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  1. There is a reason I avoid this place when we aren't playing, but I'll always come back for a Snoot's OMDT. C'mon Wednesday!!
  2. We have a squad tainted with failure and complacency and an owner that thinks we are a charity for sick and under performing player's. My biggest worry is that if we did get sent down via a points deduction, we would stick with them in the hope that 'quality and experience' would limp us back across the line and return to the championship in the same poo state.
  3. I went with Borner, mainly because everyone else has and we stopped over in L**ds and my head is in bits today. Just managed a couple of difficult pints before heading to L**ds Bradford RL match, pay my respects and chuck a few coins Rob Burrows way. UTO's
  4. Ha, never thought of that, we used to live there, so that's a champion idea. Combined with @It109 and we are all sorted, many thanks.
  5. Cheers buddy. Cost wasn't the issue sorry, should have been clearer but I'm already on the port. My girls are going to want a beer, so was more where is good for parking and a pint?
  6. Happy Christmas all. Never driven for Stoke away before, any tips on best places to park for the ground? Cheers in advance.
  7. Great OMDT as ever, thanks. Just sprucing myself up for a lunchtime start with the sheep shaggers from work, and a random Liverpool fan along for the beers. Derby fans form at home has been solid on paper but unconvincing according to them. So......... Their away form is garbage but I think they are hoping Rooney will sort that as he specialises in away performances
  8. No idea why I thought of this.....
  9. The whole registering thing has done me a favour. I no longer click any links for The Star.
  10. I enjoyed a hell of a lot of things today. I really enjoyed the match, the weather added to it being a proper game against a team we all love to hate. It was a proper intense match of graft, intensity and tension. Could have gone either way, but we should have nicked it. We opened well, then after about 15 mins Leeds had a good spell and showed some skill moving it quickly through the lines, but I think we came back into the half. I thought Leeds were going to really come out second half, but we had the better of them. At nil nil both teams were vulnerable to the 1 goal and there were some proper heart in mouth moments at both ends. Some great individual performances, and a great team performance. In the second half I really thought if we could play like this every week we will be sound, but equally I thought we have progressed under Monk. I loved the interaction between players, the manager and coaching staff. Whilst I was gutted we didn't nick it, my youngest (11), who is usually quite impassive about matches, turned to me after one of those shonky lines man calls and just said 'the dirty Leeds pigs'. And I just hugged her Great day, let's get that striker and smash this league!!
  11. Lad has had a lot of poo to deal with from fans, I think he has got a bit of steel running through him as he is much improved and is putting in good performances despite morons still shouting him down.
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