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  1. They’d fit in well with the other two gems we got from Holland.
  2. Precisely, if there was nothing in it he usually comes back with a sarcastic answer or a straight ‘no’.
  3. Sounds like the Zohore rumours are true, looking to buy him according to Nixon. If we get him and Nabil Touaizi I’d be really happy.
  4. Bolton beat us at Hillsborough in around 2013/14? And after they scored one of the fans celebrated too much and ended up falling from the top of the west to the bottom. Everybody feared the worst but then he got up started celebrating and then escorted out by the police. Couldn't stop laughing in the pub afterwards, brilliant.
  5. Sounds like we’re after Liam Lindsay at Stoke, Ex Barnsley CB.
  6. Similar positions, similar stats.
  7. Him and Windass are similar players. Wonder if this is the cheaper option?
  8. A new box of Dave Jones autobiography has just landed in the megastore.
  9. Luke Cooper who was with us has just left to take up the head of sports science at New York City but he was working underneath Strudwick. Just makes you wonder if Rush would do the same?
  10. Oh right, even Flahavan won’t come here to work with the 18’s. If he’s Monk’s man then what’s the point in bringing him in to work with Andy Holdsworth and not Monk?
  11. Weaver was promoted up from the under 18’s when Rhodes left. Wonder if he’d be willing to drop again to the 18’s? Can’t see it personally but stranger things have happened. Then again he does live locally and is a fan of the club so may want to stay on for the convenience.
  12. I wondered that too but it appears he was in Sports Science and conditioning at both Boro & Brum and since we already have one of the best in the businesses leading our department in this I don’t think there would be a role for him?
  13. In all seriousness if Att has started to follow him on Instagram there is definitely something in this. Sod all the Twitter ITK’s Att’s Insta is the place to be!
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