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  1. Simon78


    but Morgan Fox knows this and as anticipated the cross flying over everybody so gambles and hits the jackpot
  2. remember that a Man Utd fan actually got punched and went flying through the gate, then they marched them round to the away end. Also remember a couple of Newcastle fans taking a few blows around that time aswell
  3. Simon78


    Imagine the scenes, 7 45Pm Sunday 27th January 2019 Sheffield Wednesday have been battered by Chelsea all evening with the Londoners accumulating 20 shots on target and 35 off target to the Owls solitary 1 shot which flew high into the Matthew Harding stand. 93rd minute Man of the match Keiran Westwood releases Liam Palmer down the right flank, no body closes the marauding full back and a high deep cross evades everybody except the on rushing Morgan Fox who diving full length heads into the bottom corner in front of the travelling masses. Cue pandemonium in the away end, flares galore fans on the pitch. #daretodream
  4. Please lets not have desperate posts begging for Chelsea tickets, there is nothing more pathetic. Put the miles in go to QPR Millwall Ipswich and you would have easy got one Thursday like the rest of us and don't give it the old its my dads birthday and I really want to take him.
  5. if you stay on tube till Westminster then its only 1 change
  6. doesn't account for room in the toilets though
  7. Simon78

    On Telly If ....

    5 trains after 9 pm KC to Donny, taxis from Donny to Sheff, simple!!! hard part is beating Luton
  8. Simon78


    I would say 95% of Owls have already wrote this season off and with the exception of the Hull match January's fixtures look winnable even with Dross still in charge. So does it really matter we have to wait 4 weeks till he turns up. He still going to be having a huge input into what's going on at the club so can everyone just calm down and get behind the club. Im one of the 5% who still fancies us to make a late surge into 6th place pipping the scrubbers from across town on the last day of the season. Now that would be funny.
  9. Simon78

    Ground Sold !

    First class comment
  10. Simon78


    good shout that
  11. Simon78


    Yesterdays highlight for me not the 3 points or certain players returning but Joey Pelupessy celebrating a throw in deep in our own half with an over the top fist pump. Just oozes passion that lad.
  12. Simon78

    next 3 at home

    anything less than 10 points from those 3 games and im taking my season ticket back
  13. the chap who was on the pitch after Fletchers goal, have the Feds released him or is he having a night in the clink. Any news?
  14. Simon78

    How to find The Wednesday Tap

    is that as busy as it gets aswell