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  1. Young George

    Owls academy striker George Hirst has penned his first professional contract with Sheffield Wednesday. The 17-year-old has signed a deal at Hillsborough that will run until summer 2018. I'll be honest, I have never seen a contract that runs out in September/October.
  2. Young George

    Find the last bit really hard to believe, 99% of football contracts in the UK expire on the 30th of June
  3. Sam Winnall

    Obviously finding it much easier to bond with the Derby dressing room than ours so fair play to him. Think it also helps that Rowett worked with him at Burton, so maybe has more faith in him that we/CC did. Unfortunately his injury maybe scupper a move in the summer which is a shame as we could have made a really good profit.
  4. Sam Winnall

    As recent as last week. It's clear he sees his future away from ourselves. Put it this way, he's not the most popular member of our squad.
  5. Sam Winnall

    The good news for us is that he's under contract until 2020. That means that if anybody wants him they have to pay a 'decent amount' of money. His goal scoring record in league 1 and the Championship speaks for itself and personally i would want us to take the money and run. Judging form his social media comments and also from what i have heard he is really pushing for a move away from us which I really couldn't care less about. Let's take the money and move on.
  6. Thorniley has signed until 2021, it's on the club site.
  7. Sean Clare getting the Hirst treatment

    So to summarise the 9 pages, he hasn't rejected a contract, not been frozen out and is playing tonight? Or have I missed something?
  8. People sat near you at matches

    I have the displeasure of sitting two rows in front of a Karl Pilkington lookalike in the North, he spends his time going through each player to his kids telling them how bad they are. Unfortunately it seems we have many 'managers in waiting' at Hillsborough and he is one of them, genuinely one of the most annoying c***s i have ever come across. Fortunately next to me I have two old chaps who talk about where they went to eat last night, what they are having to eat tonight and also how many times their wives manged to give them one during the week. Literally spend the whole game looking away from the pitch. When we scored against Boro one of them asked which player scored, when i replied 'Di Piedi' he went 'cheers mate, always rated him'. Best insult was the other week when the linesman played on, even though a Brum player was a mile offside. A oldish chap 50-60 stood up a row across from me with two fingers in the air and screamed, 'LINESMAN...........SMELL YOUR MUM'* *probably had to be there
  9. I would love the officials to speak out about what they saw and why they deemed Matias to be sent off yet not even have a word with the Birmingham lad.
  10. Club News Owls win Matias appeal Just now Marco Matias has had his red card received against Birmingham last Saturday rescinded. The Owls lodged an appeal with the FA following the dismissal, which has proved successful. As a result, the Portuguese forward will be available for selection this weekend when Wednesday travel to local rivals Barnsley in the Championship.
  11. Hakeeb Adelakun

    It was when Stuart Gray was in charge, managed to find a link; https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/owls/alan-biggs-at-large-sheffield-wednesday-pitch-will-be-the-biggest-signing-then-the-likes-of-lewis-mcgugan-might-follow-1-7178147
  12. U23

    Completely different to what we have, he works best with a CDM next to him allowing him to express himself. The video below shows how confident he is.
  13. U23

    Great news, I even have a sneaky feeling Clare will be starting tonight......
  14. Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    Can we win tomorrow and just skip forward to August please?
  15. Jos Luhukay chant

    Jos, Jos, wherever you may be, you have a tash that is so sexaayy, but it could be worse, you could be red and white, forever in our shadow and f*****g s***e!