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  1. So they’re hoodwinking DC? Carrying out their own agendas and not following DCs?
  2. But the poster states quite clearly that Chansiri: ‘keeps all his managers on a tight leash and every decision has to have his agreement first’. So how can they successfully carry out their own agendas if this is the case?
  3. good game this. Hallam have created more with Render making a couple of good saves but Wednesday have the edge technically. Hallam don't usually play against this much pace and I can see a few more goals coming for the young Owls
  4. Went to the match last Saturday. Over 620 in attendance to witness an absolutely cracking game. Unlike the goalfests of recent weeks this was a tight affair with Hallam equalising late on to earn a 1-1 draw. We had a few beers while watching the game, ended up in the bar afterwards and got chatting to some of the Glasshoughton lads. They were really buzzing and you couldn't blame them. For anyone considering going but thinking it may all be a bit Sunday League or just not as competitive as the professional game I urge you to try it. It's an absolute breath of fresh air after countless years feeling duty bound to watch Wednesday and coming home from each game disappointed, frustrated or worse! I haven't enjoyed my football this much since the early nineties. COYH!
  5. what DM actually said was 'He’s wished us all well. He doesn’t miss a kick that happens at the club and his commitment has been clear.' This sounds to me like someone who has passed the responsibility on to someone else and is simply keeping in touch with the new, professional and knowledgeable, regime. Developments in all aspects of the club, both on and off the pitch appear to back this up
  6. the badge takes it to the next level
  7. Established Premiership mainstays Crystal Palace and Southampton went down the admin route in the not too distant past.
  8. winning certainly transformed Hull City's fortunes. Likewise Huddersfield a year later. Fine margins eh!
  9. if your a fan of NFL you'll know all about Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins deliberately losing games to finish bottom and get the best pick of next season's draft. It's called tanking and it symbolises how fans over there are treated with utter contempt by the franchise owners. Enjoy your NFL mate but it sounds poo to me
  10. You're right. What he actually said was this: "He is good friends with the Middlesbrough owner. That made me scared. I need my people to give 100%."
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