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  1. No it’s my daughters guide dog his name is Jack
  2. Never met such a miserable know it all bunch of was gonna say supporters but you lot are definitely not that so how many of you have got or had businesses worth millions and ploughed a good portion of it into a football club that was on its way into non existence can any of you remember the years before Chansiri, how many crap chairmen have we had over the years who only took from the club and gave nothing back, one more thing for all you barrack room lawyers do you really think the efl is whiter than white, just dwell on three cases Forestieri, Birmingham, Man City
  3. And I think....... I can’t be bothered either lol
  4. I get what you’re saying but all the risk is with Mr Chansiri, for the last 85 years we have won very little in the way of major trophies so how come Mr Chansiri gets so much abuse because he didn’t get us promoted in 5years people are now saying the ground needs renovating now we need better players who do we expect to provide the money for all this and still keep within ffp it seems Mr Chansiri is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesnt
  5. Well without the money of the last two chairmen I think that we would not have a club to support remember since Mr Chansiri took over our club he has had a considerable number of supporters screaming to buy anybody that can kick a ball and quite a few that couldn’t lol, We all to a man wanted him to buy Rhodes, Winnall, get Bruce how would anybody know what they would turn out like
  6. We have a club that’s in the poo a man comes spends over 100 mill. On our beloved club gets us out of said poo and receives nothing but abuse from people who know absolutely nothing about running anything never mind a multi million pound business just think of all the chairmen we have had over the last 70 years or so who have spent more on gin and tonics than they spent on our club
  7. What a load of miseries they're just shirts for gods sake
  8. Lets talk about football sick of hearing about pies if I wanted a pie I'd flipping well buy one
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