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  1. https://www.ntfc.co.uk/teams/first-team/forward/lewis-mcgugan/ He's played a few games but not pulled up any trees by all accounts.
  2. Slightly off topic but I was speaking to one of my Dad's mates the other week who happened to be youth player at the time when Big Ron was in charge. Wednesday had a big game on the Saturday (can't remember who he said) so Big Ron took the entire youth team to Ashoka (Indian restaurant) and bought them all the curry and beer they wanted, the only stipulation was that they had to be at the ground for 10am sharp. Youth team players arrived looking worse for wear and he told them to wait outside the away dressing room. He then took them in two at a time relieve themselves of the previous night’s curry & beer. Safe to say when the opposition turned up they wasn't particularly happy with the state of the changing room
  3. As per title, 1 x adult Villa ticket for sale face vale
  4. It's time for Joao

    Personally for me Joao is the perfect impact sub. Cannot remember the last time he had a decent game when he was in the starting 11 and he is a completely different option to Fletcher
  5. Not getting the rub of the green at the minute, but we don't help ourselves. If we win tomorrow and Tuesday we will be back on track...... IF
  6. Wallace a winger ?

    Probably lost a yard of pace