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  1. But still the most success we’ve had in years. Can’t wait for Pulis to get us to the PL
  2. And you think he had any say in the transfers and the contracts handed out? It’s the best football we’ve played in years and the most success we’ve had in years. If your complaining about that then you’ve no hope. Hopefully you’ll enjoy Pulisball a little more than the exciting attacking football Stupid Carlos played.
  3. But he was ambitious and had never managed in England before and had a point to prove, he then went on to manage in the Premier League and then the Europa League. Pulis is looking for one last payday and won’t give a monkeys on the mess he’ll leave us in.
  4. The last time we went for an up and coming positive manager we managed back to back top 6 finishes. Whilst ever we keep employing managers who are on a downward spiral we will never move forward and we’ll be forever keeping our heads above the water.
  5. It’s going to be an absolute car crash of an appointment. Thank god we’re not allowed to the grounds.
  6. Tony Pulis also has grandkids and would love to sort them out. What do you think his motivation is? Do you think he wants to do a good job here to secure a premier league job in the future? No chance.
  7. With Pulis’s reputation and his age there is only one reason why he’d be motivated to take the Wednesday job.
  8. Thanks once again to Mr Paixao. Another fantastic bit of business for Sheffield Wednesday. Glad to see he’s putting the club first and not his own pockets.
  9. Like I said previously, he’s been promoted once and that was close to 13 years ago.
  10. And Pulis has a great track record of being promoted from this division? He has been promoted once 12 years ago. He’s an absolute dinosaur and will turn our club into the least attractive and unwatchable side in the division. He will make Monks side look like prime Barcelona.
  11. Good attacking football with a plan in place? There are a few people: Howe, Cook, Lowe off the top of my head.
  12. I can’t wait for the ST renewal figures to come out next year. I can see a lot of people not forking out the most expensive season ticket and POTG prices in the league to watch Pulis football. A horrible horrible decision by Chansiri.
  13. Just going by what he’s done at previous clubs. He goes for brute strength and height. Sets up not to lose games. I bet the players are absolutely gutted reading the news.
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