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  1. It's weird because Gibson has always been such a nice guy
  2. At this rate he'll never get that chuffing ring to Mordor
  3. A month ago I thought stuff looked pretty bleak to me. So I'll happily take that point and performance; solid enough at the back, moved the ball with some fluidity at times, and some work to do in the final third. It looks like we have a squad to build and a gaffer to do it. Can't wait for Donnie at ours, let's go!
  4. Brilliant OMDT as always I think there is only one way to enter this season given the basket case the club had been!! Up the Owls!!!
  5. They have been serving me beer slowly for year's Can't wait to get back in, I suspect I may feel a bit emotional, but I'm sure the squad will bring me back to reality.
  6. Aaaand.....back in the room!! Fine work as always Snoots! What a strange old time it's been, see you all tomorrow
  7. I'm working on my own, sadly you may need to search the fiction section
  8. Oh God, the one on the left looks like my favourite Nolan sister....
  9. Oh Christ, why did you make me look back at our season!!
  10. Great OMDT as ever Be nice to see Galvin get a run out. UTO's
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