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  1. Early team news.

    Surprising, I was expecting Jos to go for the conservative approach of playing two keepers.
  2. You're right, some are crocks at this point. Loovens will be 35 next season and it's clear he has to move on. Fletcher might be another one that needs to be let go. Hopeful for the rest though, and optimistic that we've blooded more than enough talent over the past couple of months to fill the gaps left.
  3. Alan Biggs is quite old, wouldn't of thought he'd be able to play for Wednesday at his age. Mind you he'd probably do a better job than Loovens.
  4. Last season the 'over paid under performing' squad led us to the highest league finish in 18 years and when it comes to spend/performance we're pretty much mid table. Teams like Sunderland and Hull have spent a lot more than Wednesday and come away with less. This is purely about injuries - not players. I have full confidence that if we had more of that starting 11 from last season available we'd be up there amongst the top 6.
  5. This from Experimental361 (they've done all the league from last year) is interesting. It's our main squad last year. Compare that to the squad against Millwall Wildsmith - 97mins (2.1%) Venancio - New Loovens - 2775mins (61.3%) Thorniley - None Hunt - 2900mins (64.1%) Jones - 2030mins (44.9%) Pelupessy - New Fox - 850mins (18.8%) Stobbs - None Wallace - 3074mins (67.9%) Boyd - New Joao - 645mins (14.3%) Reach - 3600mins (79.6%) Nuhiu - 481mins (10.6%) And the only player of note on the bench was Pudil who had 2334mins last year. It's shocking that only 4 of last year's most used 11 were on the pitch at any point against Millwall. Really cements the fact that this team is on the bones of it's arse
  6. Rotation rubbish

    The thing is, it's not just about them being able to play an entire match, it's about managing injuries. We have two fit strikers - Frankly, The more time they have on the pitch the more risk they're at to be injured, wether it's just pulling a muscle on a horrible wet surface or a dodgy tackle. As much as I hated starting with no strikers, I'd rather do that and go for a draw or a cheeky win than risk getting either Nuhiu or Joao injured and being forced to play with no strikers when we actually need them. If Rhodes was fit and there were still no strikers in the starting 11 then I'd be angry, for now I'm just resigned to watching boring football.
  7. An average of 27,000 isn't bad, especially as the capacity of the ground is now 34,000 and a lot of clubs bring a tiny away crowd. Besides, all the other teams have their attendances propped up when the wednesday massive descend in their thousands.
  8. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    Depends how these long term injuries shake out really - A lot of the players on the higher end of the wage scale have been out a long time now, if they don't come back well then it'll be hard to move them on and there won't be much room for manoeuvre in the summer - In which case about 10th would be good. But of course they'll all be back and banging them in like it's 2015. Going up to the Prem as champions.
  9. Bumpy Ride

    You have a lot of faith in us being able to beat the mighty Rochdale in the Quarter Finals.
  10. Ended up talking to one of them on the train back tho. Proper old school racist he was
  11. To be fair, Millwall have had cracking home form all season. It's a difficult place for a team to come to and lots of teams have come expecting a win and come back with nothing. Maybe Jos saw that and thought it's best to try and scrape a draw and rest players for Villa/Swansea.
  12. Rate jos so far?

    A bit underwhelming, but overall I'm happy. He's setting up for matches pretty well and if the defenders weren't a shambles then last night wouldn't have been so bad I feel. My only gripe is that he can be a bit too conservative but (apart from last night when there was no one to pass to) the play on the break has been much better than it was under Carlos. I'd be interested to see how he does when some of the more creative forwards are available again and I'm hoping we can get Forestieri, Bannan and Lee back because their link up play will be key to making sure Wednesday can keep possession going forward. Playing at the back all the time with an OAP (Loovens) at centre half does make my bum proper squeaky tho
  13. Can't see Wednesday winning this sadly, Millwall have cracking home form and seem to be playing a lot more consistently than Wednesday right now. 2-0 Should be a good opportunity for another run out of Clare and Thorniley at least
  14. Who will go down?

    Burton look nailed on now and will be relegated with a few games to go I reckon. Sunderland is an interesting one cause I keep thinking they're gonna hit a run of form although they look too far off pace for it to matter anyway. The last place will be decided on the final day and looks to be a throw up between Barnsley, Birmingham, Hull and Bolton. Hoping for Hull, Expecting Barnsley.
  15. The Semedo factor

    We should've kept him on as a coach and given him the chance to earn some badges here. He wasn't the best footballer and the game had moved past him but he really understood the fans and the city and when you have a big influx of new international players it's important to have someone who has come from abroad and settled here and can help keep their heads straight.