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  1. Luongo is Willy Wonka, Palmer is the NFL player.
  2. They were so unlucky with Afobe getting injured just after he started finding form for them. Doesn't look like Rodri has had much of an impact
  3. Fans criticising because a player moans at another player for not doing his job correctly, unbelievable really. I'm guessing the same fans would moan if players made mistakes and the players never said a word to each other.
  4. Yes 100% When a prem team loans out one it's 'hot prospects' they take into account how loan players have previously been treated at clubs, the training ground, manager, the crowd, style of play etc. It has to be the perfect fit because if it's not then a young player has just wasted a season either not playing or not fitting into the style of play. We are not an attractive option for big clubs to send 'hot prospects' too.
  5. Will go to Bristol City. There is 0 chance Arsenal will want him to come and play in our side
  6. Can't agree with this at all. Bannan was pointing and saying show him down the line which Fox did then didn't stop the cross, Bannan is telling him what he did wrong. It's frustrating as it's small mistakes that costs you at this level and that's why you have to tell your team mates what they've done wrong so they hopefully won't do it again. If you get offended by a player having a go at another player then you've never played football at a decent level, simple.
  7. No he can't move to any club. If say Derby came in for him, they can't just approach Dawson's agent, thrash out a deal and join there and then, there must be a fee involved. If a club abroad or in Scotland came in for him he is allowed to sign a pre-contract to join in the summer but not before.
  8. If it's decent money i'd sell. Unfortunately with his contract up at the end of the season and the window coming up in January, I can't see the offers being of good value.
  9. Gives Monk the chance to see where they are and how/if they could benefit the first team. All I know is that he's been waxing lyrical about Grant
  10. Monk has had plenty of the 23's training with the first team, and he rates Conor Grant VERY highly.
  11. Or a DeLorean and take him back to to the form of 2012
  12. Yes I was going to post this the other day, was also at the meal FF arranged with the 23's. You'd assume it was a trial of some sort.
  13. Usually when 'Roger the Rum man' tells him something it's correct. Also seem to remember the rum man told him about Bruce coming in.
  14. So can we enter the north via leppings lane now?
  15. If people on the North have to enter via Penistone Road, that leaves 6 turnstiles to get roughly 8-9’000 people into the ground therefore leading to huge queues on a main road. I think this is a bigger concern than fans entering via Leppings Lane. That and me having to leave the crown earlier to avoid the queues
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