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  1. Yes remember it well! Such a strange evening.
  2. Was that the forum when you had the panic attack?
  3. Blackburn were mediocre, Derby were mediocre, Reading were mediocre, Brentford hadn’t won in 5 and yet all made us look stupid. At the minute there there is no game for us that is winnable.
  4. EFL statement today apparently saying that the game will be postponed.
  5. I've never known anything different, I was born in 1993 so my only real memories are from 99 onwards. To think some of you have seen us in Europe and competing well in the Premier League with good players pains me.
  6. ‘Bannan been crap for months’ I really worry what other fans actually watch when they go to games. Best player we have by some distance and makes the team tick. No coincidence that every team we come up against the manager always mentions BB.
  7. Barring the slight error for the goal I’ve been impressed. A few good saves and the Mendy one which was fantastic. Distribution is also much better than Dawson. Deserves a run surely
  8. Everything you say sounds pretty plausible and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all true. Thanks for sharing.
  9. The ticket is now on sale for £10 happy to meet there or beforehand if interested.
  10. Unfortunately Rhodes still has another year.
  11. For sale, appears i’m Pi55ing in the wind
  12. Just make sure you sing today, otherwise your part of the problem.
  13. I don’t think I agree with a single point you’ve made. As a fan I pay premier league prices to watch us play league 1 standard football with players who look like they don’t want to be there. Fans are entitled to do whatever they want, Wednesday fans at the minute are being shafted with what’s happening at the club and it’s painful to see. I’ll look forward to hearing you sing today Mr Number one fan.
  14. I think us as fans do more than enough. We constantly sell out away games, we get decent gates at home despite the ticket prices and we still turn up in our droves no matter our league position. It’s time us fans get something back, we can’t do anymore.
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