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  1. I'm actually feeling quite optimistic for this one. Moore's first proper match (Let's be honest, he hardly chose the squad or subs for Wednesday), players with a point to prove that quite frequently end up beating the top sides after throwing it away to the bottom ones. Keep the faith, we're going staying up
  2. To be honest, we're at the same level. We need to play the same ugly league one football as every relegation side. It's hardly La Liga in the bottom half of the championship. Whether he can get this squad firing again is another issue!
  3. Probably not, Transfer window shut about a month ago mate.
  4. Last 14 results though; WWWLWWWWWLLLDL He does that over his next 14 and we'll be safe.
  5. Past two jobs involved him taking over sides facing relegation (Stoke + Ipswich two seasons ago), neither worked out. Third time lucky?
  6. The thing that always gets me about simple answers like this is the assumption that other teams won't know exactly what we're doing. Our fundamental constraint is that we don't have a tremendous amount of pace in the squad, and thats shown in the number of times we give away soft goals that often come about from our players getting out of position and not being able to track back quicker than others. All well and good saying "just get it in t'mixer early" but when you have Rhodes and Paterson moving at a snails pace, and Harris and Reach not much better, that whole play more often than not lea
  7. I'll take the '2021/22 Championship Return' season ticket, but maybe ask Chansiri to include tickets for the Papa Johns Trophy too so I can watch us get tonked by the West Brom U21s.
  8. The Tories have always had a special relationship with Pigs...
  9. Perhaps, but other young players have still kicked on. It's not uncommon for players to struggle in the jump from u18 to u23 - The typical example is a player that's stronger than other 17 year olds, but by the time they're all 20 and the same size they can't bully others off the ball anymore and fall behind. Even before covid, I don't think he ever got a single senior run out, right? not even a cup match. Obviously nice to tell ourselves that our academy is rubbish and we're throwing away talent, but the most likely explanation is that he wasn't actually that good.
  10. Pretty much nothing, had a good season or two a while ago but had stalled in his development when he went up to the u23s. We might have been able to shift him to a League two club, but the fact he's playing in Bulgaria probably shows there wasn't much competition in England for his signature.
  11. We're no doubt fortunate that there's a lot of other rubbish in this league - Look at Wycombe, even if we still had -12 we'd have overtaken them today. As it stands, 4 points off safety with a game in hand. Still in the conversation and in with a chance. When you started the season like we did that's all you can hope for.
  12. Commercial income is an area where we've actually consistently improved since Chansiri came in, just also one where we're clearly not living up to our potential. It's not really about shirts and the shop though, because I think we sell more than enough of those. We just really haven't got our act together on sponsorships. Look at Leeds last season for comparison, almost every bit of their kit, their training equipment, all of it, was sponsored by various companies. Hard to say if it's due to lack of effort on Chansiri's part or due to lack of interest, with us being a down and out
  13. Good to have gotten a new advisor in, but a bit confused why the club under Chansiri has always seemed to depend on personal advisors instead of placing people in permanent roles. Surely he has to see that it's in the best interests of the club to get people properly embedded and able to work independently rather than continuing to run everything through him. Seemingly creating a very dysfunctional management structure. Sadly, there are very few people in football who actually care about building good back offices, most of them are in it to line their own pockets, but it's shocking
  14. To be fair, Leicester's owners weren't that well loved when they were in the championship - and they got lucky cause when they spaffed money up the wall and broke FFP they managed to get promoted and get away with it. They're objectively better owners, but there's an awful lot of luck in football and Chansiri has had a run of bad luck (exacerbated by bad decisions). Will put my tin hat on for this, but I think a lot of people have been pretty petulant when it comes to refunds (especially pre-covid when people demanded refunds after bad results). The vast majority of professional fo
  15. On the one hand, fair play to him for arranging a conference a couple of days after an open letter was published calling for more transparency. On the other hand, this is going to be another rambling 3 hour semi-rant where we're left with more questions than answers, isn't it?
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