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  1. Within 3 years I will be supporting these lads in the Northern Counties East league. You heard it here first.
  2. Pulis said in post match interview he us looking forward to a full week of training with the players. So he's walking away but still taking training until a new man is in place
  3. Blackburn away semi final 1 0 down 5minutes in to go 4 1 up, under the lights, great scenes in the away end with no roof on the stand, that bloke with the crutches. Brilliant night
  4. All eyes on Att Chansiris Instagram for the next 24 hours. Then get lumped on at the bookies
  5. Hahahahaha the knives are already being sharpened for whoever comes in
  6. Since no one has said it yet, the day we appointed Garry Monk as first team manager will never be beaten.
  7. Trying to find out what minute the goals went in against the pigs on that day in 1979. Currently have Mark Smith 88min pen. Any help please
  8. Crystal Palace 1992 still going for the title and Mark Bright fizzed us in the last minute but up until then the all day was immense
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