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  1. Opened this expecting to see someone footing turf in a Wednesday top.
  2. I would like to comment on the shirt but as I live in Ireland and am not able to log onto my account (SWFC shop site) for several weeks now as it keeps telling me there is a technical issue and a report has been sent, and also after several emails, to which I have had no response, I am unable to tell you what the local people of Ireland think of it. :-(
  3. I live in Ireland and have been getting the same message for weeks now, have sent several emails and have had no response from them. Seems like they don't give a poo about non local fans. I think it might be time to write a letter of complaint to the main man himself.
  4. Considering we still won and didn't concede after they came on the answer would be nope not worried at all.
  5. I know and would love to be there, but knowing some of our fans they will rip him apart if we aren't there after saying what he has said about being there for 2017. And also as being the age of starting to support us in the 70s and seeing our ups and downs and what happened only a few years back, we really need to be careful on the spending more than we should. Blackpool as another example.
  6. I'm not really sure if I want us to go up this year, are we really ready? The last thing I want after chansiri said he wants us their for our 150th year is not to be. So we go up via play offs are not ready and come down straight away... Not a chance we will be there for our birthday year. I would rather build a solid team this year staying in the top half then push on next season and be crowned champions in April/May 2017 and be in the premier league on the 4th September 2017.
  7. That looks like a sunnier and warmer version of Longford Town ground in Ireland.
  8. Or maybe it is part of a deal that takes Stevie May to St. Mirren
  9. Might be happening, as they say the new pitch is going to be higher than it is now so that means the dugouts would be below the pitch if they didnt.
  10. Sky Sports News HQ â€@SkySportsNewsHQ 3m3 minutes ago Sky Sources: Leeds sack assistant manager Steve Thompson - details on #SSNHQ Heard SG going to manage Leeds...... Opps a day late with this one
  11. Just a thought how many of you would be moaning about goals scored and that you would rather be lower in the league if we had scored more goals if at this moment we sat top of the league with say 69 points having only scored 21 goals??? (21 wins 1-0, 6 draws at 0-0 and 4 losses) not saying it could happen or that it would be the prettiest football in the world but I would rather be us in 11th scoring 23 goals than Blackpool in 24th with 27 goals
  12. I dont agree with this, one of the best penalty takers SWFC has had (imo) was Mel "zico" Sterland and he wasnt a striker.
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