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  1. Maybe it's time for empty stadiums again to keep everyone safe.
  2. It's just being highlighted more lately. Have you only been watching football for a couple of months?
  3. Did well first half. Mini pigs are dreadful, but with the help of smilling officials & us having our main strikers out, I knew if they scored first it was over. Football 0 Organised thugs 2
  4. Playing against 11 men and Tim Robinson tonight boys, god help us!
  5. Another dreadfull set of officials. Shocking club Burton, great result lads!
  6. Seven hour till kick off, plenty of time for more Wednesday injuries!
  7. Exactly! Wish we had a proper manager, not the nice bloke who is WAY OUT OF HIS DEPTH! But then so is his boss. Going nowhere but down with this shower of cr@p!
  8. I could spend an hour or two blaming the others but can't be a rsed tbh!
  9. Out managed again moore. Sell sell sell chansiri!
  10. Wilder has made a living from this kind of garbage. Ref was excellent yesterday, let the game flow & kept anonymous, made such a change only playing against 11 men not 14!
  11. He is a terrible manager, no excuses required!
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