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  1. Same as the podcast, Steve Bunce’s tales of the extraordinary cracking listen, just done some research I doubt he played against us
  2. Sorry 70s 74-76 Reading and 76-77 Cardiff then retired
  3. I heard a podcast about a player called Robin Friday, think he played in the 60s apparently as gifted as Best but couldn’t be bothered and only played a couple of seasons as a pro, did he ever play against the owls
  4. Think Rhodes said he was unpopular at Wednesday when he signed on loan at Norwich maybe this is why
  5. Were you sat in my kitchen earlier? And why post it, I am 40 years old I heard something from a source I trust so as it was Wednesday related I thought I would post on a Wednesday fans forum
  6. Don’t believe it myself but this guy does sit in regularly with directors who knows what people talk about after a few, what I am saying is I doubt it’s true but I don’t doubt that he had the conversation
  7. So my dads boss was sat in our kitchen earlier he isn’t an owl or a pig, not sure who he supports if I am honest, is very high up at a large company that operates across Europe, he regularly gets top level hospitality at football up and down the country, directors box seats, was at Norwich a couple of weeks ago and talking to one of there directors, said that they were paying half his wages and Wednesday the other half as the deal, reckoned Norwich are paying him 36k a week as are we surely he can’t be on 72k but the way things were back then it is plausible. If it is true (personally I doubt it) no wonder we are in a pickle!
  8. Geographically wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference he lives in Stockport (poynton I think) on that logic he would be better signing for Stockport County
  9. I can’t make sure saturdays but would happily shell out for a midweek season ticket I go to most night matches so would make sense it wouldn’t be fair on full season ticket holders to price it the same per match charge but if it was somewhere between that and the POTG price I would go for it
  10. I have hope, it would take a truly spectacular run to the end of the season now but I will keep dreaming
  11. Really is so difficult now but tonight has reignited the flickering flame, proper long shot but not beyond the realms of possibility
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