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  1. Never said it before, but this is one for Megson. Come and be a hero. Nowt to loose.
  2. I think he read this original post...he’s looking determined and mean today!! Great motivation !
  3. Hutch in defence only for me now. He’s a great character but his passing is negative. We need to be a positive attacking team - poo or bust - for the rest of the season. We’ve 9 more problems more than Bannan, who can still be our best creator for the forwards along with better displays from the wingers. WTF has happened to Reach???!... For instance.
  4. After my pop at recruiting a team that’s just way too nice.....My main gripe is for an immediate decent Manager. After that, my front two would be mobile + scorer = Rhodes plus Windass up top. Then just shake it all up as it’s not working. Stop doing same old...! There’s loads of permutations. There’s a deep rooted malaise at my club and I need it to change into a passion of staying up! Quick!!
  5. Apart from him being too negative in his passing, at least he gives a poo - more than 9 other players on the pitch. The way he beat Palmer back to defend shows passion at least... there are so many faults with this team and set up it makes me cry but Hutch in defence is ok, midfield he is too negative...but He’s not the main problem
  6. How come every other team has players that look like they have something about them. Either athletic, mean, tricky foreign or whatever. We have such a boring don’t care bunch . How???!! We need to make a poo load of changes for the next games and can we please have a proper manager - who can make changes when needed - IMMEDIATELY
  7. Where the hell is our nasty side!!! Far too patsy from us. Unforgivable. Come on Wednesday - look like you give a F@ck!!! and he’s a second as I type. FFS!!
  8. This causes rows in our house every week. My Family can cope with lockdowns and Covid, but we can’t cope with this. It’s breaking my sons bloody heart....
  9. I’d swap Penny and Shaw. For anyone just not Pelupessy. Not good enough.
  10. Zero energy. Zero pace. Penny and Shaw need to show me that they care a bit more. Come on FFS, Brum look Crap.
  11. Must admit for whatever reason, I thought he faded badly second half. Add that to a sub Reach performance (again) and then comes Pelupessy on, we’re back to overly relying on Bannan and Harris.
  12. Should have made subs at half time, and left Dunk and Rhodes ON. Wrong subs - why keep faith with Pelupessy he is simply poor. Terrible from Reach every week. Really stings this loss, and our ex £56k per week man of course had to score! FFS Wednesday.
  13. Whose voting for Pelupessy as MOTM?! At least it made me chuckle....... Right - Where’s the corkscrew....
  14. Reach needs to assert himself a lot more. Swap Pessy who just doesn’t pass forward enough for me, and change Penny. Come on Wednesday - a win today is massive!
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