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  1. Don't you mean a 4lb 6oz bell ?. We're not European you know !.
  2. Isn't burning the books considered criminal ?.
  3. I was gonna bite and lower myself but you beat me there.
  4. What makes this even more joyous is those ctuns sitting pretty in the prem, seemingly having done so in the old fashioned way !!! Seriously, I could f**kin scream !!!! I’m proud to be an Owl and am not overly bothered if others dislike us due to a rivalry. But I ain’t too keen going forward on being a supporter of “them silly tvvats who tried to be billy big balls and fooked up !”. Proven or not, this taints our club and leaves a very sour taste.
  5. This morning reports say the Don has reached record level, higher than 2007.
  6. The FA did use an Argentine linguistic/lip reading specialist. Some Mr A Sabella apparently.
  7. West Brom, Cardiff definitely involved in top 6 rest of it miles off the mark or the guess work that is this league. Obviously the voters think Brum are having another points deduction and us losing Bruce means the wheels have come off. Also I reckon (and hope) Leeds are going down the path we trod after that first Chansiri, Carlos season. Last season was the free hit we had (fans not expecting too much etc.). This season . . . . . Well, can only imagine how Bielsa will react to fans criticism. Anyways back to us . . Think it'll be the usual two wins and play offs are in reach, two defeats and in a relegation battle kinda season, again. Still, beats goin IKEA.
  8. Can't really recall a time when I was honest with my super6 predictions involving us. Usually i'm confidently spending a million quid while i daydream the week away.
  9. Please tell me he’s still on our books !!
  10. Just thought tho, cortisone injection costs could endanger FFP limit.
  11. Keegan, Shearer, McDermott an Beardsley for me.
  12. Remember tho, this is Chansiri. I can only imagine the price he's gonna let Reach go for !!.
  13. Surely the player is in the foreground not background.
  14. Plenty of others with more concerning figures I reckon. Norwich, Boro . . Bloody hell !, Blackburn were relegated !! Seriously tho, mental money for 2nd tier footy players.
  15. Whoa Whoa Whoa !! So now we're saying Nazi's are wrong/bad ?. PC gone mad !!
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