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  1. Think we’ll nick it today. But I’m also convinced Rotherham will too. Us n Derby both down this afternoon. What a s**tstorm of two clubs that probably deserve nowt better at moment. Wow, how miserable am I this morning ?. Must have another bout of Wednesdayitis coming on !!
  2. The Lord Our Father has always accompanied me. However the last time I spoke with him he was in a terrible mood spouting off about how lucky I am being unable to attend games due to COVID restrictions and how poo it is for him being, and I quote . . . ”omnif#@kinpresent !”
  3. I do apologise . . initially I read “bonkers with the cl*t bang !!”
  4. Just a thought. Sky seems very happy to give lots of soapbox time to all the opposition to these proposals . . . Could they have had their noses pushed out of the broadcast trough ?. My youngest just had the theory that obviously a deal or deals will have been set up to show this ESL. Amazon ?, Netflix ?. Are Sky are thinking “hang on a minute, these big 6/12/15 ain’t spoke to us about a broadcast deal”. Just seems that they’ve taken a side or are more than happy to give lots of airtime to those with a certain view. Like I say, just a thought
  5. We all as fans didn’t make enough noise over what happened to Wimbledon when they had their club snatched away. That was the beginning of the whole franchise argument in this country. The EFL did bugger all because “well, it’s only Wimbledon !”. Now we see this from the owners whose own experiences growing up with elite sport has been NFL/NBA/MBL franchises swapping one city for another. We really could be on the cusp of The San Diddly Hotspur Soccerinos becoming a reality. Whether this happens or doesn’t it will have surely left a huge stain, if not on the clubs involved at least the o
  6. Don’t know if this has already been said as I haven’t read all 80 pages of the thread but . . . . . I find it very concerning there’s been no official statement from our club regarding whether we have ruled ourselves out of this new super league. If we turn out to be one of the other 3 permanent founding clubs I for one will be fuming
  7. The squad should have done better. But when we go down by less than 6 points off safety it has to land on the guy who thought flouting the rules was OK.
  8. Probably in the wrong thread but, if we’re relegated by less than 6 points, surely it’s totally, wholly and only down to one man.
  9. Sorted. Superglued red button. No more of this multi choice match sheeite for me !!.
  10. No such thing as immovable taboos nowadays. My mate had ex girlfriends name on his arm lasered recently, you can hardly tell it was there.
  11. And why Bannan needs to be taking over deadball duties for some other club.
  12. Watching Rhodes walk out, the look on his face reminds me of being on jury duty as the defendant came in the court for sentencing !!
  13. Thought you’d gone there . . . Glad to see sense prevailed.
  14. I’ve emailed numerous times this past week. I’ve tried their customer helpline but, sorry to all you out there with a sky subscription, they refused my demands not to show todays game live for all and sundry to once again witness just exactly where our (beloved) club has fallen to. I will, as seems to be the done thing this (woke) day n age, fall on my sword and step down from my (make believe) position as Owlstalk/Sky go between. I have an inkling my position could be on thin ice anyways due to me taking exactly the same stance for the past 18 months !. Once again my sincerest apologie
  15. It is, unfortunately over recent weeks/months/decade or two they’ve just made my p*ss boil !. Still, My club, My p*ss.
  16. And against a World Cup winner in the top one !
  17. Oh to have the slope back Downhill toward uncovered spoin 2nd half
  18. That’s what I thought. So for our chairman and his offspring, the gift that keeps on giving !!.
  19. Renting for 30 years ?. Apologies if this sounds a little naive and I realise me n a good few of us could well have shuffled off by then but. If I’d chosen to rent a house 30 years ago instead of buying by mortgage/loan then I still wouldn’t own that home. So the question is, what happens when those 30 years are up ?.
  20. “It’s only 3-0” ”it’s only 3-0” ”how sh*t must you be ?” ”it’s only 3-0!”
  21. I remember sitting down to watch England v San Marino all those years ago and falling off the sofa p***in myself when they scored inside 10secs . . . . I’ve just experienced the same feeling . . . unfortunately it’s becoming a weekly occurrence !!!
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