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  1. So a centre half on trial from Sunderland?
  2. Last year of contract. Seems a good bloke to have around the changing room but I can't see him being anywhere near the first team. We should be accepting any kind of money offer.
  3. It's good news for us. The more forward players they sign mean they'll need to balance the books which puts us back in the driving seat for Wilks. Two weeks or so ago they hadn't signed a player.
  4. Yes, i'm not his biggest fan, but I remember the game against AFC Wimbledon at home, Gregorys goal in the last minute came from a Paterson knock down. There have been a couple more but this is the one that sticks out.
  5. It looks like he recently followed him, just after Famewo. In fairness, I heard we asked him the other week but it was help up due to Critchley going to Villa! Would be a very solid signing at this level.
  6. Reece James LB is signing from Blackpool. Played under Moore at Doncaster. We were after him last summer.
  7. Wigan were very similar last season, had a huge recruitment drive and ended up turning out consistent performances all season. Keeper wise, I know we had a conversation with McKeown who had been released from Grimsby, he'd have been a third choice and back up to Dawson & Stockdale but it sounds like we are comfortable with Charles making the step up. I genuinely think Harlee Dean is a massive addition if we can get him in, but I think that's going to be very tough now Bowyer has gone.
  8. Dawson will be 27 when the season starts, he's not a kid anymore.
  9. Agree with the majority, not happy with Stockdale. Not the most agile and makes a lot of basic errors.
  10. If we are talking like for like, then I would much prefer Smith from Rotherham. He'd be a great addition and on a free, although I imagine the wages he'd want to move back down to league one would be very high.
  11. Agreed. He’s a downgrade on the CB’s we’ve released and isn’t better than Brennan.
  12. It's a nice thought but we had 6/7 weeks without a game at Hillsborough and yet it still resembles a div 8 sunday league pitch.
  13. Fully agree. I see the arguments for both. But for me, if we are to move forward we certainly need to be looking at a new stadium.
  14. All comes down to cost, how much is the cost of completely renovating the stadium compared to moving into a new one? I'm guessing renovation will work out cheaper, but from a commercial point of view a new stadium would be much better. Hillsborough is now constantly being talked about for the wrong reasons. If the world cup bid in 2018 had come off then we wouldn't be having this conversation. 30,000/32,000 with an option to increase would be ideal.
  15. I know the weather won’t be helping, but surely questions need to be asked of the groundsman? If Moore and DC’s relationship is as good as they make out, I can’t see it going down well that DC has pulled the money out of pitch care. Uniteds pitch looked in great condition last night.
  16. Football Typer who is usually on the button now reporting this. Is it happening???
  17. Let’s hope your right. When do you expect it to come out in the open?
  18. Yet still no media outlet has heard anything about it.......
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