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  1. Fernandoooo

    Boyds goal

    Well if he “seemed onside” then you should’ve celebrated
  2. Fernandoooo

    Spot yourself?

    I think I can see the football from pelupessys shot
  3. Fernandoooo

    Cheer a booooer

    You might want to wear a gumshield
  4. i dont get why anyone would boo him, he did wonders for us
  5. Fernandoooo

    Violence in the Wednesday end..

    your not you when your hungry
  6. Fernandoooo


    i really need four if anyone is willing, thanks
  7. Fernandoooo


    four tickets needed willing to pay extra, PLEEAAASSSEEEE
  8. anyone got four spare tickets willing to sell, (we will pay extra for them)
  9. we must be playing with anti gravity footballs aswell
  10. Fernandoooo


    any rumors going?
  11. Fernandoooo

    Floodlights on at Hillsborough

    Jordan doesn't pay for himself aha
  12. On 0.25 speed hopefully