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  1. Simon78

    next 3 at home

    anything less than 10 points from those 3 games and im taking my season ticket back
  2. the chap who was on the pitch after Fletchers goal, have the Feds released him or is he having a night in the clink. Any news?
  3. Simon78

    How to find The Wednesday Tap

    is that as busy as it gets aswell
  4. Simon78

    Playing from the back..

    but the 7ft giant can't jump and loses more than he wins
  5. no doubt there will be some inappropriate chanting from both sets of fans, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Simon78

    Todays attendance

    no one cares, I was there with my lad and nephew and that's all that matters to me
  7. Another 800 post thread on ticket prices, it's getting boring now
  8. I heard Lee went off after 16 minutes
  9. Simon78

    David Hirst, home or away?

    saw him in Lidl doing his big shop
  10. Simon78

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Baseball Ground especially that night in the cup 3 3 draw on the road to Wembley, a very special night and we didn't even win
  11. I must take my hat off to Jos tonight for protecting Matt Penney from Adama Traore. Could have been a confidence shaker after A couple of solid league performances against that tank. Instead Jos sticks that dumpling Fox in and the what everyone knew would happen when they saw the team sheet happenend. Penney back in Saturday and happy days. Well done Jos
  12. Simon78

    Something changed

    was only Millwalls 2nd defeat in about 20odd games
  13. Simon78


    Yeah like Tom Lees, looks all over the place this season shouldn't be captain either as he isn't vocal enough #bringbackGlen
  14. Simon78


    Toxic would be an improvement in my opinion, Reading tickets on sale tomorrow and all the big egos will be online at 9am
  15. and I'm not even talking about what went on on the pitch today because that was flipping woeful but the fans arguing with each other. The Nuhiu is poo debate has resurfaced, Pelupessy is now poo, people getting abused because they live in Barnsley, some old dear getting abused because she asked someone to sit down and the old I go to more games than you so my opinion means more than you. WAWAW that has to be a joke now surely because while we are all supporters we certainly aren't a fan base that's singing from the same hymn sheet. My 7 year old son asked me today "dad why is everyone arguing" I had no answer for him without using expletives.