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  1. Great OMDT as ever, thanks. Just sprucing myself up for a lunchtime start with the sheep shaggers from work, and a random Liverpool fan along for the beers. Derby fans form at home has been solid on paper but unconvincing according to them. So......... Their away form is garbage but I think they are hoping Rooney will sort that as he specialises in away performances
  2. No idea why I thought of this.....
  3. The whole registering thing has done me a favour. I no longer click any links for The Star.
  4. I enjoyed a hell of a lot of things today. I really enjoyed the match, the weather added to it being a proper game against a team we all love to hate. It was a proper intense match of graft, intensity and tension. Could have gone either way, but we should have nicked it. We opened well, then after about 15 mins Leeds had a good spell and showed some skill moving it quickly through the lines, but I think we came back into the half. I thought Leeds were going to really come out second half, but we had the better of them. At nil nil both teams were vulnerable to the 1 goal and there were some proper heart in mouth moments at both ends. Some great individual performances, and a great team performance. In the second half I really thought if we could play like this every week we will be sound, but equally I thought we have progressed under Monk. I loved the interaction between players, the manager and coaching staff. Whilst I was gutted we didn't nick it, my youngest (11), who is usually quite impassive about matches, turned to me after one of those shonky lines man calls and just said 'the dirty Leeds pigs'. And I just hugged her Great day, let's get that striker and smash this league!!
  5. Lad has had a lot of poo to deal with from fans, I think he has got a bit of steel running through him as he is much improved and is putting in good performances despite morons still shouting him down.
  6. I let a little bit of wee out into my pants when Borner flicked that goal in, think I'll leave changing my pants till after the second 45 though.... C'mon Wednesday
  7. Certainly is, but our fans look beautiful next to that near empty stadium. UTO's
  8. I hope we batter them, I couldn't bare to see that cringy mauled by the tigers poo they do!
  9. I may have described the day in a manner that paints them in a slightly poor light. They are fairly standard issue folk, that were just unfortunate to be born in a post apocalyptic wasteland. I'm not sure a football game was the best idea for a first meeting. I'm still undecided if it would be worse if they were blades? But I have more daughters so that may still be to come. The gypsy prince himself seems harmless enough, which in fairness I hold as a decent enough threshold for the girls boyfriends. On the second occasion we met, we all headed for a picnic in the Peak. It was sunny and at one point he whipped his top off. I'm a little old school so raised an eyebrow and enquired if he was on hormone therapy as I had never seen a man with such juicy nipples. This didn't go down to well with the girls, and queue an awkward conversation where they tried to reassure him his nipples were entirely normal and it was just me being a @rse. But the top did go back on, and has remained on for the last 18 months in front of me. Which given we took them to Spain last year suggests it may be me that's the monster. So I'll probably keep banging them out on hold for the time being, but if they beat us at our place, it could well be on the table!
  10. I had the most bizarre day, yesterday. Daughter 1's latest boyfriend, well fiancee, is a Boro fan from a Boro family. We haven't done the parents meet thing, although we have met the gypsy prince a good few times. So seeing as their horses would get tired coming down here, we agreed a trip up there for the match. Both daughter 1 and the war office had instructed that I 'shouldn't be a wee pipe', so off we headed. So as to not get too creepy we booked a hotel, and duly met the potential in-laws in a pub for a spot of lunch. Within the the first 5 minutes the gypsy prince's dad asked about our ground sale, to which I duly noted it had been signed off by the efl and suggested it might be less fuss if Gibson just stopped embarrassing himself. I guess somewhat rightly the gypsy prince's dad asked me to expand on that point (well that's what I think he mumbled). The females of my family were already giving me that look, so I quickly stated it might just be cheaper if Gibson just admitted the parachute payments were gone and he has lost the key to the magic wardrobe to Narnia. I did then shape up a little to ease tensions and tried to expand the conversation, but both the gypsy prince and his dad essentially went on to say how much they, and scrubber Woodgate, did not rate Monk. In fairness, I wasn't best pleased with Tuesday night, or the signs from the girls, so just let it wash over me. So then we have a few beers, head to the match. And we smash them!!! Cleary we are in the wrong end, so I am having to watch the wonder in front of me somewhat more muted than I normally would. I did offer the gypsy prince my card so he could pop down and get the beers before the ht break. I may have also stated I was happy to stay for the second half myself, as they may wish to leave? More frowns. Luckily the second half cantered by without fuss....... and queue the evening meal*, and both the gypsy prince and his dad tried to resurrect the ground sale debate. By this time, buoyed on the win and booze, I just shrugged my shoulders and suggest Gibson could save a few quid by rolling their Christmas and end of season do into one, but this only seemed to amuse me. Eventually, me and the better half retired back to the hotel for a night cap, resigned to the knowledge the gypsy prince would be hate banging our first born**. In fairness, Mrs A loves Wed in equal measure to I, and she did seem to not need to make any snarky comments, so after a brief lecture on my lack of emotional maturity we did manage to admit we would both usually have been made up with a point away up there. We also agreed that should there be a wedding and potential invite to a stag do, I probably shouldn't attend. Tricky stuff being a grown up. * a sit down one, and not a McDonald's, who would have thought? ** apparently, it was just me thinking that.
  11. I thought the price of the ticket was reflected in the crowd numbers, and when I saw the team Monk put out I was instantly a bit deflated. Everton had fielded strong teams in previous rounds and we decided to make a lot of changes. It's no wonder we were done in the first 10 minutes as a new and not our strongest lineup settled in against a premiership team. Given recent results Everton were there for us to have a go at, and we didn't. Fair play to their travelling fans, I'm sure they appreciated an easy day at the office.
  12. Sorry, I've probably come across as a bit of a *** with my first post. I've been up way too long as I only came off nights last night. I was grumpy, bit saw the team sheet and just thought we had given it up before we started. I thought the club over priced the tickets for a cup match and we looked proper championship against a proper away crowd. I just felt really gutted tonight, we lost it in 10 minutes, and we didn't need to.
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