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  1. I loved it in the first half when two Luton lads were trying to press him and he just looked up and stepped passed them. He is constantly talking to the team, and trying to fire them up. Wins header's, tackles and makes sensible challenges. Seems to be read the game well and seems to always be in the right place. Being honest, I know it's early days and I haven't really got to know him. I think I might be in the lust phase, but I think I'll love him.
  2. I don't mind getting humped by a better team, but that was one of those frustrating losses that I really hate. But agree with some of the comments that we could still be playing tomorrow and we wouldn't have scored. Nowt to wet the bed over for me though, I'll chalk it off as a bad day at the office. Can't wait till Tuesday night, I'm glad we have a quick turnaround to put this to the back of us. UTO's
  3. IIf I ruled the world I would turn the club shop into a lovely big Wednesday Tap, and put the club shop somewhere smaller like the current Wednesday Tap. On line service is good from the store, and I can't see the current shop getting more foot fall than one in Meadow Hall other than on match days. I would love a decent size Tap that could effeciently deliver beer!
  4. When he burst through and clipped that pass to Fletch for our second..... I am ridiculously pleased to see him playing again!
  5. In what I thought was a class team performance, he looked exceptional. Long may he continue.
  6. Just got in after a night shift, and was fully expecting to be having a cuppa and read the OTMD from Snoots before walking the dog. The thread's have become part of any match day for me, so sincerely hope all is well with Snoot's. No way I'm going to be any sleep before the match today as I'm buzzing. Chuffing 47 and the first home game of season has me giddy like kid at Christmas. C'mon Wednesday! I can't wait for 3 o'clock!!
  7. I am ridiculously optimistic before any season, but usually have the good sense to keep it to myself! But great first post, and all that fine sentiment and positivity has left me quite moved!
  8. He spoke well and gave a fair account, worth a listen....yes, with your eye's shut...that hair!! Couldn't stop thinking;
  9. In the absence of knowing any actual facts about anything related Bruce's departure, compo, new manager hunt etc other than Bruce has gone, and we are still awaiting a new manager. I can officially announce I'm bored of Bruce and just want to look forwards to the new season, so;
  10. Took daughters 2 and 3 to the shop to get their home shirts and picked up an away for daughter 1 who is away at Uni. Great shirt's! Love them without a sponsor on. Was great to see the girls buzzing, and my wallet was substantially easier to carry home. Every time I go to the store nowadays, I can't help thinking they should make the store into a reyt big Wednesday Tap and move the store somewhere smaller, like the current Tap. Good online service would support this too! If only I ruled the world...
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