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  1. Shouldn’t play for club again. Shouldn’t have been playing for the past how many seasons. Dreadful player , no effort no commitment. Exactly what’s wrong with the club at the moment . I wonder if other players wonder why he keeps pointing at players .
  2. Reach putting shift in again ffs. Bannan playing his part aswell
  3. Yep soon as saw Dawson in net thought back to same . Team looked tight against city with joe behind. Why change it??? Defended monk but no excuse for not playing joe today. Same as Nando why drop him and not da Cruz .
  4. Think he took Borner off cos we could have been easily 3/4 -0 down from him switching off. Lees did well coming on .
  5. Tom lees man of match against Charlton now should never play again? He had another mare today but to be honest it shows that only one out of Lees and borner can play as there so slow. Borner made mistake second half but Iorfa got back to cover. Wouldn’t have been case if in first half. Murphy man of the match him and windass linked up well second half and only threat was coming down that right side. Dawson needs a rest to see how the back line perform in front of someone else.
  6. Lees played ok yesterday much more present then Borner. Dom and lees is our best central partnership monk needs to stop changing the back line
  7. Borner scares poo outa me. N joey in front doesn’t help
  8. Should have been saved pen Aswell crazy get Westwood in net or just leave the job. Murphy and Harris on wings and one up top , only choice we have
  9. Why is Murphy starting on bench been one of only players that looks threatening. Needs to start!!!
  10. Needs to stick with same two centre half to me it needs to be Dom and lees Borner switches off and Carnt track a man
  11. Borner, two centre mids and keeper ain’t good enough . Rest of them ain’t either but those 4 corcern me . Don’t deserve to be losing but we always guna concede.
  12. We need to stop changing gaffers we need to stick with monk now . Last cpl of month have been appalling not sure what’s happened because before this we was looking strong and creating plenty of chances. We now don’t look like scoring at all. Only thing I can blame monk for is tampering too much with the team he needs a settled back 4 with the best Keeper behind them. Today’s set up was embarrassing and should never be used again.
  13. Not a good sign when have a league 2 German defender and a seria b striker
  14. We sure that Wickham and not just Rhodes with a ginger beard!
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