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  1. Not happy I said before Reading game our first 6 games are all winnable then we go and lose to bloody Millwall. Will take 4 points from the next 2 though, be a decent start then.
  2. And there is always one comedian who shouts "just pass this forward!!!!"
  3. When we get a throw in it free kick in an attacking position take it quickly and the ball ends up back at Westwoods feet.
  4. Gives chance for all them that moan about not being able to get tickets for away games the opportunity anyway
  5. Bank holiday weekend I have to spend it with the family or I would have gone, hope thos helps
  6. Being totally selfish a brand spanking new soulless bowl around the manafacuturing park just off the parkway will do very nicely. Bang next to the M1 with plans already in place for the trams coming out this way. Get on it DC
  7. Have you seen Westwood at times, not the greatest
  8. To get carried away and say WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE.
  9. Would love to see us start like this v Dingles Dawson Moses Lees Borner Liam Hutchinson Bannan Reach Murphy Fletcher Harris 4 1 win
  10. I'm blaming Reach for the non challenge on their lad who put the cross in
  11. I have a adult and child ticket for the Millwall game....... ........can't wait for it after Saturday
  12. Positive feedback, I'm flabbergasted
  13. Am going to get slated for this but Morgan Fox needs to be starting tomorrow, as much as I like Liam palmer he just doesn't look comfortable there and when getting forward you just know he is going to check back to try and cross with his right foot.
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