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  1. Well I read the link and it was quite complimentary to you but there was nothing to suggest a proper rivalry. Yes, they like the fact that you bring a few to old Trafford and a trip to Elland Road makes for a more traditional atmospheric encounter than , say, vicarage road or the vitality. But that's not we would recognise as a rivalry. The closest a Leeds fan would get to that would be to go and watch Leeds rhinos v Bradford whatever they're called these days. You support Leeds. You don't get to have a proper rivalry.
  2. Of the Owls fans I know, only the st holders are going to the derby. I'm a POTGer who went to both the Brum and Brentford games as did a work colleague of mine who is also watching on the telly on Monday. We could afford to go. Of course we could. It's a one off after all. But I refuse to be fleeced and won't pay full price for a ticket for ANY match until the prices are reduced. I used to go to about 10 to 12 matches a season regardless of whether they were on TV or not. Now, under Chansiri I watch them just much but either on telly, when there's an offer or by borrowing friends season tickets when they can't go. I'm looking forward to going to the games more again as there's nothing to beat being there but until there's a change of policy by DC I can't see that happening.
  3. This month will define wether we are a lower mid table team or an upper mid table team. It tells you all you need to know about the season we're going through that this is very much season defining
  4. I can't think of a single good reason anyone would buy a 5 year season ticket. And now you say the rest of us have to pay extortionate ticket prices for the next five years to somehow justify the outlay of this tiny minority of s/t holders. If anyone can afford 3k for a 5 year season ticket on the south stand surely they won't begrudge the rest of us the chance to pay a reasonable pay on the gate price even if it does make their investment look a little foolhardy.
  5. Nobody with any knowledge of football would use the phrase 'guarantee success' in a positive sense. You only ever hear it when prefixed with 'won't'. That's because it doesn't exist in football. I know I'm stating the obvious but thought I'd mention it in case DC is reading.
  6. So, omitting the painfully unfunny responses, we're looking at between six and ten pertinent questions that DC needs to answer. With this in mind I would like to ask one more. Why are we having a fans forum in the first place when you could answer these specific questions much more clearly in another medium. An interview on Radio Sheffield for example? Is it so you can more easily avoid answering the questions with nonsensical meanderings and obfuscation? A journalist worth his salt would demand honest answers. Not so easy to get a clear answer in an unruly forum
  7. And what an excellent sub it was. Gave them something to think about after weathering the relentless storm . Well done Jos
  8. POTG numbers are now so low they will probably be dwarfed by the number of season ticket holders who won't actually be there on Friday night. (Although they will show up on the, ahem, 'attendance' figure obviously)
  9. So a handful of POTG tickets sold. The rest made up of Leeds fans and ST holders.
  10. Too expensive for non season ticket holders. Will be watching in the Banner. Would like to have gone but not paying those prices.
  11. Our matches against Leeds have been on sky quite a few times in the recent past. Pre Chansiri and with reasonable prices these games attracted crowds of 27-29k. Not a bad crowd generating a pretty good big match atmosphere making the Leeds game one of the seasons highlights. On Friday I'd be surprised if the crowd is more than 24k and the atmosphere will be similar to a game against Preston North End. Regardless of the financial argument, which nobody can ever seem to prove one way or another, it seems a shame that the season ticket holders(let's face it, nobody else will be there) are going to be forced to sit in a half empty stadium with the Leeds fans mocking us for our empty seats. At least the traffic won't be too bad getting home eh? Well done Mr Chansiri,well done!
  12. At every home game this season Mr Chansiri need only to look to his right and he will see a visual representation of the results of his disgraceful pricing policy. The decimation of the home supports POTG numbers will be lost amongst the season ticket holders in the other stands but the top tier of the Leppings lane will tell the tale and tell it loud and clear
  13. The thing is, yesterday's away support won't be a one off. Hulls support isn't the best but it's probably on a par with most chamiponship sides. Barring the Blades and Leeds I can see yesterday's abysmal away showing being repeated for the majority of matches this season.
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