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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it true that the Scottish lads were here for 5 years and never started a game together
  2. I know, surely everyone knows it’s salad cream not Mayo on a fish finger sandwich
  3. His pub management skills were better made a decent job of running the Cheshire Cheese in Hope
  4. Tim Sugg and his Mrs drink in my local in the Hope Valley, still doing well though obviously now retired!
  5. He looks up for the challenge this season, got a bit of a come on let’s have it swagger about him
  6. James Quinn in 2005, came from somewhere in Holland, just remember the rest of the team not being clever enough to get on to anything he did, I think we were in Div 3 at the time. He didn’t come to much after leaving Hillsborough though
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