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  1. This is the game where I'm going to miss that beautiful blue and white striped shirt more than any other.
  2. Jack Hunt

    Well done Jack. Terrific performance. Made Lee's goal and much more besides
  3. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Maybe they are choosing not go because they have been priced out. The attendance is 2000 down on last year's opener which was also on the telly. Last year's 27k average home gate was excellent considering the overpriced tickets and a good measure of just how much positivity there was around the club. Another measure is the good sales figures for that terrible kit. These things don't last forever though and a chairman with more than a couple of seasons experience of football would know this and , maybe, act accordingly
  4. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    They're priced out when it suits. By definition. But with the feelgood factor slowly diminishing the gates are naturally going to go the same way. I can't see you can argue otherwise or even, by implication, blame the fans for not going in the numbers they used to. We are an exceptionally loyal fanbase but we can only be pushed so far. Saturdays attendance bears this out
  5. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Priced out fans staying away
  6. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    I can't believe people saying "even if 1000 people buy one", "even if 500 people buy one" £1500! For a plaque!! The season ticket cost is going to be similar to what you'd pay in the event of promotion anyway so what's the incentive? And everyone saying that only really rich folk will buy one. Have they ever met a rich person? They're not usually stupid with their money you know. That's kind of why they're rich in the first place. This so called scheme is only relevant in the light it casts on those who thought it up and the view they hold of us, the supporters.
  7. Brilliant article by a QPR fan

    An excellent article that doesn't try to patronise or belittle the opposition. I can also see how the guy can sympathise with us over the change of badge. QPR had one of the great English club designs before their chairman changed it into some sort of forgettable, generic hooped shield. He must have attended the same graphic design school as our chairman.
  8. New kit get its first run out

    It's an improvement on last year's abomination. I suppose if I was an Oldham, Ipswich or Peterborough or whoever fan I would think the designers hadn't embarrassed the club. Looks nothing like us though. And yes I know we wore it once before but just because a mistake was made forty odd years ago it doesn't justify the repeating of the same mistake now.
  9. Next season kit

    Oh yes. Forgot Colchester
  10. Next season kit

    Wednesday are the English club most closely associated with blue and white stripes. Globally it's probably Porto. If we play in an all blue kit or in the blue Arsenal kit then, yes, to me, and I dare away, a few others, we are playing in someone else's kit.
  11. Next season kit

    Of course he said it. It's true. We now play in someone else's kit