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  1. Quite a few. Soon as people begin to understand I’m never wrong I expect it’ll stop happening.
  2. I’m slightly worried what we’re actually seeing is the entire available stock. Although if we’re able to jimmy two keepers on the pitch it might just work !!
  3. If you think scoring a goal is how you win a game then you know nothing about football.
  4. What I’d give to field 11 average players next month
  5. “Yeah, so if yer can take a couple of inches off the lawn, trim the box pla. . .” ”Whoa Whoa Whoa, who made you captain ?!!. Do you know who I am ?!!, I call der shots round here pal !!”
  6. I’m 50, been going since 76/77, have daydreamed about pulling on the shirt and playing at Hillsborough since day one (still do). Would I give up my average paid job to sign a contract with Chanceriri to realise my dream knowing next month ar lass will be asking why f**k my wages aren’t in the bank ?.
  7. Same here. Leeds fan I used to work with, lives in Doncaster (I know I know, I shouldn’t but him n missus are expecting so I called to offer words of wisdom/experience. Like “Why ??!!!”). Anyways, point being, he’s a Donny lad, Leeds fan, so local enough really and he said exactly the same “surely you’ll p*ss that league ?”. Like you say, we ain’t big news outside our fanbase and even within that I reckon there’s a good few made the journey to Wembley 5 years ago who aren’t full aware of the sh*t that’s going on.
  8. Surely anyone willing to put pen to paper on a contract with us at moment should be immediately sent for psychoanalysis.
  9. Going and concern . . . those two words sum up my feelings about this ’kin club. My concern is where the actual f**k it’s going !!.
  10. So you reckon some young lad still wet behind the ears with ££ signs in his eyes is gonna drive a harder bargain with the agents than let’s say, Mr Levy at Spurs ?. Just asking.
  11. Drove past the AMEX earlier today and thought exactly the same . . . . We are so far off it hurts. How the hell can we be where we are ?.
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