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  1. Trader Dom

    Luhukay out.

    Problem is if we were to sack Luhukay who would we get to replace him.... We would not get a manager with experience of getting promoted from this division.... If would just be a gamble on another obscure foreign manager with no experience of the championship.....
  2. Possibly, but in the situation we're in can see them wanting more money than we're prepared to offer, can see Bannan signing, possibly lees, think Joao will leave in January window
  3. We must have got some players lined up to bring in on loan, otherwise why would DC go to the trouble to get the embargo lifted before the end of the Loan window...
  4. A fully fit FF scores goals. The 66/1 offered by sky bet is too big imo. £50ew placed.
  5. Can see them making another offer for FF like they did last season... Don't want to see him go, he's vital to our promotion push next season but he should be playing in the Prem... With FFP would we sell to balance the books??? He's the only player I don't want to see go...
  6. Trader Dom

    Sean clare

    Another young footballer who plays a couple of games in the first team and thinks he's Billy big ball@s.......
  7. Trader Dom

    Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Probably thinks why the f@#K did I take this job, not one of the players clearly gives a s@#t or puts the effort in so why should I.....
  8. Trader Dom

    Player ratings

    Thought Abdi was superb when he came on, the best I've seen him play in a Wednesday shirt, must be pushing for a start next game...
  9. For me I'd be happy with Karanka... Just hope we don't go for some obscure European manager, we need someone with experience in this league...
  10. Trader Dom

    That's me done

    So going for 40 years both home and away has never made me a loyal supporter... What planet are you on...
  11. Trader Dom

    That's me done

    Obviously I'm not a true supporter or can't be arsed as you put it.... Only been going for the last 40years home and away... Probably seen Wednesday play more times than you've had hot dinners...
  12. I have been supporting Wednesday for 40 years both home and away, I never thought it would come to this or I would say this but... I will never step foot in my beloved hillsborough again while ever Carlos is still in charge... Please Carlos do the decent thing, and walk away.........as far from hillsborough as possible.....
  13. Could have definitely played for England but loved the club and was a Wednesday fan... Remember him getting sent off in the first minute of a match...
  14. With no games and watching England is like watching paint dry... Been thinking of who's my favourite Wednesday player I've seen... For me it's got to be Mel Sterland... Zico Zico Zico... So who's yours...