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  1. Great stuff. Buying one today, met the wife in Josephines! Yeah...Got A lot to answer for that place....!
  2. Whilst of course the squad have been poor, Actually brainiac it did. If he hadn’t made the challenge and it was looking like the guy was being closed down and going wide, we stay up. The team will have been briefed on things, this wasn’t just another match and we were winning! Surely this was a match where YOU DONT GIVE A PENALTY AWAY. I’m Sorry for him for his mistake but it actually DID cost us survival. You live by lives decisions. So please sod off, and I think you’ll find you’re the minority on this thread.
  3. Its Totally right and proper that we all kick off and vent our feelings in this immediate time Of defeat. We are SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY not a fag end poxy club. Sheffield football is important to this city and today is an embarrassment. An Unacceptable outcome. What we need now is a clear plan and better communication so we keep this awesome fan base together as one. The letter is fine. It’s How Chansiri reacts and what he does next that is really important.
  4. So gutting. Despair. Then typically we get an olive branch, then some hope - only for clumsy tackle to deliver the final blow. Derby FFS... Struggling to feel any positivity about a team rebuild in Div 1. Soo close......aargh. Hope the fan base sticks together. UTO
  5. That needless challenge just cost this great club a shed load of grief. Never play again - get out.
  6. I’ve been a critic this this season, but he’s just shown the best of his form and he can be outstanding. Barry, you have the form to keep us up. A game changer. Superb. Well done Barry!! 5 bloody nil...
  7. We must play like we did against Barnsley and STOP playing it out from the back with the worst footballing defence in the league. Barry to play deep so he gets the ball can launch if forwards to a front 3. When he further forward he doesn’t get the ball enough. also we must make changes like Green, SOONER - not in the 10 or 15 mins!! Todays the day for me - last chance - do or die. UTO
  8. What a load of crap. League position is nothing to do with the size and reach and a club. No we’re not massive but we sure are big. Remember the sold out play off final. And the noise we made was reported as one of the loudest in years. We are now impatient for success, and things are being mismanaged, but the negativity on here is something to behold .
  9. I find it pretty astonishing how little he actually cares. There’s a few others just behind him. The pain we all feel and the very least we and surely the manager expects is everybody giving 100%. Anything less is simply an insult to us and club.
  10. Cos we are not farting around with it in defence for once! Get it forward, 2 or or 3 up front and Jordan knows the net is. Reach and Palmer need to sort themselves out though...! Come on Wednesday!!!!!!
  11. Reaches commitment for that cross was unforgivably poor. Urghhhh!!!
  12. We must make changes at about 60 mins when we start blowing, not 75 today! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!
  13. Barnsley captain Just been sent off straight red, might help us a bit .....
  14. Reach has been truly rotten with the poor footballing ability of Lee’s and Palmer just behind him. Steeling a wage.
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