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  1. I'm working on my own, sadly you may need to search the fiction section
  2. Oh God, the one on the left looks like my favourite Nolan sister....
  3. I love the food hall's used the CW and Kommune for days and nights with family and friends. Must admit I prefer Kommune, as it's more airy and CW seems to make you smell like you've been sat in a deep fat fryer for an hour. But I like the concept and find them very relaxed, same with the steelyard at Kelham and Peddler. Bring it on
  4. Seems the good people at Cafe Royal books are at it again, hopefully stirs a few memories for some https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/shop/berris-conolly-sheffield-198892
  5. Oh Christ, why did you make me look back at our season!!
  6. Great OMDT as ever Be nice to see Galvin get a run out. UTO's
  7. Yes, being a poorly led financial basket case of a club, that insists in bleeding every last penny out of each fan to fund an abysmal player recruitment strategy should go well in League 1. Add in covid and the fact we will be fighting to recruit league 1 standard player's and a load of journey men crocks, yes behold League 1 the land of the miracle recovery
  8. I think we really need to define what you mean by 'shake the fizz out of them'
  9. Easily Pessy for me. Despite the histrionics I've seen about the result, I sort of think if we were in some mid table safety place no one would really be wetting the bed about that result or performance. Sadly we aren't though, we are going down already, so whatever meat is left on the bones is bound to be torn off. If we had played like we we did today more often I might have thought we were fighting for survival, but we haven't been sadly. Roll on next season.
  10. I wonder how we will vary of route to losing today, concede early or daft sending off. At least if we get one or the other in the first 5 minutes I won't waste any time getting my hope's up.
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