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  1. How can we talk about signing Hector for 5mil and be ok about it? Too much for me. 1.5/2mil more realistic under our current situation... We’ll see. Another CB is needed though
  2. ...than any transfer business we could have possibly done this summer under the circumstances? Also switching to 4-3-3, does this relax the need in getting another CB?
  3. Just seen a video on twitter of the 3-0 victory over Arsenal back in 2015. It was such special night and could possibly just have been a fluke but we played with such passion and speed so many time after that. 7 of the starting 11 are still at the club. So what has happened?
  4. As we all know Winnall is currently out injured with a torn ACL. My understanding is if a player has any type of injury, not just a long term one, they return to their parent club, right? By the looks of it he’s doing his rehab at Derby and spends time going to watch them too. Can you blame him, as our medical team can’t be trusted and is this him pushing a move in the summer?
  5. Is it right for fans to boo players on the field? I can argue for yes and no on this topic. I believe as a paying fan you have the right to do so but for me, I don’t see how it can helps things during the game.
  6. We all come on this website to voice our views about our great club but what would you do differently or do anything at all from right now? - Manager? - Signings? - Kit for 2018/19? - Club shop and website? - Day to day of the club? - etc..?
  7. I some what respect Lee Bullen for that news conference. However, he did not once apologise to us, the fans, for that performance today but he did to DC. It was awful but it’s ok guys because DC shook everybodies hand after the game What’s that about?!
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