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  1. Established Premiership mainstays Crystal Palace and Southampton went down the admin route in the not too distant past.
  2. winning certainly transformed Hull City's fortunes. Likewise Huddersfield a year later. Fine margins eh!
  3. if your a fan of NFL you'll know all about Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins deliberately losing games to finish bottom and get the best pick of next season's draft. It's called tanking and it symbolises how fans over there are treated with utter contempt by the franchise owners. Enjoy your NFL mate but it sounds poo to me
  4. You're right. What he actually said was this: "He is good friends with the Middlesbrough owner. That made me scared. I need my people to give 100%."
  5. when DC said "He is good friends with the Middlesbrough owner. That made me scared. I need my people to give 100%." What does this mean and will TP or his lawyers respond?
  6. This managerial appointment is the most important in the Chansiri era. He really needs to get this one right or we could be heading for a worrying downturn in our fortunes. Fear not though fellow Wednesdayites, I'm sure we're in capable hands. Good luck Mr C!
  7. don't mean this as disrespectful but I doubt that DC has heard of Inter Milan
  8. No. It's the bit where someone on this forum links us to the Facebook group in question so we can ask them to remove the banner as it no longer seems appropriate to be 'thanking' the chairman for anything anymore. Also, I'm not sure you're reading the room very well.
  9. Until a Director of Football and CEO are appointed and Chansiri publicly states he will no longer be involved in the running of the club on any level then I refuse to accept that he has learned anything at all.
  10. Sunderland, Derby, Charlton, Wrexham. That's just this season. There's always a buyer at the right price.
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