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  1. You could get bummed by a donkey? But everyone would know about it by the bells ringing. Just a thought.
  2. I remember my first time on the kop watching the pigs. The atmosphere was fantastic. At the semi final playoff game vs Brighton there was a Yank sat next to me and he was watching us for the first time. He was in a daze throughout. So, the Kop is great. Love it. And you'll fit in fine. Were all Wednesday aren't we?
  3. I thought the restraining order was still in place?
  4. You said it. Tribal. Were ever I go I don my Wednesday shirt. Well apart from the Cricketers Arms.
  5. I caught one of Bannons goal bound shots. I was in a rowing boat on the lake in Hillsborough park.
  6. So if you think scoring 30 in Scotland isn't the same as scoring in England, do you not think potential managers will think the same? And rangers cant afford him.
  7. The kid behind me on match days keeps kicking my seat. Little git.
  8. I think we are getting some gravel in from Scotland on a season long loan.
  9. Really. I wasn't that upset at the state of the pitch last season. I sit pretty close to the pitch and it wasn't to bad. And I'm no horticurtural expert but grass grows in the summer. And I live really close to the ground and I have no idea whats going on. Calm down. It will be fine.
  10. So IF he goes out on loan, and IF he scores thirty goals in the coming season, you think we should sell him?
  11. West Brom will do well. I can see Stoke doing a Sunderland. I honestly think the Blades will struggle. Us? Who knows? If we can get this inconsistency sorted we be fine. If we cant..........
  12. Can any one who does not rate Atty, tell me if we sold him and we play against him, how would our defence deal with him? Honest question.
  13. Well I hope he carries on like he finished last season. Any Wednesday fan would!
  14. In the 1990s it could have gone either way. I actually believed! But that's in the past, just looking forward to next season and the future.
  15. Its quite simply. Roll a six sided dice for each one. Its the way Penguin comes up with his. 1 - Jose Fernandez 2 - Michell Torres 3 - Sabu Noway 4 - Jack Witham 5 - Jason McGovern 6 - Cisse n'bamba
  16. "Gain a hard" I don't think we need that. Its not France for gods sake.
  17. Fulham, but I think they'll go up. West Brom will be tough. Other that, no one.
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