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  1. Not looking promising.....
  2. Sensible brain says I would take a season of rebuilding, providing we do bring in youth player's in a meaningful way and play some decent football. I think Jos has plans and I'm excited for us, the end of this season showed some real green shoots, but there is still a way to go for us I fear. In my heart though, we've got to go up!
  3. Anus

    Big sam

    Jos - looks like a man with plans, and it looks like it they could be cunning plans. Big Sam - looks like my scrotum, with eyes drawn on, no thanks.
  4. Anus

    What price would you pay?

    I can't remember the last time I was really excited by the premiership title race, baring Leicester's freak year. But I would love to see us back playing against the top clubs in the top division. God, I really miss it. Would I take one of the turds from the managerial merry-go-round with some short term view, relying on some journeymen 'that know the league'? Yes, yes I would if we got up. But even better, in Jos I think we have a manager that is considering the club on the whole and looking to develop for the future. I hope he has the nounce to get us up quick sharp, but I would sacrifice a 'good' season and getting close, if it meant we could go up all the stronger the following year. I'm not sure in today's game many fan's or club's would, but I've loved this club a long time, and love ain't always easy.
  5. Anus

    800k for Fred

  6. Anus


    Can they promote him to bar work on match day's. The pulling of a pint of Wednesday ale appears to be some form of slow torturous dark art... if he can sort that, sod being my best mate, I'll adopt him!!
  7. No, seems they haven't made 'wage thief' a medical condition yet?
  8. Probably about 8 months. ..but I'm growing quite used to being an anus. I work in an A&E department so I get called far worse on a scarily regular basis....
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44064957 And he's gone, hopefully that should put an end to the constant looking over your shoulder's at what was. Let's power forwards for next year and look forward's to hammering everyone! Edit - beaten to it! Damn my fat fingers
  10. Anus

    Venâncio celebration

    He looked pretty chuffed, would love to have him here next season.
  11. Hopefully more than just speculation.... We could do with a
  12. Anus

    Five wins in seven games

    Despite the excitement of the last 2 seasons, today reminded me of many other season's where the last few games have been a hope that they will put a smile on your face; no more, no less. And today did that just that, bit of sun, day out with the little 'un, 1 sublime goal. Some handbags and a red. These are the days that make the break through to August all the longer. Let's give Jos his chance, he just seems so sensible about the job, makes it feel it's about the club and not about him. WAWAW.
  13. Anus

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Fine work Snoot's, I always appreciate the OMDT post's. Taking the littlest one today at the bargain potg price of only £49 plus booking fee..... But can't wait, sunny(ish) day, pint of Wednesday ale and some over cooked pastry offerings, and smashing Reading! What's not to like. I'm hoping we finish this interesting season with a positive gd!
  14. Anus

    What stopped us?

    I only wish we had a poster called 'Rhetoric'Owl' to answer this one. Then I would want to know his address, so I could kick the poo out of him for not telling us sooner!!
  15. Anus


    Let's just hope security find what they're looking for in his rucksack!!