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  1. Sheffield Wednesday Under 23’s

    I agree it’s time to just focus on retaining the U23 league now. Hirst, FF, Abdi and Matias could all play and rip a few teams apart at that level.
  2. I bet the older pro’s couldn’t believe their luck coming here. On big money quite long contracts with the most lax manager ever to see out the end of their careers.
  3. Sean Clare

    Carlos hated any player with pace so that immediately ruled him out of his plans.
  4. Sean Clare

    I like that attack all quite technical and athletic!
  5. Sean Clare

    I did mate. I apologise it was just a bit of a sarcastic comment as when I’ve previously said we have good youth players, people seem to be bending over backwards to say why they’re not ready. I think that’s just because it was sub-standard for such a long time though. It should be the norm that we actually have players coming through that can slot in to the first team, so hopefully that is the case from now on!
  6. Sean Clare

    He’s still not ready... People need to start getting behind our youth players now, instead of constantly thinking of reasons why they won’t make it or aren’t ready. The reason you have an academy is so you can actually play players in your first team. You’re not expecting match winning performances from them every game, but having them in and around the squad is great. Well done Sean Clare!
  7. That aren’t normal haha, would love him to expand on that one!
  8. Here's my theory

    This is one of the main things that needs to be sorted out in the summer. How a professional club of our size doesn’t have this in place is unbelievable.
  9. Not really to be honest, could never see him starting regular games for us but you never know. Would expect Penney, Thorniley and Clare to be the ones featuring regularly next season.
  10. Exactly the way some of the people go on about blooding youth on here is so over the top with how cautious they are. Our under 23’s won there league so they’re obviously half decent. All you have to do is include one each game on the bench and only throw them on if you think the game is safe to have a look at them in the first team setting. Obviously there has to be a desire from the manager and board to push that though.
  11. Unqualified Medical Staff

    Yeah I would have thought there would be an overarching FIFA one that covers you everywhere but obviously the English FA have different requirements.
  12. Unqualified Medical Staff

    Heard the same regarding point 1. The Portuguese staff don't have the appropriate pitch side qualifications, so they had to get an extra guy in who does so he goes on for the match day stuff.
  13. Alex Hunt gets first Pro Deal

    Yeah agree with you mate, this lad looks quite physically undeveloped for his age as well so might as well give him the extra time if we really rate him.
  14. Matt Penney off on loan

    Good move for the lad, hope he does well.