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  1. The problem to me is we lack any coherent strategy as a club on these offers. We now have a two tier membership which even at the lower rate is arguably over priced. So the 'new' bundle deals will have to strike a balance between being attractive to fans, and not f'ing off those that have got membership. Despite the fact membership offers other benefits, people tend to see price per ticket. You see a lot of other clubs putting up multi ticket deals in the second half of a season, which does seem to link a strategy in relation to team performance, cost and a desire to maintain attendance. But we seem to be making it up on the hoof. I applaud anything that makes our fans turn up in bigger numbers, but would clap louder if we looked like what we had a plan. I think DC is a bit Trump-lite, that decisions are based on vanity. Equally, before I get slated for being 'negative, I spaffed a Kings ransom for 3 adults and our 8 year old to watch us against Hull, potg. And now have bought silver membership' s, and will be back for Millwall. I would love to have some coherent plan that would let me financially plan to get me and the family to as many games as possible. So I'm trying, and just wish it was easier to plan.
  2. I think for me, I can see why he gambled as he did. In the play off final first year, why not. I don't know if he expected us to be there that year, I honestly didn't. But I think we didn't gamble well, looking at the player's we brought in and how Carlos ran the side, it was a bit of a perfect storm. And turned into a 'poo or bust' scenario and we then let the situation carry on too long. From listening to the podcast, it seems clear a lot of club's are gambling and the rules suit some more than others. From my take on what was being said you can offset some of the risks of the gamble by buying young promising player's or developing these player's so you have saleable assessts. And by developing other revenue streams within the club. As the podcast notes, you need to develope the club not just the team. Oddly, I think fate has now forced us into having a longer term strategy for the side, and given the player's coming through this looks promising to help the clubs stability going forwards and to support future well timed investment. DC needs to develop income outside of just the fans though. Some of us are quite literally running out of money, and I would like to see some strategy there and have that communicated to us. I appreciate the latter is tricky, as most fans just want to hear about marquee signings. I think we will have a couple of tough years, but I'm going to try and enjoy the ride.
  3. We will finish: 7th Who wins the league?: Villa Relegated Teams: Rotherham, the pigs and QPR Top goal scorer: Forestieri with 10 goals. Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Forestieri & Baker Notable crazy moment(s) of the season; Nuhui being denied his crown as top scorer and leaving Hillsborough on a war horse resplendent in National attire after taking up the call to be the next Kosovan King, and leading his country in war following a return to racial tensions in the disputed Balkan regions, whilst promising to have it 'sorted' by Owls in the Park '19.
  4. It's only going one way...
  5. Anus

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Owls megastore, fact.
  6. Sorry buddy, didn't realise it would. To late to edit I'm afraid, but apologies.
  7. More worrying is that big clubs won't need to make that original offer going forwards. Which in turn may make many clubs reconsider the merits of investing so heavily in a youth system. If the loophole continues I can't see it being that positive for the game.
  8. Anus


    Bet the fans loved it.... Oh, yeah, look at them.... Edit - I got the black screen thing, did with press conference the other day. Don't know if it is from it being embedded from Facebook.
  9. Anus

    One more sleep

    Me at work all week, it couldn't have gone any slower....... I can't wait
  10. Anus

    Clare joins Swansea

    Add me to the list of those who forgot he was still with us, now...
  11. Anus

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Lovely stuff, that will be three more adult and a junior membership added by us.
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    Seems you're not alone pal
  13. I've just re-read the op and can't get past frazzles....
  14. I generally believe if you have a striker that is currently regularly scoring you should play them. What they did 3 years ago seems of little concern.