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  1. I watched every game on Ifollow and I never want to go through that again. Get me back to Hillsborough and following our club across the country.
  2. And I also respect yours. But I can’t handle a Saturday with Wednesday playing and me not being there. I assume you can so fair play.
  3. Hardly a case of happy clappers. Wednesday is all I’ve known, you support them through good and bad. I hated Allen but I paid the prices to watch my club. I don’t support Chansiri but what I do support is my club and the 11 that will be out on the pitch each week. Chansiri, Mike Ashley, Dave Allen or Steve Dale wouldn’t stop me watching and supporting MY club. Regards, Happy Clapper.
  4. Thought exactly the same mate, it’s a ******** swinging contest to some.
  5. Really surprised by the fair pricing. However, I still don’t think the majority will get to go due to the restrictions.
  6. Think it’s testament to the job Andy Rhodes did when he was here, all 3 keepers looked very very good. Think there has been a huge decline since he left.
  7. Very specialised coaching. Probably one of the hardest working coaches you’ll see.
  8. Scott Tanser signed for St Mirren on the 7th of June. Next.....
  9. All the players we’ll be looking to bring in will be desperate to work. Very depressing summer ahead.
  10. Good record at league 1 level but he’s from the wrong side of Sheffield and is a big United fan.
  11. I love the club and I like thousands of other supporters have thrown an unseen amount of money at the club in our lifetime. I genuinely just feel it’s a mess that the club needs to get out of itself. Call me a ‘non fan’ or whatever you like. We kept to our side of the bargain, we paid big ticket prices for these ‘big players’ and what do we get rewarded with? Nah, club needs to keep its side of the bargain now.
  12. Poor attempt from you piglet. Get yourself back onto PigsMad. Looking through your posts and you’ve not even attempted to hide it
  13. 100% right. At the moment, we are one of the most unattractive teams out of the 92 in the top 4 divisions. I imagine agents will be advising players to stay well away from us at this moment in time.
  14. They can offer Championship football and don’t have any issues paying players. Unfortunately for us we’ll be shopping for players who won’t have much interest from others and get desperate.
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