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  1. Westwood / cami palmer iorfa hutch fox luongo bannan hunt murphy winnal Harris how ur dropping Murphy for reach is beyond me . Guy offers nothing but pointing
  2. Surely these two should be given a go at the back. Duno what’s happening to Westwood but should also be back in net for me.
  3. Borner has the passion which fans love but the guy switches off so often. Both goals yesterday . I’d be getting hutch at centre half with big Dom . We are crying out for a tank in middle tho. Have been since we lost to hull .
  4. Too many need to go , Nowt to do with manager when Dave ( nowt against the guy ) is your best player and the only one who looks like he cares we are losing. Then it’s a big worry . 2-1 down 5 min injury time and they still carnt be arsed to move. Rhodes Smiling on sideline when he’s about to come on even tho just let a second goal in. Comical !!
  5. Borner asleep for both goals. Shocking side needed clearing. Bannan been shocking aswell !
  6. Nowt to do with monk when u gota play Rhodes and pessy etc. Teams not good enough to go up. When daves been your best player and fair play to the guy but u know ur struggling to field a decent side.
  7. Get a grip !!! Carnt keep carrying players like this soooo poor . Like playing with 9 men every week .
  8. Dave playing well saying playing up top by himself
  9. When is this clear out coming!!!! , Rhodes and pessy first out no where near good enough.
  10. Bench !! , he ain’t got the pace or strength to beat players unless he comes on as sub. When he has time on the ball and not pressured He can deliver crosses and goals. when he hasn’t he is so rash. One minute with our fans Harris is Best winger for years miles ahead of reach and Murphy and now not a starter . I would be sticking with Harris and Murphy and reach on bench for next n.
  11. Hunt looks like a lost lamb tbh . Reach points a lot on again ffs. Murphy had a good game
  12. You can there is a player in there with some of the touches and turns. He’s just been choosing wrong option too many times but thats confidence. Needs a run in side. Also prefer reach on left wing.
  13. Love the guy and gutted to say it but lee is so far off the pace this season. He ain’t the answer and neither is reach in centre mid.
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