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  1. Usually when 'Roger the Rum man' tells him something it's correct. Also seem to remember the rum man told him about Bruce coming in.
  2. So can we enter the north via leppings lane now?
  3. If people on the North have to enter via Penistone Road, that leaves 6 turnstiles to get roughly 8-9’000 people into the ground therefore leading to huge queues on a main road. I think this is a bigger concern than fans entering via Leppings Lane. That and me having to leave the crown earlier to avoid the queues
  4. Bruce’s recruitment team are still here so it makes sense.
  5. Just whenever I've seen him hes been in the DM position but he's got a cracking engine and can get up and down. It seems that's the way Hutch has been playing for us, sitting in front of the back 4 and recycling possession. Should give the manager a selection headache on Saturday.
  6. Being the anchor in front of the back four, yes, just like Hutch.
  7. Never heard him playing attacking midfielder. Always seen him as a deep lying playmaker type. Sitting just in front of the back 4. That’s where he’s been playing for QPR anyway. Good news though
  8. That’s funny, has been playing as a holder for QPR. hopefully something different to what we already have
  9. Luongo is a very good player, but similar to Hutch and in a way Pelupessy. Certainly an upgrade on the latter.
  10. Therefore you know nothing about professional football.
  11. Personally think they will be gone by midday tomorrow
  12. Just wondering how many will be making the short trip to Jct 29a? £5 entry, cracking set up with the large club house and cheap hand pulled beer and lager. Weather is looking perfect for it too.
  13. Similar to our second season under Carlos. Looking from the outside in people were calling us mad wanting him gone, yet we were better than the great football we played in the first season.
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