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  1. Worst. Kit. Ever
  2. Totally agree. The comments on here from people criticising the West Ham fans shows just how easy it is for the media to manipulate events to keep us divided and avoid dealing with the difficult questions being asked. West Ham are an extreme example of what's happening to clubs all over the country, ours included. They should be applauded for taking a stand.
  3. At Wednesday: the chairman. At all other professionally run clubs: manager and players.
  4. Jaybeeowl

    History may be repeating itself

    We got as far as the Chesterfield bypass before turning back. Interestingly I don't recall anyone considering filing a lawsuit against Bristol City for their irresponsible attitude in allowing the game to go ahead. Different times
  5. Jaybeeowl

    The fans on jos's back already

    This is the problem.
  6. Jaybeeowl

    Nothing i wanna see more

    They'll be in the premiership. Carlos will be gone. Your point is?
  7. Jaybeeowl

    So he's on his way back

    Exactly. He'll keep Swansea up which is all they could ask for. Their chairman will then swiftly show him the door when his impact wanes. He'll leave with the respect of their fans and fall into another decent job. That's what all the chairmen did before he came to us and that's what Swansea will do too. Believe it or not most clubs are run by people who understand football and know how to utilise a manager like CC. Don't take it out on Carlos just because our chairman is, well, let's just say, not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to the business of football.
  8. He's been here three years. Last week we got the fan survey with question 11. That damned naivety is taking a while to overcome.
  9. Jaybeeowl


    Not if its 36 quid a ticket they won't
  10. Jaybeeowl

    Jos Luhukay

    There's no way on earth DC had anything to do with this appointment. This in itself gives me hope not just for the manager but for all future decisions involving swfc
  11. Jaybeeowl

    Jos Luhukay - POLL

    This in a nutshell. The only left field thing about him is he's foreign and doesn't know the championship. His football philosophy and ethics are however quite simple and no nonsense. After watching the Burton humiliation I'd say that's just what's needed.
  12. Jaybeeowl

    Jos Luhukay

    Foreign coaches are always a gamble and this one's no different. But his track record at similar sized clubs is sound and it's not as if his football will be reckless, quite the opposite in fact which should mean the chances of abject humiliation at the lane are reduced if the players buy into his defensive philosophy quickly enough. So all in all I'm Happy
  13. Fair enough. You could argue he's made the correct decision on tickets from a business perspective and the badge isn't exactly a deal breaker for most. They're both just examples of a possible disconnect with the fans and perceived arrogance from DC though and, especially with the kit and badge, such needless decisions that just cause unnecessary rancor and disappointment and give back nothing in return. Unless you count the anticipation of seeing the return of our beloved kit and badge sometime in the future as a positive. Also our seventies badge was voted number one best retired badge in football by the impartial judges at 442 so I think you're wrong on the 50/50 support although there's no accounting for taste.
  14. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, we're all basically supporting laundry