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  1. Immediate thoughts were “we’ve got away with one there” and “if that had been us I’d have been screaming at ref to allow it”. But the replays clearly showed a foul and not just, he was out muscled. I remember the Andy Booth incident too and reckon had it been FF on the ball he’d have seen a yellow. But the overriding fact is that had Wildsmith not heard a clear whistle from the ref he’d have made a simple save and caught the ball then Colin is just left whining about a soft free kick to us and not this “perfectly good disallowed goal” . . 5 seconds after refs whistle !!
  2. Thought of exactly the same fella. God I'm old :-(
  3. Very clumsy and had it been other way round I'd have been screaming for ref to send him walking.
  4. I fondly remember Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack My memory may be fuzzy but I'm sure this would lead to us immediately charging up the pitch and scoring. Could be wrong.
  5. Very rare I get dressed somewhere other than in private, yourself ?.
  6. TULIPS !!, that's the spirit, if the feel good factor is back by then let's do this !! CLOGS !! THEM DAFT SIDEWAYS HATS !!
  7. I have thought, Wolves play in gold, without crowns or capes. Or masks. Very different really.
  8. Dutch bank holiday called kings day, Friday 27th April. If you've been anywhere near Holland in the past for this, used to be queens day for obvious reasons, you'll know it's one big wee wee up. Now my suggestion is if, that's IF !, Jos has turned us round by then and we're all luvved up again, then make him king for the day on Saturday 28th. We're away at Wolves. Was thinking Jos masks, crowns and orange gowns, capes. Thoughts ?. P.S. if the lad performs miracles then next year's away kit can only be one colour can't it ?.
  9. Two "currently" poor sides, that's what i saw. When we defend I squint to make it bearable. Do the the same when I watch horror films :-0 Massive concern is 4 games against wait for it, Burton, Brentford, Carlisle and Them . . . . We've failed to score. Coupled with one win since November 4th, I'm praying Jos knows the cure.
  10. Told yer ! Should have been a copper me . . . My advice is pay the fcukrs soon as !!
  11. A. it's astronaut ! B. Why not Middlewood Rd ? 3. Last years kit ! F. Boots not laced up !! All looks fishy to me, should there be ransom demands written underneath the picture ?.
  12. Don’t think any manager will come out and say “ of course I’ll have favourites who I won’t drop regardless of performances “. Same as the comments regarding “playing to the squads strengths”. Don’t reckon he’d come out and say “I ain’t got a clue how I’m gonna get this bunch playing how I set my teams up”. Its all words and means booger all. If he gets results that’s all that matters to him and chansiri. Fingers crossed he gets em playing something attractive along the way.
  13. My sentiments too regarding what’s needed for playing counterattack football . . . PACE !!! If by some gift of the gods he’s earmarked some young whippersnapper from the bundesliga who everyone else has overlooked and gets him over here in the next week ready and eager to tear up either wing, then whoopee. And, maybe, just maybe he’s brought over a suitcase full of exotic elixirs ready to instantly cure our crocked first team of all their ailments, then again whoopee indeed. I wish this guy all the best and hope he gets us back on track soon as. Now more importantly, anyone got a song for the bloke ?.
  14. I reckon Sam Winnall could do a job for us. Although some nutcase told me the other day we had actually bought him, not played him, sent him out on loan to a team challenging for our play off spot and in return got some bang average midfielder who adds little or nothing to our squad. As if !!
  15. I'm no genius but ........ It looks like him cause he's 'kin german !!! Just exactly what do his lawyers think it should look like ?, Nelson Mandela ?
  16. Don’t beat yourself up, naming the list of PR c0ck ups is like the end of generation game !!
  17. Totally agree and share the same feeling . . . We saw signs last term, how we won some of those games ?, Rotherham being a standout for me. But finishing 4th made me think job done ala the year Middlesbrough went up for comparison. But then the luck evened out and we got what we deserved that night in May. I am, at this moment in time actually embarrassed when the points in this thread are mentioned. . . The kit, The ticket prices, 1867 offer etc, makes me cringe. 42 years of support and no that hasn’t been week in week out season ticket holding following from one end of the country to the other, but it has been a total defence of anything this club has done, produced and stood for in that time. I know football has been ripped away from the grass roots supporters but I now feel I’m on the brink of losing the respect for the club that has for those 42 years led me on a rollercoaster of emotion. Being a football fan for 95% of us supporters is an illogical attachment. Well, I’m beginning to sober and see sense.
  18. Knows the league, appears to be well connected (although I've yet to see a bayern player do a stint for him) and I know it sounds like I'm playing us down in a way but, There is a lot lot lot worse being connected with us. Dads been going Hillsborough over 50 years and Lambert is a name he has mentioned he's put forward for a while now. Probably for last 12 months actually. As I mentioned earlier and As the youths put it these days #couldgetsomeonealotcrapper
  19. Ref "Whoa Whoa Whoa !, his heads coming off !" Logan "Av got new sponge on t'touchline, he be reyt !"
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