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  1. Too expensive for non season ticket holders. Will be watching in the Banner. Would like to have gone but not paying those prices.
  2. Jaybeeowl

    Time to turn up

    Our matches against Leeds have been on sky quite a few times in the recent past. Pre Chansiri and with reasonable prices these games attracted crowds of 27-29k. Not a bad crowd generating a pretty good big match atmosphere making the Leeds game one of the seasons highlights. On Friday I'd be surprised if the crowd is more than 24k and the atmosphere will be similar to a game against Preston North End. Regardless of the financial argument, which nobody can ever seem to prove one way or another, it seems a shame that the season ticket holders(let's face it, nobody else will be there) are going to be forced to sit in a half empty stadium with the Leeds fans mocking us for our empty seats. At least the traffic won't be too bad getting home eh? Well done Mr Chansiri,well done!
  3. Jaybeeowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Well spotted. A bit hungover. Apologies x
  4. Jaybeeowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    At every home game this season Mr Chansiri need only to look to his right and he will see a visual representation of the results of his disgraceful pricing policy. The decimation of the home supports POTG numbers will be lost amongst the season ticket holders in the other stands but the top tier of the Leppings lane will tell the tale and tell it loud and clear
  5. Jaybeeowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    The thing is, yesterday's away support won't be a one off. Hulls support isn't the best but it's probably on a par with most chamiponship sides. Barring the Blades and Leeds I can see yesterday's abysmal away showing being repeated for the majority of matches this season.
  6. Jaybeeowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I remember when we played them in league one in 2004/5 season. They packed the away end. 29k there that night. Cracking atmosphere, fair prices. Seems like another world now.
  7. Jaybeeowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Looking at Twitter it seems most Hull fans boycotted. Refused to pay £39 and I can't say I blame them
  8. Accidental Partridge
  9. Chansiri's attitude towards Owls fans in a nutshell
  10. Bit early to be sh1tfaced mate
  11. Quite agree. No personal insult intended. Apologies if you feel I overstepped. Just p1ssed off that's all
  12. The BBC have a pretty strong hand on this one. But thankfully, unlike DC they have a public duty and some morals.
  13. They're using those other consultants, you know, the rubbish ones
  14. You need to get round all the other clubs in the EFL sharpish mate. Those mugs have accepted the deal. Easy money for you as a consultant. Go for it!