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  1. Sam Winnall

    I don't want him to go, I thought he was potentially a reasonable player that didn't cost a lot. He's been a second string player at Derby and bagged 6 goals. That would make him our second highest scorer!! Which given his apparent rubbish touch and general rubbishness attributed to him on here, seems a pretty good show. We shipped him out due to his bust up with FF imo, and he's trying to make the most of the opportunity. I heard him interviewed on radio Derby before the Leeds match this week, and he came across well, like a player who wants to contribute to the club on and off the pitch. How many of our injury list do we see at a game, or even in the country? I know we aren't supposed to speak well of any player wanting to go, but I see him as a missed opportunity, so good luck to him
  2. Sam Winnall

    Hmmm, Derby's training facilities versus ours; Winnall has made the most goal wise from his limited starts there. Make a few quid off him, job's a good 'un, good luck to him.
  3. Soak up some pressure for 70 minutes then 3 man impact substitutions, and boom! back up the M1 with 3 points in the bag. It will be like that bit from Rocky 2 when he switches from southpaw to right handed and batters Creed......... hopefully.
  4. pay on dayers

    In fairness this season is the only proper contrast, and that's slightly skewed by the kids ageing so the decisions we made a couple of years ago are probably not what we would pick next season. For the last two seasons we have been hit by the older ranks of both sides of the family being blighted by I'll health, although by this was resolved just before this season kicked off.... This season we have done 8 out of the 15(?) home matches by Derby on Tues, and there have usually been 4 of us there so a combo of either 2 adults, or 2 concessions and always an under 11. So call an adult an approx average £30/ concession £20 and under 11 a tenner. So £80-90 a visit, so say 8x85 is £680ish so far, another 4 out of those left hopefully, so another £340, so overall just over a grand. I'm missing off the fa cups and the odd away match etc, so there are more concessions there. In value terms nowt beats a season ticket, but for us we are doing less matches so the sundry costs like food, booze and travel are also less. So I think our situation isn't what it would be for others. Next year our eldest kid knows she'll be funding her own tickets/ season ticket as she works full time, as we don't charge her board. So we may well go back to 4 season ticket's as we have enough family and friends to fill the seat's and the eldest might fund one!!
  5. pay on dayers

    I can apologies for making 4x6=18 though!!
  6. pay on dayers

    We are a payg ticket family this year, we have 3 kid's from 9 up to 19. Me and the other half work irregular shifts over weekends, and with the family stuff we can't guarantee how often we will get. We had season tickets for all up to 3 year's ago, but changes of jobs meant the 2 year's before this we just bought membership. Last year things were extra hectic, so even the cost of the membership didn't really feel like it payed for itself. Also with the eldest kids getting more independent, it can be anywhere between 1 and the 3 of them that we bring. This year we have managed about half of the home games and I haven't really worried about paying the into the early £30's, as regardless of the match we enjoy the day (the ups and the downs!) and WAWAW. But we have decided to pass on the Villa match as we would have been taking a full house, so the best part of £150 in tickets, add in booking fee and we usually go North stand. First time we have ever dipped out on price, and in reality it's only £6 per head more for the 2 adults and 2 concessions. So only £18 more than it would be for Derby tomorrow, to which 3 of us are going. But adding in food, some booze etc etc it just feels to much. We could cheapen it up by ditching the expenses outside of the match, but this is part of the day to us, and I don't want to. I'm happy to bring us all to Swansea on Saturday, when we could watch it for free, but does my Villa refusal put me in the fair weather fan club?