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  1. Bannan is the problem

    Deluded “supporters” like you are the problem, how does a lads trip for you and the boys to Portugal sound?
  2. We will need so many new players

    wish i could upvote this more
  3. Mass Boycott

    so thats 23 people not going to the match so far, its hopeless it wont change anything he wont go even if 10,000 people decide not to go down to dejphon stadium
  4. Badly Drawn Footballers

    the loovens one looks more like kieran lee tbh
  5. westwood hunt van aken lees fox FF k.lee Bannan reach hooper joao
  6. Their second goal

  7. why dont we just play 5 4 4 and have done with it
  8. Westwood at the end

    bloody hell he was out of control
  9. When we score first we win

    Statistically teams are more likely to win when they score goals
  10. https://streamable.com/01vrc not a stream but it shows the goal

    3 in 3 silencing the haters
  12. 0-0 2-0 kieran lee, hooper few bolton fans and tango
  13. Could you be a linesman?

    better than the one against leeds