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  1. I have hope, it would take a truly spectacular run to the end of the season now but I will keep dreaming
  2. Really is so difficult now but tonight has reignited the flickering flame, proper long shot but not beyond the realms of possibility
  3. To be fair of that list I think you could establish a dads army of mercenaries that would like one last crack at the promised land, we definitely shouldn’t but could you imagine it!
  4. They carry on in the rugby, gives the younger players a chance
  5. Don’t be daft, point away at derby isn’t a bad thing!
  6. I am sure he probably does know him but wasn’t his captain, Bruce left Man U at the end of the season before Solskjaer signed.
  7. Ultimate punishment ban from Hillsborough and a season ticket for life at the stain
  8. Looking at it if it was wee that need to see a doctor
  9. Was at the match last night, cracking atmosphere didn’t see any bother then i turn on SSN this morning to see some idiot throwing a bottle then a coin at one of there players (possibly 2 people) Why? Its not big, it’s not clever if you can’t behave like somebody with half a brain don’t bother coming, now it’s highly likely we will face a fine taking away some of the extra gate recipients generated last night. Whoever you are your not fit to call yourself Wednesday
  10. Just accept your comment wasn’t appreciated or appropriate and move on, nothing you say can justify the use of that term the more you defend it the worse it looks
  11. He got called out for his bigotry then went on the attack and dug a bigger hole, the darker side of owlstalk I don’t like.
  12. According to Dom Howson deal agreed but wants to stay at Fulham
  13. Fingers crossed maybe that’s the reason for the February start, had a look at the fixtures and thought I will go for an easier run!
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