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  1. Don't you mean a 4lb 6oz bell ?. We're not European you know !.
  2. Isn't burning the books considered criminal ?.
  3. I was gonna bite and lower myself but you beat me there.
  4. What makes this even more joyous is those ctuns sitting pretty in the prem, seemingly having done so in the old fashioned way !!! Seriously, I could f**kin scream !!!! I’m proud to be an Owl and am not overly bothered if others dislike us due to a rivalry. But I ain’t too keen going forward on being a supporter of “them silly tvvats who tried to be billy big balls and fooked up !”. Proven or not, this taints our club and leaves a very sour taste.
  5. This morning reports say the Don has reached record level, higher than 2007.
  6. The FA did use an Argentine linguistic/lip reading specialist. Some Mr A Sabella apparently.
  7. West Brom, Cardiff definitely involved in top 6 rest of it miles off the mark or the guess work that is this league. Obviously the voters think Brum are having another points deduction and us losing Bruce means the wheels have come off. Also I reckon (and hope) Leeds are going down the path we trod after that first Chansiri, Carlos season. Last season was the free hit we had (fans not expecting too much etc.). This season . . . . . Well, can only imagine how Bielsa will react to fans criticism. Anyways back to us . . Think it'll be the usual two wins and play offs are in reach, two defeats a
  8. Can't really recall a time when I was honest with my super6 predictions involving us. Usually i'm confidently spending a million quid while i daydream the week away.
  9. Please tell me he’s still on our books !!
  10. Just thought tho, cortisone injection costs could endanger FFP limit.
  11. Keegan, Shearer, McDermott an Beardsley for me.
  12. Remember tho, this is Chansiri. I can only imagine the price he's gonna let Reach go for !!.
  13. Surely the player is in the foreground not background.
  14. Plenty of others with more concerning figures I reckon. Norwich, Boro . . Bloody hell !, Blackburn were relegated !! Seriously tho, mental money for 2nd tier footy players.
  15. Whoa Whoa Whoa !! So now we're saying Nazi's are wrong/bad ?. PC gone mad !!
  16. Do grown ups still believe in Santa Claus ?. I have never understood how so called educated people/adults can actually believe any of that god b@llocks. In fact, I've seen Santa, loads of times, every year. But yet millions would rather say "no he's not real it's just a bloke in a costume but that man in the sky (no you can't see him even tho he's massive apparently) he's definitely real". I mean come on, I've got a 12 inch d@nger. No you can't see it and for f#cks sake don't ask ar lass about it but believe me, it's massive !!. Rant concluded.
  17. Kind of agree with other post but lighter blue sleeve s tipped with dark. Definitely keep the polo collars, they've made last couple look class. Problem is, until Chansiri finds a way of having his name across the front without a Shiite big blue block, I reckon pinstripes and solid colours are here to stay. That's the main reason for this and last seasons designs and I have to admit, I thought last year's was ok and this season's looks great.
  18. 3 teams worse ?. Fingers crossed there is. But come this summer 1. I don’t see us shipping 12-15 players out 2. Replacing them with 10-12 better, fitter, less brittle (reason for a lower figure) players and 3., 4., Looking at August onwards, Home atmosphere, P.R., There are other points but it’s Saturday and it’s getting late. Sure you all have your own set. What I’m trying to say is, I fear next season. Dem Blunts ain’t goin up, Leeds ain’t goin up, Barnsley probably ain’t goin down and others down there (Hull, Reading, Birmingham + m
  19. Reckon it was timing with lad and us. 4-5 years ago had chansiri wondered through our doors then we could have been buying the young fresh, keen version of Rhodes. Instead I think his time at Boro has just done enough to knock him and that led to us getting a player, who had he arrived here on a free or a much lower price tag, needed to hit the ground running. I truly believe he always wanted to play for us but with the £10m label and the fact we just didn't play to his strengths he didn't score the odd brace or a hat trick or two that means the lad ain't just running round with no cares in t
  20. 15 wins from 18 games should give us enough. . . . . . .. Some people on here are all negative doom and gloom need a miracle naysayers ! Until it's mathematically impossible (early April) have faith !! P.S. what are the bookies odds ?, are they actually giving a price for such a nailed on eventuality ?.
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