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  1. I’ve got forest too, obv in process of sorting it out. What provider got picture?
  2. Sure most ifollows have been blocked at the moment . It will be listed but Unlikely u will get it through them. Supposedly working on deal with new supplier. Fingers crossed tho.
  3. Like what u did there . Footballer then. Apologies
  4. Don’t rate him as a football no , don’t know him personally .
  5. Excellent football . Guy who doesn’t get stuck in , carnt make a forward run , and when runs with ball just runs with head down. Never seen a footballer that does so much wrong . Bar a few stunning (stunning) goals he is everything that has gone wrong with the club. Need hard working players that want to fight for the club. If he plays he needs to be left wing and that’s it , any manger that gives him the free role over Nando needs shooting .
  6. Poor side , it’s been coming this rode our luck recently and a team has finally took their chances
  7. There’s no drive in the squad to me. Don’t seem that bothered. Whole team just plods about, no attacking or intelligent runs forward. Even if you just watch reach , he barely makes runs he doesn’t get stuck in , only looks threatening when ball at feet coming to edge of box. This must be the tactics. Rode our luck so much this season and lucky to be were we are with the football we are playing. This is qpr ffs .
  8. Rode our luck this season with these tactics week in week out. Give opponents so much of ball. Credit where it’s due we are 6th but I’m not sure how
  9. Get iptv , can put it on firestick or smart tv. £70 for year every stream including ppv and movies on demand
  10. It’s on sky ? Be streams all over net . But tbh iptv is your best bet . £70 for year all channels including ifollow and box office .
  11. can only play lwb in this formation , hes work rate and pace are his positives. he’s not creative enough and doesn’t get stuck in enough to play cm. wallace is much better suited. Not sure how so many ppl rate him so highly , I’d let him and Rhodes go for 10m to get some of the wasted funds back.
  12. So poor !!!! Reach is about as good at central midfield as he is as a left back. Only place he fits into our side is at lw/ lwb with 3 defenders to cover him defensively. Never seen so many lazy easy passes either misplaced or too short by the middle three how are we supposed to create.
  13. Joao only one to come out positive. Not guna waste time rating everyone else should be embarressed and offer something to the fans . Fed up of reach in middle , doesn’t get stuck in and offer enough. Need to be on left if guna play and offer width and pace. Reach one side hunt on other.
  14. I don’t think the first team is good enough it was few years back but it hasn’t improved anywhere. Still need centre half left back , possible right back. Two good wingers , and winnal back. Ship out Rhodes , reach to hopefully get abit of money back. And get rid of nearly every player on pitch today bar a few .
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