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  1. According to them we’ve been battered and second best in every game and deserved to lose them all. With all that parachute money and the recent sale of Ramsdale they are bringing in a 36 year old Algerian. Poundland Prince taking them for an absolute ride.
  2. He’s not the same without Leam Richardson as his number two.
  3. Was waiting for this thread to pop up! Personally I don’t have many questions so a general overview (if you can be bothered) would be fantastic. Did he mention anything on the new coach, any more signings, dressing room atmosphere?
  4. Ex pig Chris Morgan was speaking about it last night at the Stocksbridge game.
  5. Rumour has it that DM is in talks with Gary Cahill about a player/coach role.
  6. I was worried, Had 510 points so managed to get mine yesterday. I spoke to the ticket office and they said there was a lot left. Unless there is a huge take up at 10am this morning I think you'll be fine on general sale.
  7. Good evening, As it’s ‘Charlton tickets Eve’ it seems I’ve been penalised for not getting a season ticket last year due to covid. I have 3 tickets at 490 points so it will sell out before then. It’s a huge longshot but if anybody can’t or doesn’t want to make it and has favourable TPP please let me know. Cheers!
  8. I think with this short of a period between selling the tickets and the match going ahead I think they’ll do them on a first come first served basis and forget about the priority points for this one.
  9. Byers is a good player. Would be nice to see him being the pivot player with Bannan pushed slightly further forward and Wing played in the number 10.
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