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  1. Shot down in flames.

    What's this all about?

    It was a worldwide sporting event, the All Blacks and all the rugby teams also had rainbow laces during last weekends internationals and all the football captains in the EFL had rainbow armbands
  2. Shot down in flames.

    Adam Reach Celebration

    Quite obvious if you can lip read he is saying “ look through your fake binoculars boys you can see Abdi claiming another fake injury, he has just tripped over the imaginary cord on Jos imaginary binoculars”
  3. Shot down in flames.

    Let's fill the ground for Wolves.

    I never go and will so 13001
  4. Come on let's fill Hillsborough for the next round, our most successful season in 25 years was fuelled off the back of an unbeaten run after the Arsenal match one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced at the place, a night like that can put the fire in the bellies of the players to out perform themselves and realise what a successful Wednesday side means to everyone we might be shrinking the squad we might be having to blood youngsters but we still have a first 11 capable of tearing most of the league a new one. #JUST GO
  5. Shot down in flames.

    Jos Luhukay on Jordan Rhodes

    Torres will be negative regardless that’s just what that idiot does
  6. Shot down in flames.

    Was it more enjoyable...

    Definitely pre internet I was a much happier fan when I only had the few opinions of my mates to cope with, now you can have 50 different opinions thrown in your face, most likely 5 you half agree with, 10 you definitely don’t and the other 35 leave you questioning the sanity of the world, for me the internet whilst a wonderful thing should definitely carry a health warning
  7. Shot down in flames.

    Question re: transfer window

    I think sport just sticks two fingers up to the law, in rugby English players who play outside of England are banned from the national team, I would say that infringes employment law
  8. Shot down in flames.

    BBC strike again

    So do I!
  9. Shot down in flames.

    Just an ask in case I've missed something...

    It's my 40th birthday on 18th November this year! Mint! Shame the shorts won't be available until I'm 43!
  10. He was called Andres Escobar. 1994 World Cup.
  11. Shot down in flames.

    World Cup question.

    If your going for Micheal Vaughan then I am going for Danny Care!
  12. Shot down in flames.

    Football Quiz players wanted

    I fancy a bit of that.
  13. Shot down in flames.

    Local lads

    This was done last week
  14. Shot down in flames.

    England squad - What might have been.

    I stand corrected it has become a Hirst thread, just not what either of us thought!
  15. Shot down in flames.

    England squad - What might have been.

    I have seen some proper tripe on here over the years, l reckon Lego Hillsborough might trump mine for bad!