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  1. There is literally no chance the 'Brentford model' would ever work at Wednesday. No slight on them at all, but they're a small club with fans that are enjoying the ride and fairly happy. We're a bigger club, with a larger fanbase that has far more expectation. Literally 0 patience in our fanbase. Just imagine the chaos on here if we sold Bannan in 2016 for a relative no name from Exeter and Chansiri just turned around and said "trust me, he has a high xG", the elephants would be right in the Don. Also interested in seeing how the model works in the Prem. Not convinced they'll splash out much in the summer, which might mean them going straight back down, but they have the potential to be a Norwich/Fulham style yo-yo club, which honestly, isn't that bad a deal.
  2. I'd still say Rotherham are favourites to stay up. Brentford, Blackburn, Luton and Cardiff. All on the beach. Can easily see 7 points out of that.
  3. Huge loss if he leaves. He'd be brilliant in League One, exactly the kind of young and hungry player you build a promotion squad around.
  4. Comfortable Swansea win, 0 shots on target from Wednesday.
  5. Obviously not gonna complain, but what a bizarre appointment. They'll be going down to the championship with mountains of cash and a solid championship level squad. Everyone will be thinking they're promotion favourites, but instead of getting in an experienced manager in early they've handed the reins over to some kind of committee of mediocre non-entities. Maybe we'll be having our next steel city derby in League 1?
  6. Lots has been said about Chansiri's record (mostly failures, with a few successes), but looking forward is there anything he could realistically do that would win people over or is the faith completely lost? It seems like the writing is on the wall and most Wednesday fans want him gone, but Blackburn are currently on a similar journey. When Venky's came in they completely trashed the place, dragged the club from the PL to League 1 in a couple of years. Since about 2015 though, they've recognised they know nothing, got experience people in, and just made sure to keep the club afloat from India (haven't been to a match in years). Against a backdrop of Wigan and Bolton falling apart, with Blackburn getting promotion from League 1 and consolidating in the championship their reputation has been improved massively lately amongst Rovers fans. If Chansiri did what they've done - stepped back, handed over the day to day to an experienced CEO/Board, but kept funding the club - would people come to terms with that and start to accept him again?
  7. I think it will be a lot closer than it currently is - won't be confirmed until May. I don't see us getting completely cut adrift. But it's a massive ask and I think we'll fall just short
  8. I'm actually feeling quite optimistic for this one. Moore's first proper match (Let's be honest, he hardly chose the squad or subs for Wednesday), players with a point to prove that quite frequently end up beating the top sides after throwing it away to the bottom ones. Keep the faith, we're going staying up
  9. To be honest, we're at the same level. We need to play the same ugly league one football as every relegation side. It's hardly La Liga in the bottom half of the championship. Whether he can get this squad firing again is another issue!
  10. Probably not, Transfer window shut about a month ago mate.
  11. Last 14 results though; WWWLWWWWWLLLDL He does that over his next 14 and we'll be safe.
  12. Past two jobs involved him taking over sides facing relegation (Stoke + Ipswich two seasons ago), neither worked out. Third time lucky?
  13. The thing that always gets me about simple answers like this is the assumption that other teams won't know exactly what we're doing. Our fundamental constraint is that we don't have a tremendous amount of pace in the squad, and thats shown in the number of times we give away soft goals that often come about from our players getting out of position and not being able to track back quicker than others. All well and good saying "just get it in t'mixer early" but when you have Rhodes and Paterson moving at a snails pace, and Harris and Reach not much better, that whole play more often than not leaves you 4 men down and vulnerable on your own wing (especially if you've got three at the back and you're expecting those wingers you've sent forwards to suddenly be in defense). Ultimately I still think our route to success is through set plays and attrition football. We need to do what most relegation sides do, soak up pressure, let our opponents exhaust ourselves, then get them on the break without being at so much risk. Paired with some smart corners and free kicks and you can nick a few goals and hopefully make it out.
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