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  1. Geraldo LobOn

    Swfc v Bcfc, attendance predictions..

    Bit cold for that sort of thing
  2. Geraldo LobOn

    Swfc v Bcfc, attendance predictions..

    Might leave the tram at home then
  3. Geraldo LobOn

    Swfc v Bcfc, attendance predictions..

    Taking my 8 y/o daughter to her first game, it'll be the first game I've been to since she was born. Got no clue about parking, trams, etc
  4. Geraldo LobOn

    Jos Gone ?

    who's not had a clearout after a dodgy linburger?
  5. Geraldo LobOn

    Jos Gone ?

    any dutch speaking futhermuckers out there?
  6. Geraldo LobOn

    Sibon returns...

    I prefer his Hispanic cousin.
  7. Hey you guys!! What's the update?
  8. Geraldo LobOn

    Long season.

    The season is over already.
  9. fuckerada, I'd pay fox's contract off out of my own money
  10. Geraldo LobOn

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    It's not one of Chevy Chase's best films.
  11. sh it Stabbs is always first with the accurate info
  12. Come on you bar stewards, show us the kit. I never come in Matchday and I feel dirty.
  13. Geraldo LobOn

    Wednesday/England Band

    Someone needs to tell the Taliban they've been drawing pictures of Allah.
  14. We should wear them because they lok good. My 4 year old had an old top on and was running after a football last night at his sister's football practice, so it was under lights, and I just got a bit emosh about it, I really miss the stripes; he looked so good, they look so good - the blue and white stripes are Wednesday.