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  1. Davor Suker for Croatia in Euro 96, what a goal. Saw Klinsmann make is debut for Tottenham great player. Cantona in the Boxing Day game was awesome. But the best in a one off game for me was Jordan Rhodes in the match he scored 4
  2. I honestly think we as a club will never shake off the horror of what happened in the cup semi final, it’s a ball and chain that will never leave this club, you think Sheffield Wednesday then you think Hillsborough, and Hillsborough, Hysel, the Valley and Bradford will always be things that are remembered as the darkest days of the game alongside others. I love my club but that will always hold us back
  3. I live round the corner, it’s actually called the wanted inn, not the unwanted and well it’s now called the Olive Tree farm shop
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it true that the Scottish lads were here for 5 years and never started a game together
  5. I know, surely everyone knows it’s salad cream not Mayo on a fish finger sandwich
  6. His pub management skills were better made a decent job of running the Cheshire Cheese in Hope
  7. Tim Sugg and his Mrs drink in my local in the Hope Valley, still doing well though obviously now retired!
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