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  1. Crystal Palace 1992 still going for the title and Mark Bright fizzed us in the last minute but up until then the all day was immense
  2. What with the amount of players out of contract in the summer and whispers of players in negotiations for contracts, some of these players (I'm not naming anyone) upping their performances recently its it inconceivable a late play off burst is on the cards? On the back of players trying to earn new contracts
  3. For fans to stop punching each other in the ground while supporting your football club its embarrassing. Again today arguing, fists flying surely its time to grow up or stop with the drinks and powder before the game. Lots of young supporters my 9 year old included dont need to be seeing that level of stupidity.
  4. I was in the lower tier yesterday 2nd row and when Murphy blasted that in yesterday the inevitable surge down the gang way to celebrate and goad the leeds scum. One lad over the boards onto the pitch gets dragged away and will no doubt be banned or fined (not sure what they do). Surely a sensible thing to do is just chuck him back into the away end, I mean god forbid he wants to celebrate his teams most likely late winner. It's not like he was running over to the Leeds fans to have a pop. Boils my wee wee at times trying to show abit of passion for scoring a goal, only for some jobs worth in a yellow coat to drag you away with his mates.
  5. I take you didnt look at the odds when we was looking for a new manager. At one point lee bullen was 1/10
  6. Every week it seems to me we very rarely are 1st to the 2nd ball. That ball dropping in midfield always seems to be dropping to the opposition and sometimes I actually feel sorry for Fletcher winning a big hoof up top and our midfield at least 40 yards away. Also the amount of times the ball ends up with Westwood hoofing it aimlessly after an attacking free kick or throw in.
  7. Before that point blank save he should have been out claiming the ball that came in, and the corner would never had come in
  8. I have 1 adult and 1 child for the match, cant wait to go UTO WAWAW
  9. As the great Mike Bassett once said, needs to be 4 4 flipping 2
  10. Did well actually was back in Deepcar at 18 30, managed to catch some Strictly
  11. Lets be right other than a mistake from Borner (I think it was him) not clearing then a massive deflection for the winner. Even their first I thought Westwood was slightly out of position, shouldn't be getting beat with a header from there then its happy days. Even after that FF shoots massive deflection hits the post , it's all about margins most of the inches. I see it as we aren't playing particularly well at the moment but 7th and 4 points off top things can only get better.
  12. Described as PATHETIC today by some chav stood near me. He went into full rant mood saying "I would rather have 500 Wednesday singing for 90 minutes than 3000 sat down doing nothing" ok mate but when has songs about Wilders daughter or Borners todger or singing songs about the tail tugging tuggers at the lane going to encourage Adam Reach bomb down the wing and put a pin point cross on Fletchers head. Cue 30 minutes into the 1st half the said chav leaves his seat to spend the remainder of the half drinking beer on the concourse. Irony obviously is lost on this clown.
  13. Cant remember the last time I walked up Herries Road using the footpath. If I were a jobsworth traffic warden I would be down every matchday slapping tickets on every car. Do people who park there actually have a brain?
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