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  1. I'm way ahead preparing the family for this one....
  2. Anus

    Good Grief?

    I remember being sat in a Wetherspoon's after a rememberance day ceremony, I was with my family and my late mum and dad. Both me and me dad had our service medals on, and some fella loudly said to his mate's at a table away from us 'Look at those twats, I bet they think if they wear them long enough they'll get another' (or similar, it was 10 year ago). In reality, he was just one of the many folk who feel they should judge how folk grieve or pay their respects. He just felt more extremely than some. But I can't really understand why anyone wants to put boundaries on this. We all know we are going to die, but that's not the issue. We have a big issue in this country with how we handle grief and loss, and I see this daily at work. And actually we are all paying taxes to try and pick up the pieces of this through the Police, NHS and social services. So I don't see changing the attitude of expressing emotion around grief a bad thing. If you don't want to clap don't clap, but sneering at it won't get us anywhere.
  3. Anus

    Good Grief?

    I think someone getting upset about how easy some people get upset is fabulous irony. I don't really have an issue with it, particularly when some of these tributes are fan led. I remember speaking to some psychologist giving us a lecture on some research done around people grieving about Princess Diana. Which at the time I used to think was ott. But most of the studies showed that people took the opportunity to think about the people they had lost, rather than really missing Di. Oddly, I couldn't help but think that was a good thing really. We all lose people and we all have to get through these things. Seems better than the attitudes I saw in the late 80's on the terraces, so if I have to clap for a minute to get away from that, I'm in.
  4. I've just opened the door marked 'Sheffield Wednesday Transfer Action Center'...
  5. Anus

    Steve's tactics

    Minutes into the first match? Sadly some will start when the Ipswich team news is announced But I agree with you, I'll be happy to survive this season with a few good wins and some hope! What worries me is DC's if we don't go up we are in (undefined) trouble...I can't believe Bruce has looked at our squad and thought 'Aye, lower half of the league to promotion will be no sweat with these lads!'. So they must have discussed what will happen in summer if we are still in this league.......and the job must still have seemed appealing..... hopefully.
  6. Anus

    Kieron Westwood Lovely Man

    Am I the only one that was gutted he wasn't giving her goggles back?
  7. I dunno, I reckon fighting ginge Ben Stokes could do a job for us?
  8. Ah bugger it! We never set up to win, and if only Reach had got round that shot, or Hutchinson executed the shot that was in his mind or no var! I thought we could have put pressure on that defence....but bugger it. I only came with hope, and I haven't lost that in the 32 year's I've been coming to see us. I still have some drinking to do, safe journeys for all those traveling! WAWAW
  9. Quality OMDT, really top draw! We got into London yesterday lunch, so I felt a little delicate when I woke up this morning. I was given the choice* of dry Jan or Veganuary.....so I've just had a remarkably nice vegan fry up to soak up yesterday's booze. * My better half's definition of choice may not be that of the Oxford English dictionary. However I'm still feeling a bit sick, but that's just the excitement! I know what my head says the score will be, but bugger that, I'm buzzing. Time for a wash and brush up, and then it's time to head for pre-drinks....I really believe we are going to get something today. So let's smash them Wednesday!! UTO's!! Thank God I'm off tomorrow!!
  10. I've brought fans of Derby, Arsenal, Forest, Bristol, Blackburn, Bolton, Newcastle, Chelsea, Swansea, Cardiff and Northwich Victoria to Hillsborough without issue. Both when their team's have been playing and not. And likewise been to their's when we've played and when we haven't. There has been one occasion where some fella behind us got 'bothered' we had a red dog with us. And once when I was with the Cardiff away fan's at Derby, some fans asked if I was a Derby fan, I mean really, the scrubbers. Neither occasion turned into any fuss, and I generally think if you are with fans of the club you should be fine. Generally you have to try and obey the universal rule 'don't be a wee pipe' and hope you don't come across anyone who can't not be, then I think you'll be fine. Never sure why any bunch of away fan's would sit in the home end given the choice? But having spent 20+ year's an a&e nurse picking up the aftermath of knobheads scrapping I really think anyone that wants to batter someone over football is just scum.
  11. Anus

    Would you take a draw?

    Yes, of course. I would be over the moon if we scored first, regardless of how many they go on to score. Seeing their scoreboard state 'Chelsea 0 - 1 Sheff Wed' would be a joy for me, no matter how short lived. But to have them back at ours would be fantastic.
  12. Anus

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Great OMDT post as always Now I'm hopeful for today, purely on the basis that after watching us at Blackburn I had to work in London village till Christmas and the next game I saw was Birmingham....and since Luton (first round) and Hull away. So effectively I've missed this season's upturn and just got back for some meh!! But luckily today I'm at work again, so we are going to smash them!! Wed 3 - pie eaters 0 UTO's!
  13. Oh my chuffing god!!! I'm already fully sorted for Chelsea, I was before the night and just dreaded that would jinx it. Tonight's match sounded pretty awful but we'll smash Chelsea!! UTO's
  14. Anus

    luton game

    Well, due to the better half's best mate being on a cruise, we have the chance of a pair of their season tickets and free accommodation. We can get the time off. My brother is happy to have the youngest from Saturday, and the other two will survive........So, I figure a couple of swanky meals, a wallet emptying amount of fine cocktails, bit of shopping, the nostalgia of London away day's of the past and an open top bus tour and I might be in for a chance of getting my end away without trying to be as quiet as possible and wondering which child will interupt me just before I get my vinegar face on!! Oh, and I'll get to see the lads smash Chelsea, and get back in time to pick the little one up from school Monday. Luton are going to pan us 3-0 aren't they.
  15. Calm down, love, was just a joke. Did you run out of reading before I complimented the progress you've shown this season.