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  1. e6owl

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    Yeah, considering our form and the way our defence played against Norwich they should've been putting tonight into the history books. Didn't have enough £40k a week players to do it though
  2. e6owl

    home tickets

    personally, I'm fine paying the premium to not have to sit in Bramall lane.
  3. e6owl

    What happened to this?

    Hutch did give away a pen in that match, perhaps something about his response to that?
  4. Mind, the mental health charity, are the EFL partner this year. They're doing badges in all the team colours. A fetching blue and white one available here: https://shop.mind.org.uk/shop/buy_your_limited_edition_badge/1298_sheffield_wednesday_fc
  5. "One small step for man, one giant appearance fee for David Jones"
  6. e6owl

    Where is Fernando?

    Hamstring strain, had a scan, ruled out for a few weeks. Not everything is a conspiracy.
  7. Possibly due to us buying a raft of players like Hooper and Abdi who had persistent injury problems in the past that finally caught up with them. but probably because there's an Indian burial ground under middlewood.
  8. expecting a QPR win, still rocky from the other night and they're starting to hit their stride. Hate going there though, hearing that tinpot goal song is grim
  9. To me, there's no advantage of moving, we already have a big enough stadium to fill out with premier league football. It's just about getting some areas back (NW Corner) and rebuilding the west. The ultimate problem will always be the name though, Hillsborough will always be associated with the disaster in the minds of many fans.
  10. e6owl

    QPR Away Details

    Only Silver Restricted tickets left now. Hoping the view isn't awful
  11. It's gonna be 2-2 again, isn't it?
  12. e6owl


    CHRIST ALMIGHTY one of them just went on some riff about the differences between the english, irish, scottish and welsh... Dejphon, have a word.
  13. Unsure why people are complaining, this is a pretty standard away game plan. Bristol are quite a high intensity team and they've come out hard. What you'd want the team to be doing is soaking up the pressure and working on the break. exactly what we've been doing.
  14. e6owl


    They're not even describing the match, just stringing words together and making noise. The ifollow commentary with O'neill and Pearson is usually pretty good, shame they've decided to use these two when ifollow will be used the most today.