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  1. Yeh saw that….can’t help feeling losing Theo is a big lost opportunity, going to be a top player. Still, I like the look of Mendez so onto the next…UTO
  2. We’ve woken up last 10 minutes but a motivated team would Start that way!
  3. Why not list the other 7 Outfield players? They need some supply. Johnson hasn’t done a thing right and apart from Wings shot all he does is pass backwards. Corbeanu at least tries to go forward - but yes he is is off his game today.
  4. Agree. Without Dom or Dunkley we are short. And without Luongo and Windass we can’t seem to build or create anything. Soul destroying.
  5. He’s another poor player. We Just can’t keep the bloody ball.
  6. Moore picks in week week out and he appears to offer nothing…where’s the passion!!!!
  7. Wing just has to get his head right. He needs to be POSITIVE!! Go forwards!!
  8. Bit of a perfect storm maybe, but no excuse to stop basic defending, passing of the ball, control and moving the ball well is it. We lost all shape and …….er ….everything. Embarrassing. I hope the players (AND MANAGER) redeem themselves QUICKLY!!!! Very QUICKLY.
  9. Agree 50% but why then didn’t we score?! When u know your defenders are weak, the midfield steps up and provides a line of defence and the team keep the ball, but we were crap all over the pitch. the defending was poor BUT when you start Weak and you lose Dunkley, you have to attack. and yes you’re right as well, the defending was dire so Moore out for me. what a shambles.
  10. commentator tonight “Sheffield Wednesday are Poor” please give me back our club and values…
  11. It’s not just the defending, it starts high up the pitch and a strong midfield…..
  12. What the hell is happening to my team. What a friggin embarrassment. Half the payers pointing and not enough DOING. As the tea leaves predicted, we needed to attack 100% - as the defence was weak before the injury. Score 5 and conceded 4….that would do me Nope,,,,cautious poo and just concede the 4…..so far …. Er well guess what, THAT DOESN'T WORK!!
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