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  1. DC will have to give him a call with his tail between his legs before he drives to Ipswich.
  2. Exactly. Once you have the bug it won’t stop you.
  3. Yes, unfortunately nothing will stop me going to watch Wednesday.
  4. It’s crazy. Our best player by a mile and the captain. It’s also a pull to potential recruits in the summer that he’ll be staying. He certainly played a part in Andre Green, Chey Dunkley and Dom Iorfa coming to the club. Great news and hopefully more will follow suit e.g Lees and Urgohide.
  5. You just ignoring the facts that Brentford were in for him in the summer or?
  6. He’s right though. Some of your comments about BB are absolutely comical.
  7. Thanks for your efforts Liam. In my opinion he shouldn’t play again this season and shouldn’t be around the first team squad. We all know what happened after the first lockdown when players were playing who already had moves lined up.
  8. I certainly know that Bannan and a few other lads had a virtual meeting with Chansiri telling him NOT to appoint Pulis.
  9. Club is getting losing money rapidly, personally if your an owner now is the right time to sell up and get out of the game. Must be hard with the money he’s put in though, sure he’d expect at least double what they ‘offered’
  10. I don’t think we can look past Lees either. Been brilliant this season.
  11. Had his arms out before Tudgay even hit it! Great moment.
  12. It’s still not dead with Cook, I said previously the longer it goes on the worse it’s going to get. However, we are in a position where DC’s hands are tied, Cook is the best person in our current situation and I have a feeling that an 18 month offer maybe put in front of Cook.
  13. Would be a great appointment that is long overdue. I’ll give him 5 weeks.
  14. Thompson could open for England with how straight his bat is. Same answers every press conference. I’m guessing he’s been told what to say and not give anything away but we know what he’s going to answer before he opens his mouth.
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