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  1. No he isn't Bob ... Danny G answers his DM's .....
  2. Are you all related to spongebob Square pants? Or done a sub post office in Norfolk 2018 ish ..... You look familiar
  3. I think Brown has found the "My Greatest Shots On Goal" .. (The Julian Borner guide to goalkeeper backpassing ) in his locker ..... Whilst being Devils Advocate here the wife looked at me and said of Wildsmith " Why did he just stop running? Has someone just taken his batteries out ? .....
  4. Ahh but we were mollycoddled way back then weren't we sheltered under the old Victorian canopy though Quinny... The poor young uns now would get soaked ..
  5. On a serious note ... If one is a member of an association or a affiliated club and has a regular meeting area within the establishment..( in this case the whole of Hillsborough Stadium which is licensed premises) Then surely if the normal area the "Foundation" meets is closed and its members are re - directed to another area within the premises then there should be no restrictions on its members as a result ? Having said that is the Tap leased out by the club to a private licencee? In that case it may be outside the normal club licence permissions?.... I seem to recollect someone was complaining of kids running around in the tap on matchdays a season or two ago ? So this may contradict the reason for under age admittance?... All about organisation and communication when running clubs and associations.... Poor show really ...
  6. Would this be a wrong time to merge threads and suggest bringing the 15 year old a snowball and a packet of chipsticks while they sit listening to the concierge reminiscing of the time he knocked "Eskimo Eddie" spark out in the Cremorne ?
  7. I think in this instance Chocked is correct ... He' looks like he's got two wedges "knocked in" to stop him rolling away
  8. No No No ... Just remember referee /manager scenario....... They were literally like Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett arm wrestling in a Turkish Baths scenario
  9. They are ..... Them and the Crowes know how to work a crowd.... On an aside Ginger and Terrorvisions mates "Eureka Machines & Tropical Contact as support" are playing Brudenell on 11 th Dec (Christmas Bash) Covid permitted fingers crossed I'll wear a deep sea divers suit to see these lads. If you can make it i'll be the one in lead shoes and a brass helmet ......
  10. Always had a soft spot for Forres Mechanics Austin ... Used to play a lot of golf around those parts in the late 80's Royal Dornoch . Nairn. Nairn Dunbar Lossiemouth & Braemar ... First time I played at Forres I asked the starter on the first tee how much does it cost to be a member Chief?... 100 quid a year ..... Wow I said thats cheap .. Aye laddie it is...Dinna bring yer clubs from October to April Hen Bring a toboggan.......
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