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  1. It is a great deal, the only issue is stumping up the money initially. I don't think people have actually read into this properly and straight away started slagging off the chariman/club.
  2. The only footballer i know from Shirebrook is Mason Bennett who's at Derby. Jason Statham was born there though, no wonder he's a hard rascal!
  3. It's a massive compliment to Dawson that we are happy to let Westwood leave. At the start of the season this would have been unforgivable.
  4. Will have to buck his ideas up if he's going to do anything in the Championship. Chelsea have recalled Gallagher from his loan spell with Charlton, he'd certainly improve us.
  5. From what the Peterborough fans have been saying his attitude and professionalism are the reason nobody has taken a punt on him.
  6. I think Peterborough have done fantastically well to sell Madison for a reported £2.5 million. He's 26, never played above League 1 and his contract is up at the end of the season, great business for them.
  7. But he is. Nixon not only confirmed it but it was widely reported from the Leeds side that he's on that sort of money. Young fringe players/prospects at top clubs are on way more than you think. https://www.footballinsider247.com/revealed-leeds-agree-4m-deal-in-fee-and-wages/
  8. Plus having to pay 100% of his 30k+ wage. Very expensive loan signing.
  9. He's on around £30-35k a week. That's pretty standard for a rising star in one of the 'big 6'
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5253633/Man-City-footballer-20-25k-week-buys-market-2-25m-home.html The above article is all the proof you need.
  11. Makes sense that he’d want the move then I suppose.
  12. I'm sure Wickham is also married to a Wednesday fan? Maybe wrong though....
  13. Apply for a scouting position, sound like you are just the man we need.
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