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  1. Taking my 8 y/o daughter to her first game, it'll be the first game I've been to since she was born. Got no clue about parking, trams, etc
  2. who's not had a clearout after a dodgy linburger?
  3. any dutch speaking futhermuckers out there?
  4. Come on you bar stewards, show us the kit. I never come in Matchday and I feel dirty.
  5. Someone needs to tell the Taliban they've been drawing pictures of Allah.
  6. We should wear them because they lok good. My 4 year old had an old top on and was running after a football last night at his sister's football practice, so it was under lights, and I just got a bit emosh about it, I really miss the stripes; he looked so good, they look so good - the blue and white stripes are Wednesday.
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