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  1. Owl mate from Swad generally gets the train from Burton to Sheffield. It's part of the Edinburgh cross country service, so regular and good range of times to accommodate his drinking needs.
  2. Forestieri, but as mentioned by others, there were some great performances across the team. Really enjoyed the match, and all things considered would have taken a point before the match. Also laughed watching them beg for a pen. I would love us to show up like that against QOR. Roll on Mon!!
  3. After watching those scrubbers pitifully begging for a penalty, they can have their point. Love you Wednesday!
  4. Every time I listen to Bruce or read his comments I just feel all...
  5. Hector for me, odd mistake, but chuff me he is a beast!
  6. Wasn't it Fox, joao, Boyd....equals wonder 2nd goal? Outside of that did okay, and since the second goal made me spunk my pants, I was pretty distracted after... Until the third, and then we finished with a clean sheet, that then still have me a twitch on..
  7. Brilliant otmd as always. At my age I don't get many thing's I want twice in a week anymore, so I'm very happy for back to back home game's to keep me occupied, and what a great night it looking for a match!! I really still think we should have won Sat, despite the score. Hope the steward's are all ready for the Forest fan's, those fans aren't to be messed with....not if the are hungry. https://youtu.be/fqbmsGIG0H4 Still not mastered the dark art of a YouTube link
  8. Yeah, but you're fighting this oppression and choosing to now purchase outside the ground, so you'll show them mate!
  9. I for one will sadly miss standing behind some shovel handed numpty picking through half a ton of change barely able to calculate how two and five pences will add up to two cups of Bovril and a bag of munchies, leaving me with about 8 seconds to down a freezing pint of Amstel, that has been served to by someone that seems to have the ability to slow down time. Yeah sad times.
  10. Hector's a bit damned if he does or doesn't. He should simply be able to say if he had a future at Chelsea he would take it, but if not, Wednesday is good for him. Sadly he would be slated.
  11. He's absolutely class, but fitness is always a query. Was beautiful to see him score today.
  12. I'm taking the op's post as tired and emotional, usually a solid contributer. We try and smash Leeds, it's Leeds FFS
  13. Flipping poo, bloody tough afternoon watch. And I know, loads still to sort out. But love you Wednesday! Some reyt matches left, and can't wait for next season.
  14. Brilliant omdt as ever, thanks. I'm just sat after my 13th 12 hour night shift on the bounce having a coffee before I bike home, and it was just the tonic. Given the potg price's I need to keep getting the nights in!! But first match at home since the pig's, and it's me and my two eldest girl's attending today and I'm totally buzzing!! Just the dog to walk, get showered and then we are out for a bottomless brunch pre-match, whatever the chuff that is! But the girls have assured me I will be full of limitless fizzy booze before I watch us smash these yellow teethed bin dipper's. Life has certainly changed since I started coming with me dad and brother in 1986!! I don't know if brunch was even a word then, and I never saw my old fella with a glass off fizzy wine!! But sleep deprived and probably a bit a bit manic, I'm right up for it today, hope the boys are to!! UTO's
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