and assume that because we've payed a lot for a player that means he should just be better than his opponent. At the end of the day it's a confidence problem, and that's not something that a fitness coach or Jos can fix. It can only really be fixed by the players. You can tell that when the players come out onto the pitch they're already mentally defeated. In the midfield they'd rather do a comfortable backpass than try to be ambitious cause they don't trust themselves to play well. Strikers like Rhodes don't trust themselves to finish properly so just grasp at every chance and end up missing. It'd be interesting to see if Jos has brought in a sports psychologist, they're really popular in Germany but have never really taken off in England. imo getting the players mentally fit/resilient is gonna be key to survival.
  12. Bamford, hands down. Smarmy posh tail. Still livid about him taking the wee wee out of Wildsmith after that shot hit a bobble and bounced up when Boro played us in December. Not a fan of Leon Clarke either, for obvious reasons.
  13. HAS to be Simonson sending it into Row Z at Wembley. The Pigs can celebrate beating us once this season all they want but nothing will ever feel better than the mind the gap season.
  14. Aston villa

    Also doing well as a result of massive parachute payments and spending more than any other club in the league, but yeah, other than that it's all thanks to Steve Bruce.
  15. Aston villa

    We should just win our matches. I'm personally hoping that Villa don't go up just so we get to watch their FFP mess hit the fan too.