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  1. 4th boxing day away in a row no doubt aswell
  2. I think the South gets unfair critiscism, you get some right characters on there, I was sat in there back in the day v Blackpool JPT game not going to well, one disgruntled fan marched all the way down to the front of the stand down to the dugout to ask Chris Turner what was going wrong only for Chris to turn round to him with the immortal line "WHAT CAN I DO" the said fan marched back to his seat bemused uttering "WHAT CAN I DO" for the rest of the game to anyone who would listen informing them "HES THE MANAGER". You had to be there but comedy gold in a dire performance.
  3. with Blunts and Rotherham going out the division that 4 games where the opposition aren't desperate to beat us because of their inferiorty complex. Would rather be playing Wigan at home instead of toytown whose season depends on their 2 games against us
  4. No I just tend to watch without blue n White blinkers on. You'll be telling me that Fletcher didn't handball it either
  5. Bruce mentioned it in his interview after the game and I've seen plenty on Twitter n Facebook slagging the referee off for playing extra time and the fact they think it shouldn't have been a free kick.
  6. remember a couple of months ago Iorfa scored in the 98th minute at Rotherham and we all laughed because the officials put up 7 minutes on his board. Think about this while crying about Norwich last night
  7. doesn't matter what strike force you have if the midfield aren't supplying them with balls, crosses and runs beyond the strikers they are going to look woeful. While ever we have Bannan and Hutchinson in central midfield looking at getting the ball on our own 18 yard line then looking for a 60yard Hollywood pass across the pitch or a 10 yard pass to either full back who in turn gives it to Westwood. The amount of times these last few seasons the ball gets upto the forwards and their only option is to go back because runners are no where to be seen. How many times have I sat on the North and shouted Palmer get down the F***ing line, same on the other side. Bottom line is we are to slow in getting from back to front and give the opposition an eternity to get back in shape. It seems to be getting better under SB but still a way to go
  8. Westwood not guaranteed to be here next season
  9. but surely someone like Steve Bruce wouldn't take a job like Wednesdays knowing there would be nothing to spend in the summer.
  10. to be fair to our lads in the North stand some of the pointing was pretty scary, saw a couple of w**ker signs too, really nasty it was
  11. thing is with it being Easter weekend it will still sell out, im guessing any other time would struggle to sell a thousand tickets for an evening kick off
  12. If the unthinkable were to happen and play offs were achieved and then promotion, how much credit goes to Jos Luakhay for bringing Michael Hector to the club?
  13. i was in the toilet at the time and could clearly see there was nothing wrong the goal
  14. thoughts on the cheers when Boyd was dragged off
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