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  1. I have been to the end of the road myself a couple of times but luckily never taken the final turn. Yes have had counselling in the past I find the conventional NHS stuff doesn’t work, now in my 40s I have a few people that I can call and offload the rubbish in my head on it’s learning to get the help that works for you
  2. Wow some people are just so ignorant to the truth mental health and money are not linked in any way whatsoever you might as well say if your rich you won’t catch the flu in that case, mental health problems are health issues and can come on at any time. while I am in no way rich, I am reasonably comfortable, I live in a beautiful place, love my job and normally life in general. Then roughly every couple of years my head goes up my arris I can’t stop it can’t control it and I have 1 - 2 months of feeling down and worthless, it’s never triggered by finances or life just what happens my brain isn’t as healthy as some and packs in periodically. i find it very insulting when folk who usually haven’t experienced it themselves are suddenly experts
  3. What a stupid comment mental health problems are nothing to do with wealth and can hit anyone at anytime go give your head a wobble
  4. Sorry but you will have to pay me more than £20 to watch that shower at the moment, £50 and I will think about it
  5. Not the most exciting topic but does anyone know why the FA Cup KO times are all 1 minute past normal? Ours is 3:01 on Saturday as are all the rest, all the Sunday fixtures are 2:01 etc sorry if I have missed the obvious!
  6. Not been for two years now it’s too expensive I used to go 6 or 7 times a season
  7. I lived in Brizzle for about a year when I was younger, the reason why they don’t get the crowds is football isn’t the number one sport down there, they are all rugby mad, the rugby sells out most weeks.
  8. As per title, nowt much is wrong so just leave things as they are, nowt more needs saying.
  9. You missed the bit where Fernando gets a 12 match ban for having an untied boot lace!
  10. Guaranteed a minimum of two cup games even if we go out first time in both, so another 6 starts
  11. This should have its own thread! The basic grasp of Maths on this site for some is not brilliant! Looking at the maths I am now worried with what we have, 35 starts each for Lee and Hutch that’s ambitious, might be lucky to get 25 each and that would lead to Joey starting 48 games which isn’t even possible, and a frightening prospect, so in conclusion we definitely need another CM
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